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  1. I already have a custom animation set up and now I want to know how to make a custom class using that Animation
  2. Hi. I want to edit the text for Guy's recruitment in FE7 in FEditor but I don't know where the pointers are. And if possible can someone show me the pointers where the game starts?(Eliwood Mode)
  3. I'm doing a FE7 PME and someone wanted to make Merlinus a brigand. I loved the Idea but I didn't know if I can change his class. So bbasically the title, can I change Merlinus' class using Nightmare? And If so please tell me how.
  4. So I am making a Fire Emblem 7 PME and I want to do some things. First Eliwood changed class to a Mage and I want to know if I can promote him at level 10+ without doing Cog of Destiny. And when He is a sage I want him to Promote at the End of Cog of Destiny or the chapter after. So since I don't know how to event yet can I use Nightmare for this? I was thinking of changing his class at Valorous Roland by using Chapter Unit Editor. If not can someone please help.
  5. So I just need a quick question of finishing up this new FE portrait that I made a while ago. I'm in Usenti at 2x zoom and want to make the mouth animations and such. How many pixels would each piece be? I want it to look like that hector mug. Also nevermind the ugliness of the mug
  6. Can someone make a tutorial on how to make custom animations from scratch please?
  7. My friends and I are trying to make a Fire Emblem Rom Hack. While we have many ideas we do not have any hackers or animators. While we have someone who is currently learning how to Hack and someone who knows how to make portraits we still need people to do Animations and Events. If you are willing to join please join our Discord: https://discord.gg/YTkAHW9. Please Go to the registration channel first so that I can verify what you are doing in the Hack and so I can give you your role. You do not have to be active everyday but logging in once a week will be helpful.
  8. So I am new to the Hacking World. I recently learned how to Splice Fire Emblem Mugs which I think is a great start. I recently tried to make Custom Battle Animations. While I tried to follow the Ultimate Hacking Tutorial by Blazer I got lost when trying to use the script and putting it in FEditor. I just want to recolor and redesign Eliwood Lord base class. If anyone can help me or do this for me that would be great. I'm also trying to make this animation for a Hack that my friends and I are doing so please help me. The Image below is my only frame.
  9. I'm trying to make a Fire Emblem Hack with some friends but none of us know how to event/Hack. I know how to make portraits but most come out glitched. I was also trying to make custom animations following Blazer's Ultimate Tutorial but then I got lost and didn't know what to do. Can Someone please help me? 

  10. Hai! My Name is FiaEmblemz. If you want you can call me Mario or Emblemz. I'm pretty young but very intelligent and I'm In high school and I'm a boy. I played All fire emblem games released in the west except for Radiant Dawn and For the japanese games I played FE6, FE4, and FE12. My favorite is FE12(New Mystery) and I also play Fire Emblem Heroes! I just recently started to make custom GBA portraits( Not an expert ) and Making custom battle sprites. I'm pretty new to FE ROM hacking so I'll probably be on some of the Hacking forums asking questions. Overall I'm a pretty happy and energetic guy who likes FE! I also have a Youtube Channel but I don't really do anything other than Comment on Mangs and Ghast and watch videos. SO yeah! I hope I can have a fun time at Serenes Forest and have a wonderful day!
  11. I was doing a randomized run (FE7) and wanted to change a portrait for one of the characters. When I tried opening the ROM the following error came up: "There was an error processing one or more file streams". Is there any way I can fix this? Or FEditor isn't compatible with Randomized ROMs? Please let me know.
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