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  1. *pulls out list of Conception II changes I've envisioned* ...Uh...on second thought, never mind.
  2. I mean, it's especially interesting on your end, Chloey, since you've only seen Arilon with the Wanderers from Caleb's viewpoint. Caleb never saw what it looks like when he lets Karuptos manifest. While he looks normal enough during ST, in some darker worlds like Innistrad his left eye is consumed by underworld fire, requiring him to always wear his blindfold.
  3. If I may interject, for me the difference is 3H managed to utterly fail to grab my attention even before DLC - honestly, Cindered Shadows is the one part of 3H I might be willing to pay for, the rest has been utterly meh. Doesn't matter how good a deal it is if I'm still not interested in what they're selling, right? How about we look at the 3DS DLC then? I'll spoiler for size convenience, I tend to get wordy. Sorry if you actually tried to say any of this earlier, I haven't looked at this Thread in a while and am mostly speaking for the intent of gathering my own thoughts on the matter.
  4. I mean, I don't give a crap. In the meantime, apparently I didn't write enough this round because this happened. Non-participation entry I guess. At time of post it's unfinished, I need to update my current edits once I can go mobile and then finish out the thing, but in the meantime meh, here you go. Notes
  5. Ultimately, no name can be more perfect than Narcian, but it's ok for other names to try and reach the level...oh, maybe three or four levels below it. I'll probably come back after I find the list, I had a list somewhere in my stuff.
  6. The first paragraph or so was kind of the opening concept. You’re right, I should have gone back and reworked it to better fit once I got the rest done, but I didn’t, so there it is. I might make a few changes once the round is over, but I don’t like changing it while people are still reading and judging it. I’m glad you think so, I figured everyone would be going into each piece expecting something wacky so I thought this would be expected. My initial idea was to just write a basic everyday normal story with no real flips or changes to psyche people out, but then I realized I can’t define ‘normal’ in regards to stories and that sounds boring as heck. I also considered writing a 4chan-style post, but then this idea occurred to me.
  7. Alright, took me longer that it should have but thanks to Road Taken and some Oreos here we go. Notes:
  8. I will once I get myself to stop trying to simultaneously do a Conquest-Selena married run and a Revelations-Caeldori married run at the same time. Also I forgot how much I enjoy using Reina, though she's a little more bloodthirsty than I remembered. I don't know that I'll be subverting any expectations, but we'll see. Also the face when Chloey should have waited until the last second to submit her entry for the ultimate expectation subversion, since she's usually first.
  9. I mean, I have mine somewhat done, I’m just currently trying to focus on purging my excess cards while laughing that I got paid today and lost 8 bucks.
  10. You know I’m mad when I’m allowing myself a cuss word, but dammit Edelgard, you’ve already helped ruin CYL for me, now I can’t try for a second Lif either. Dmitri looks better every time I see Edelgard in anything. ...That said, worst-case scenario I get to laugh maniacally as I feed an Edelgard to Roy. That might help me feel better about having to put up with her existence.
  11. Ok, that’d explain it, I freebied Echidna and promptly forgot the Banner existed. New question, any recommendations on a Special for LEliwood?
  12. So how long has Perceval been in the game? I feel like I missed something, I don’t remember seeing him get added.
  13. She’s responding to my earlier comment: Corrin was talking to Alm and Celica and learned about their world and figured he’d try this whole ‘eating’ thing out.
  14. Dude, I still have no idea what that's even about, I only heard there were accusations and we weren't going to get a Season 2 because of it. Since the novels seem to be still going it doesn't super hurt me, which reminds me I still need to scrape another $10 together to get the most recently translated one, the sample bit was fascinating as always.
  15. You speak to the man who has created his own Flugel and Dhampir OCs. Literally my entry from Round 18 then, ok. We'll see if I can pull a repeat of the events of R18(wait...wait...wait no).
  16. You've got Onmyoji spelled Omnyoji, not quite right. Seems pretty intriguing, I'd be down for this kind of play in a future mainstream game.
  17. Season 0 was literally evil me as a show - games, games, more games, also if you lose you probably dead boi. Another funny stuff about the Manga is what a little perv Yugi is, there’s at least three separate points where he’s fantasizing about Tea’s panties or her in a bikini. Definitely a kid who would have appreciated Midori Hibiki. The only thing in Yu-Gi-Oh! better than Season 0 is YGOTAS Season 0, and I’ll stand by that. Speaking of, YGOTAS is definitely worth the watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it, just watch for language. I’ll get to addressing feedback when I’m not on mobile, quoting things is annoying on an iPod.
  18. ...I'm both so curious about and so afraid of Summer now. A swimsuit Duo Hero might be too much. As for the Banner we're actually talking about, easy pass, there's no Whitewings, no Duma Faithful, and no Cipher Units, the three things I actually pay attention to SoV Units for, so I'm just holding out for that Valentine's Roy that keeps avoiding me. Props to all you Valentia fans tho
  19. Every thread he creates is secretly about tsunderes. I'm gonna be honest, somehow I find myself liking the characters who are hard on themselves, another excuse to talk about Fuuko Amicus. Literally calls herself a bad girl because she misses curfew. ONCE. It's adorable how that's what she thinks being a bad person means.
  20. It's difficult. On one hand, I have to agree with Xenomata - I'm still waiting for Limstella and Nichol, and it's going to be a long time before that happens. I'm generally a little more open in my character likes, so I was down for both Farfetched Banners since I had Joshua, who I liked, and Loki, who had a fairly solid kit, especially for a Staff Unit, but still, it doesn't really hurt my own wishes to lose it. On the other hand, there are a fair number of people who did get their wishes hurt, and I am trying to keep the rest of the playerbase in consideration as well. On one hand, Farfetched is actually why I went in hard on Idunn and Nagi, in hopes that they'd place high enough to land there. While I did ultimately get those two in the game outside of Farfetched, not everyone is going to get that opportunity. On the other hand, this is probably the truth regardless of Farfetched. Ultimately, something about it getting dropped just felt nasty to me, so I say it wasn't a good idea, but if they'd gone about it differently I might have said otherwise.
  21. I was super excited about this possibility when the BK pack first came out, but no, apparently what we need are $50+ New Years bonus packs with a single Hero in it. I can barely afford to scrape money together once every quarter to buy the next No Game No Life novel at $8~, how the frick am I supposed to afford a $75 pack so I can get my one Legendary Roy? I like Roy, but not that much.
  22. In other words, Gonzales and Narcian. The world needs more Narcians.
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