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  1. No. Corrin suffers from one of the worst writings I've seen in the series. It's even worse when they're supposed to be the player character, but their decisions and dialogue really give me a hard time to relate to them. The biggest problem isn't that Corrin is naive and stupid, it's that he stays naive throughout the whole game and doesn't change or grow as a character at all. And then the fact that everything revolves around them and the other characters never question Corrin's bad leadership skills. Ugh, just thinking about Corrin reminds me how bad the story and writing of Fates actually are. I really hope whoever wrote for Fates never touches another FE project again...
  2. The art for Echoes (both the character art and cinematic art) looks so much better than Fates' and Awakening's art, especially Fates' whose character design was so over the top to the point it was appalling. They really did a good job for Echoes and I hope future FE games have a similar art style.
  3. I just hope this game doesn't come that much later to the EU than to the US. :(
  4. Ow yeah, I'm actually more excited about this than Warriors and Heroes. It looks so awesome. Yeah, it's a remake of Gaiden for the 3DS.
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