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  1. Ft. Raikuno was not too hard some of the characters are still under leveled. Ft. Brian was okay some of the units didn't move. DemonicPalace was pretty challenging you get rushed by all the units. Ft.Zhao was also challenging and I liked the castle design. Twilight was probably the hardest castle I battled on this list one of my units had to retreat. There were some more challenging castle that I battled but unfortunately I didn't save there friend code, so I can't add them to the list.
  2. I have never played Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but is it canon with all the other Fire Emblem games. Isn't a crossover?
  3. The battle with Anankos in Heirs of Fate is pretty epic though I'm not sure if it is consider a Final Battle.
  4. Which of these dragon do you believe is the strongest lore wise (not based on how difficult the battle was in game-play)?
  5. I understand your point however, if I were to include Corrin and Nah who are half dragons I would also need to include Kana and Morgan who can also turn into dragons. Also Sophia also a half-dragon and the royal family of Nohr/Hoshido also have dragon blood in them. It gets somewhat complex which is why I made a list of pure dragons.
  6. Who is your favorite playable dragon? Personally my favorite playable dragon is Myrrh do to Sacred Stones being the very first Fire Emblem I played. Also I know Corrin is technically a dragon, but Corrin isn't a full-blooded dragon so I didn't include Corrin in the list.
  7. It is very easy. Use unassumingvenusaur's Gay Fates hack, if you don't want to use the Gay Fates hack, empty the fefates(birthright/revelation/special edition) folder first. Download what patch you want to, then copy the patch into the fefates(birthright/revelation/special edition) folder. Be warned that you may need to copy files to outside from patch\rom folder of the patches zip file. The fefates(birthright/revelation/special edition) folder directory structure should be: fefates(birthright/revelation/special edition) folder |-castle D |-GameData D |-m D |-movie D |-sound D The fefates(birthright/revelation/special edition) folder should not contain any patch or rom folder. Now launch Fates and in the NINTENDO 3DS splash screen the top screen should flash green momentarily just like other NTR plugins. If done right, the character creation screen will have 5 voice selections. One caveat, if you want to end Fire Emblem Fates with the patch on, always hold the power button, and switch off the 3ds first. If not, the next app/game you launch will infinitely stuck in NINTENDO 3DS splash screen and only can be fixed by holding down the power button until the 3DS switches off. Don't worry if you got into the infinite stuck screen, no harm is done and your console is safe.
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