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  1. Very important question. Will Zwei be in the game?
  2. I might be able to do map and the occasional battle animation? I'm already working on a full hack myself, so I'm not exactly sure.
  3. I think both Mae and Sonya are equal in SoV. They both have their niche. Boey is eh for me. I think all 3 Fates games are great games. Fuck the Tower of Duma. I don't even care if it's an unpopular opinion or not, I hate the dungeon to no ends. Mae is bae. I find the anime aesthetic of the 3DS games perfectly fine. I've seen so many people whine about this. Why do people shit on Corrin again? I find them perfectly fine. Pegasus Riders are...not bad? I mean, they're not the worst. And finally...the luck stat is the best in the game. ...joking on that last one.
  4. I was just stating my opinion, there was nothing rude about it.
  5. I guess not. I just like to think that it's more rewarding to do it yourself. You do what you want, however.
  6. I got Ultra Sun. Decided to go with the alternate universe thing and picked Rowlet instead of Litten. Gonna transfer over my entire team after beating, so I'm currently getting a new team. I'm obsessed with the clothing options, as usual.
  7. Just practice is all I can say. Splicing is hella easy when you get into it.
  8. It would be faster to learn how to do it yourself tbh :/
  9. Apparently I'm a dummy who can't organize roleplays properly. I'm going to be revising this as the original post was very bare in nature, and I'd prefer it not so.
  10. Edited this one a bit. Hope she looks better. Two New Sprites of mine. (Personal on the left, gift for my brother on the right.) one of my first animations ever. I'm pretty proud of it. (Will soon be spoiler tagged, just gotta figure out how to do it)
  11. But, there is the third tiers from the Tellius games. That's what I was thinking of, anyway.
  12. Conquest doesn't count pfft. I mean like a full on FExPokemon, not just another tactical RPG. Off topic, but imagine Alm and Celica as Plusle and Minun. (I'm so sorry lol)
  13. So, for a while, I've been thinking about ideas for a Pokemon Fire Emblem crossover. I thought I would just post them here for feedback. *Characters would be Pokemon, but with FE classes. Affinity would be turned to Typing and would depend on the species of Pokemon. *A new Manakete like class that allows users to use their Pokemon movesets and abilities. *Supports would stay the same, BUT Children units would depend on egg groups. *Promotion would become Evolution. *A new cast of characters. *Generic units would depend on their class. (I.E. Pegasus Knight would likely be a flying type) *Vulneraries would become Oran Berries, Concoctions would become Sitrus Berries, etc. *In a perfect world, a completely new soundtrack, but it's unlikely. Hopefully some remixed Pokemon OSTs at least. *Legendaries would not be included in the actual gameplay. It would take too long to develop a special class specific to each one, and if they were implemented, they would likely be too overpowered. And that's all I have at this point. If you got ideas as well, post them below. I'm interested in what people think of the concept.
  14. Is this an OK place to talk about Fangame ideas, or should I just go to Concepts?
  15. Doesnt know what the Black Canary is and will know that I've no idea either >.<
  16. Whelp, I'm back with another Concept. Its Ragefest this time! :D Basically the whole concept is based around a what if question. What if Fire Emblem was based around Modern times? And I know, Shin Megami Tensei did this already, but I don't care. It wasn't a Fire Emblem game, it was Shin Megami Tensei with Chrom. :/ Anyways... New Things. ~New Characters~ ~New Classes~ (Example: Gunslinger,) ~New Weapon class(es)~ (Example: Guns) And Probably more.
  17. Okay, on both things. Augh, so much work xD Edit: Capi, Erm...I might hold off on the customizing faces, etc. until I make a new sprite. I can make an example, its just the faces are about exactly how I want them and really fit the characters they are meant to display. I hope this doesn't come off as rude, its just personal preference xD
  18. THIS GUYS A PERSON O3O (I'm super very sorry)
  19. Sain? Harken? Who are you referring to, exactly? Sorry, I havent played any of the older games >.<
  20. my First attempt at the Prologue Map. :I
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