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  1. Chapter 19 intro spelling mistake: "seperated" should be "separated"
  2. I'd say just take more liberty with the line. Something like "Rumbling/clattering in the distance, the Ballistae start/begin to approach." I don't know what sort of character limits you have to deal with though. If that's too long, maybe just get rid of the comma. "The rumbling/clattering Ballistae start/begin to approach." Whichever combination sounds best. To me "While creating noise," just doesn't really sound like something someone would naturally say, and "noise" just isn't very descriptive of a word. (My brain is in high school proof-reading mode now, I am sorry. lol)
  3. Playing through FE1 (first time) using your version of the patch. Just wanted to point out what is probably a wording error, if you're still working on this. The intro text for Chapter 13 says "Can Marth preserve?" Probably supposed to be "persevere". Before that it also says "While creating noise, Ballistae start to approach", which seems like strange wording, but that doesn't bother me as much as the above. Sometimes random grammar mistakes make the game feel more authentic, ha.
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