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  1. Bow killer is always needed!I am also leveling a Robin that has 3* only...i know...but i like him!
  2. He is the only mage i have.promoting him to 4stars is easy,but i dont know if 4star Robin is good.(This is my girlfriends account i am talking about).
  3. I just got Robin 3stars...should i level him up till 4stars or even 5 later on?Worth the effort?
  4. Doing the same with Gunter,Felicia and Draug!Thinking of doing the same with Setsuna and Niles,worth the effort?They are my only archers...
  5. You can reroll after the Nintendo Linking.When you Delete Data it says that your account link will be also deleted after that.
  6. Thanks for the fast answer!I don't see a reason to turn it off! :P
  7. Silly question maybe,but what does the "Smart End" choice at settings mean???
  8. You can indeed change your nickname in game,that's for sure.So i guess yes!
  9. I paid for 10 orbs and that was just for supporting the company.If money matters that much in this game i will stop worrying that much and just play casually.Don't get me wrong,i don't see the reroll thing as a way to overcome others,yeah money still does that better than this,i just wanted people that love some heroes (stats or sexy look) at least have a chance of getting them!I am a noob in FE but a huge anime/manga/figure fan so i needed Camilla so bad,just for the looks! :) i was 19k arena rating and now i tried to enter again and the first two enemies were +5 levels than me...
  10. Don't be so mad about all this reroll thing.I already replied that arena is my main concern!You need 5stars there and that's for sure!I will delete the pin thing from my original post,i was just trying to be helpful.I don't need any pins,at least not for myself!
  11. I really like to play arena.I don't think i have a chance there...
  12. If it was a single player game that would be SO justified!But in a game that allows if not forces players to pay,i think the F2P players at least deserve a chance...Chapter 7 Hard mode allows me to play 3 maps with my stamina...so thats where my orbs are gonna go!The collector's form that this game is in deep won't let me to stay forever without at least one great character.It is sad,but online games with microtransactions is not all about strategy...
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