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  1. Updating my info~ Last time I had... 8, I think...? By now I have 14 five stars units, spent money on 23 orbs, didn't get a single good unit from them (3 of them were 3 stars Donnel...) Summoned: -Lucina -Corrin (M) -Tiki (Young) -Abel -Xander (Spring Festival) x2 -Cordelia -Hector -Minerva -Camilla -Rebecca -Azura Promoted: -Anna -Lilina
  2. I managed to beat both difficulties on the very first time, it was a bit underwheling... isn't this the easiest grand battle so far?
  3. Well, a lot of bosses looks like undead in there, Celica was right about there being a zombie apocalypse. Scizor? Didn't know we had a Pokémon around here!... I guess it has been translated as that to not confuse with Fates's Saizo...
  4. Thank you! I must say I never heard of any of those things (well, expect Animal Crossing!)... I guess there must not be any at all around here at Spain
  5. One is their mage list, the other one is their cleric list if you reclass them.
  6. Oh, thank you! I forgot completely about Deen... (Sonya overshadows him that much) I didn't notice Mathilda because I didn't expect such angry expression, I had just edited it because I did notice. Deen looks unique finally.
  7. Oh, right, where the female villager promotions leaked at reddit true? If so what spells does Faye learn at
  8. I want to see the portraits of Alm and the others as kids. And Clair, poor girl didn't get it officially released yet...
  9. I wouldn't mind if at our account options we can keep this look... I married Sakura on my first playthrough Sakura gives quite a serene look to the forum
  10. They should have made Faye a tomboy and just give her male models instead...
  11. I'll fight for Minerva, though I have to choose between 3 five stars: Camilla, Minerva and Cordelia... Minerva is just too good. Funnily enough her game is the only one I didn't play of the people on the gauntlet.
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