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  1. Mm. Morrowind is the C Programming Language of RPGs. Scratch that, D&D is the C of RPGs. Morrowind is like the C++ of RPGs.
  2. I liked them enough to do them again with an Xbox controller. And it was easier and more fun.
  3. I beat all the Steam games with the exceptions of Seven and Ark of Napishtim with keyboard before I played any with a controller. It's doable, as with many titles. As you said, it's not recommended.
  4. I think there are unabashed harpies in Oath of Felghana? so for early games, it might take you a while. 1, 2, and Origin are all fairly original.
  5. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a complete moron, for more reasons than just this.
  6. I will argue with any and everyone. Morrowind, while its graphics are somewhat dated and its combat system can turn new players away, is the best in the series (at least in comparison to Oblivion and Skyrim, the two games that it shares most with) in my opinion.
  7. My title has been Tiime Stopper for months and none of you told me. I thought we were fam, smh.

  8. can't really agree more with this- I played the ones I've played in chronological order and was extremely confused by the Bump system. "Which button attacks!? I keep dying to the first guy, what the hell..." Not only did I not understand the bump system, I also forgot to equip the sword. I laugh about it now.
  9. I'm watching the trailer for Ys Seven again, never having played it. LoD's style seems reminiscent of this but just... better? Seven reminds me of those decent Final Fantasy DS releases, art style wise. Is the party system as fun as the bump/hack n slash from the games I'm used to?
  10. I've played Origin, 1&2, and Oath in Felghana and liked them all. LoD doesn't seem much like them, which is why I haven't played it yet. Does it appeal to fans of the earlier games (and of course Origin and Oath)?
  11. Something odd happened to me on my first run - I missed Palla and Catria at first. Didn't pick them up until later when I was having a little trouble with Mila's Temple. So I picked up Atlas, went north, and he left my party. Tried Mila's Temple, didn't succeed at first, left and discovered Palla and Catria, then came back and completed Mila's Temple with their assistance. What I'm saying is, I did not realize that there was such a case for Palla and Catria, and I accidentally bypassed the flag that tells them to leave. Very interesting.
  12. I think that Berkut is a fairly well-written narcissist who spends the entire story being shown that there's someone better than him in every way that he considers important. Berkut's writing is not bad; but he dies before it has a chance to really resolve. I'd like to refer to the five stages of grief in the context of Berkut: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Before the climax of Berkut's character arc in Act 5, he lost to Alm twice in Acts 3 and 4. This showed him that Alm was a better fighter/general than him, something he thought he was best at. I posit that he could justify "Oh well, I'm still royalty and he's just a commoner- i'm still better than him." He denies. Even though he lost to a commoner, he's still royalty. But then - surprise! - Alm is the prince of Rigel. Now HE'S below him in both station and competence, his two most treasured attributes. He throws a complete tantrum, lashing out in anger towards Rinea. Finally, in act 5 he bargains with Duma for the power to destroy Alm (and possibly the country that scorned him for Alm). Then he dies upon defeat at Alm's hands, with a shoehorned acceptance as Rinea guides him to the afterlife. Even though i think that's pretty cute. I think Berkut could have been resolved better by being playable, which I've heard was once a thing. Then he could made his bargain earlier, had a bout of depression afterwards (not about losing this time, but about sacrificing Rinea), and accepted his shortcomings later and joining the cause to avenge his lover. Plus, we may have seen Rudolf react to his demonic powers, which I think would have given his true motives some much needed foreshadowing (even if it's not so obvious as to give away the twist). Fernand isn't terrible, but he's still pretty lame.
  13. I already made this topic and had some suggestions, you can find it here:
  14. One thing i'm thinking that I don't know if anyone here has said yet is that I hope that remaking games doesn't keep them from making cool new material. Even if you think Awakening and Fates are complete garbage, which I don't, I pity you if you aren't excited to see where IntSys takes the series next.
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