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  1. Catria, already gave all female classes 3 times, your choice bud
  2. You generous fiend General/Zerker!Doga
  3. I love you Grad FalcoDraco/Sniper!Kat
  4. Mantis gets Archer/Cleric!Male!MU (Farmer's Child, Wise, Humanitarian) and Sage/Warrior!Michalis
  5. Chapter 21: 6/232 Reclassed Tomas back to Sage. Just went through the middle, it was a bit annoying having no axe/lance users but I did it. Minerva was deployed for the secret shop, bought 3 red candies, 3 cokes, and 3 wings, and she died. 3 coke, 2 wing to Tomas, 3 candies to Midia, 1 wing to Maria Chapter 22: 11/243 Simple map, stormed up the right side of the map killing all that came, didn't visit the village. Maria almost orko'd Michalis with the "Lady Sword" and Tomas finished him off, Tomas is also about 2 uses away from using Excal, which would've helped this map oh well. Chapter 23: 11/254 Sampled text of simple map. Just went up the middle and killed things, both top Gharnef's weren't the real one so I got some free exp off of them. Chapter 24: 6/260 Marth on mountains takes forever. Jagen reached A staves. Midia and Maria were killing the enemies in the way. Elice was deployed as a peg and bought 3 shields and 3 scarfs. 1 scarf to Tomas, 1 scarf 1 shield to Maria, 1 scarf 2 shields to Midia Chapter 24x: 9/269 I completely forgot that this map existed. Went up the left side. Endgame: 9/278 Marth, Midia, Maria, Gaggles, and Nagi ran to Medeus while Jagen and Tomas were in the top left, Jagen healing through Fortify and Tomas keeping the ballistae off of Jagen. Nagi died to Medeus so that Gaggles and Midia could kill him. Total Turns: 278, goddamn I'm slow Final Stats: Marth: Level 30 Lord, A swords, Battles: 216, Wins: 131 41/22/0/16/25/29/12/0 Jagen: Level 20 Bishop, D tomes A staves, Battles: 107, Wins: 44 31/2/5/13/8/9/5/10 Gordin: Level 13/20 Sniper, A bows, Battles: 286, Wins: 140 1 scarf, 1 red candy 52/14/1/22/24/17/20/3 Maria: Level 13/15.55 Swordmaster, A swords, Battles: 126, Wins: 65 Boots, 1 coke, 2 scarf, 1 wing, 1 shield 45/6/10/17/27/19/11/8 Tomas: Level 13/8.86 Sage, B tomes E staves, Battles: 76, Wins: 20 1 seemingly wasted scroll, 4 coke, 4 wings, 1 scarf 41/6/16/11/19/7/3/7 Midia: Level 16.21 Swordmaster, A swords, Battles: 96, Wins: 47 1 wing, 1 icon, 3 shields, 3 red candies, 1 scarf 44/16/1/28/30/10/16/3 Casualties: Wolf, Vyland, Minerva, Dolph, Macellan, Boah, Est, Nagi
  6. Chapter 18: 11/198 Another simple one, Marth and Gaggles walked to the boss, the others went to the shops. I rigged a Maria arena level and was also able to get Midia to do one round. Chapter 19: 20/218 I made Marth open some chests. Because of that I was able to get some WEXP for Maria and Tomas. No regrets because the "Lady Sword" must be forged. Chapter 20: 8/226 Reclassed Maria and Tomas to Swordmaster. Forged a +8 Mt, +15 Hit Levin Sword named "Lady Sword". Waterwalked everyone but Jagen on turn 1 past the bridge to deal with the units over the bridge and ultimately kill Camus and Lorenz, Midia went back over the water to protect Jagen from the paladins coming over. A combination of Gaggles and Maria killed Camus and Lorenz. Midia was able to get level from the arena. Stats: Marth: Level 27.12 Lord, A swords 38/20/0/14/23/27/12/0 Jagen: Level 15.43 Bishop, D tomes B.5 staves 30/2/4/13/7/6/5/10 Gordin: Level 13/15.38 Sniper, A bows 1 scarf, 1 red candy 48/13/1/19/22/17/18/3 Maria: Level 13/5.63 Swordmaster, C swords 1 coke, boots, 1 scarf 33/5/10/15/20/11/9/6 Tomas: Level 13/2.31 Swordmaster, C.5 swords 1 seemingly wasted scroll, 1 coke, 2 wings 33/8/5/18/20/5/6/4 Midia: Level 9.08 Swordmaster, A swords 1 wing, 1 icon, 1 shield 31/8/1/23/24/10/11/3
  7. Chapter 14: 9/157 Reclassed Tomas to Mage even though it was a waste of a scroll. Simple chapter, Marth and Gordin went through the middle to the boss, the others went to the chests. Marth one shot the boss with "Stab" on enemy phase and at some point Catria and Palla recruited themselves. Chapter 15: 8/165 Another fairly simple map. Gordin killed the 2 dracos on turn 3 EP and turn 4 PP then it was just moving Marth to the gate while killing a few mages. Midia blocked Gharnef with a Pure Water and Jagen healed her a few turns. Chapter 16: 14/179 This one took a bit because I had to go through the prison and deal with the cavs/horsemen after that as I had no one to water walk. Didn't recruit or kill Xane but Maria and Tomas did get a decent amount of WEXP off of him. Also, Midia went shopping. Chapter 17: 8/187 Simple chapter that could've been done in 3 or 4 turns less, but I wanted to get a few things from the secret shop. Midia and Tomas killed the armours, hero, mage, and the Devil Sword thief on the left while the others went to the boss. Oh yeah, I also promoted Midia before this chapter started. Stats: Marth: Level 24.97 Lord, A swords 36/20/0/12/21/25/11/0 Jagen: Level 13.83, D tomes B Staves 29/2/4/12/7/6/5/9 Gordin: Level 13/11.26, A bows 1 scarf, 1 red candy 48/12/1/16/20/15/17/3 Maria: Level 13/2.35 Sage, C.75 tomes D.5 staves 1 coke, boots 26/3/11/6/9/8/6/8 Tomas: Level 10.81 Mage, D.5 tomes 1 wasted scroll 24/2/4/5/5/4/2/3 Midia: Level 5.47 Swordmaster, B.5 swords 1 wing, 1 icon, 1 shield 27/6/1/20/21/10/10/3
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had trouble with these early maps Fuck the reinforcements in C7
  9. I'll just wait to see what @Finalinsanity says on this, but y'all know the unit I'm picking is Maria And if either of the two after me take Tomas I will murder y'all as I'd have to redo 5 chapters.
  10. Chapter 12: 18/143 This could've gone faster but I decided to grab the boots for some reason, these extra turns did let Bishop Jagen get C staves and Mage Maria D tomes though, I also got Midia and Tomas, Tomas is another unit I assumed to draft. Chapter 13: 5/148 Forged a +7 Mt, +10 Hit, -3 Wt Steel Sword called "Best Girl", reclassed Midia to Swordmaster, reclassed Tomas to Myrmidon and gave him the Arms Scroll. Not much to this chapter Gaggles and Marth charged down the middle killing some things, including Astram, the others stayed back to give Jagen some more stave exp and pick off the thieves. I'll probably make Tomas a Mage/Sage for Excal. Stats: Marth: Level 22.23 Lord, A swords 34/19/0/12/20/24/10/0 Jagen: Level 10.63 Bishop, E tomes C staves 27/2/3/11/7/5/5/8 Gordin: Level 13/6.13 Sniper, A bows 1 scarf, 1 red candy 43/12/1/15/18/13/14/3 Maria: Level 7.56 Mage, D tomes 1 coke, Boots 18/0/8/3/5/3/5/4 Tomas: Level 8.00 Myrmidon, D swords 1 Arms Scroll 22/5/0/12/12/4/4/0 Midia: Level 1.24 Swordmaster, C.5 swords 1 Speedwing, 1 Goddess Icon 24/5/1/17/17/9/7/3
  11. Kill them off now while you can as we can't deploy undrafted units unless they're to recruit units
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