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  1. It's right there. Or you mean you can't download it from play store?
  2. Probably not since wine doesn't use hardware acceleration which is required to run emulators.
  3. Did you follow the guide in the topic? Did you download ova file?
  4. Looking at error "write data failed" I assume it's either firewall issue or lack of system rights to run program properly. Try to disable your antivirus software or add ldplayer to exclusion list. Also you probably won't be able to run ldplayer on windows profile which has no admin rights.
  5. Seems like microG was replaced with google services in your instance. Try to import ldbk file again and see if there's microG app in app drawer. And if it is - error shouldn't appear.
  6. That's unusual. I've just tested it - you should be able to sign in on both ovas, assuming you're using MEmu 6.3.7 from the topic. Ovas won't be imported properly (microG will be replaced with usual google services) if you try to do so on newer versions of MEmu.
  7. Use the guide in the topic to download and restore ldbk file. Try to disable adblocker, or use links I sent you in pm.
  8. Yep, signing in with google account "fixes" the problem. I've added this information to the topic. That said, summoning on MEmu with disabled google apps no longer works because of this very problem, so I'm removing this part of guide permamently. Those who used this method - you'll have to use microG solution from now on.
  9. Tried them both and they work just fine.
  10. I have no such problem. Try to switch to directx.
  11. I wrote you pm. If anyone got similar problems - contact me via Discord or Telegram.
  12. I got my old laptop repaired - this's atleast something. What's new: MEmu .ovas for disabled google apps method are replaced with smaller ones (the one for android 5.1 is just under 3 MB, the android 7.1 one is 80 MB) MEmu microG android 5.1 and android 7.1 guides were merged (separation isn't necessary anymore) MEmu microG .ovas updated for MEmu 7.0.3. Apparently you can't use launchers other than the default one on latest versions of MEmu, so Trebuchet was decluded. LDPlayer .ldbk updated for LDPlayer 3.76 (the old one worked just fine but I did that anyway. Because of that it got a little smaller). Fun fact - FEH works on MEmu android 4.4 now, but preinstalled browser and any other one don't! Can't link your account there, so it wasn't included in the guide. I won't be visiting this forum as often as I did earlier, so if I'm not answering for more than 3 days - contact me via Discord (IONN#1312) or Telegram (@IONN28).
  13. My laptop died recently so I won't be able to update the guide anymore, atleast not for the next 7-10 months. Gladly all emulators work with current instructions despite some of them being outdated. Hopefully it'll stay like that for some time. Either way, thanks for using my guides!
  14. The old one is still compatible with latest version. That said, I can't test this new high fps mode because I can't get more than 40 fps with MEmu on my craptop. If anybody can confirm that there's indeed over 60 fps on latest version of MEmu (and if it's capped at 60 fps using current .ova file) - then there'll be a reason for making new .ova, otherwise the old still works pretty fine.
  15. Make sure you're using latest version of MEmu from the topic and not the older one such as If the problem won't be resolved - uninstall and install MEmu again.
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