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  1. I just realized Laegjarn is sitting sidesaddle. Hard to see with her bow and arms in front of her. No idea how that would work out for horseback archery and it's likely to be as unsafe as when she did the same for her summer alt or Eir riding sidesaddle on a pegasus.
  2. Actual Grima as the next mythic and one who one-ups legendary F!Grima and M!Grima despite legendary F!Grima just being part of the remix and them getting the ability to refine their Expiration and even Halloween F!Grima would be hilarious. It would be our fourth Grima. Grima Emblem! Coming to stores near you and traumatizing a particular Ylissean noble even more.
  3. It just dawned on me how a reverse Pathfinder would be horrific. Imagine someone being able to use their allies to leapfrog over and it possibly stacking with Pathfinder as well. Is there anyone from the main games where leapfrogging would make sense on them? Anyway, 650 is the maximum limited codes we're getting for this round of limited compiles, right? I don't see any other sources coming up before the next update. Summer Noire is not that great, but it would have been nice to be able to grab two 5* manuals and a 4* every time, but considering this set has two grail units...
  4. Dagr does have Even Tempest and currently is the only one who has it, so if you really want to that on someone, you might have another thing to consider.
  5. Unless I missed something before this update, there's a dark theme for the notification board posts. Or it matches the system theme which for me, I use dark on my phone.
  6. Dumb or cruel. Meanwhile, 4* special rate units while uncommon, will have Swift Sparrow 2 available and if you don't care about the speed part, there's CYL Celica for Death Blow 4. And Fury 3 has been in the game forever and we have Sothe for L&D3. My guess is Def/Res Menace might also be a thematic thing since him reducing his foes resistance means Tatiana can do more damage. Other than that, it scores well as a tier 4 skill which could entice players to pull for his skills.
  7. They're still holding back on Distant Counter weapons for some reason after the last update which gave us an unconditional Distant Counter and Killer effect weapons through Alondite and Ragnell with the obligatory Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 making Amatsu, unique refined Golden Dagger, and Vouge look like chump weapons and Null Follow-Up on Raijinto. The combined effects of unique refined Divine Tyrfing, Hallowed Tyrfing, and Virtuous Tyrfing makes Holy Gradivus look tame. Sure, Seliph and Sigurd can't have Distant Counter and a Stance 4 skill or a Catch 4 or whatever, but they get whatever stats, damage reduction, a Killer effect, guaranteed follow-up effects, or healing per hit with Hallowed Tyrfing being the craziest of the Tyrfings. Also, I will laugh if the developers decide to be massive dicks and make it so that Swift Sparrow 2 and Guard 3 are 5* locked on Luthier. They're both obviously too strong just like Live to Serve 3 and Quick Riposte 3, so we have to restrict access to them.
  8. I'm guessing if and when Garden/SoV Est becomes a thing that she will use a sword too so that we will have three lance and three sword Whitewings. Cue her showing up as a tome-wielding Harrier instead. Nott's B passive Moon-Twin Wing and Nott in general seems underwhelming. Dulls and Lulls exist shutting down or hindering her lance's Bonus Doubler effect leaving her with only Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 if she's at <=25% HP. Spurn is an alternative to her Moon-Twin Wing where she would trade not having to deal with a HP check however generous it is and making it easier to get as much speed for the Dodge effect for +5 damage when activating a special when her HP is <= 75%. Moon-Twin Wing is also legendary Dimitri's Areadbhar that doesn't increase her damage as it only inflicts Atk/Spd-5 which results in Spd/Def/Res+5 for Nott while legendary Dimitri gets Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 from Areadbhar when his HP is >= 25%. In choosing to not use Atrocity for dealing 25% of his attack as damage, he can run Null Follow-Up, stack more damage reduction, or a Trace with Areadbhar's own damage reduction. Nott can't do that which granted was a given with how her lance works. It was like this since we knew about the sisters' weapons, but Dagr just seems like she will stand out better or age better when the effects she has are more uncommon or have less available ways of being dealt with. Dagr will be still be affected by effects making use of penalties, but those effects are not as common being on prf weapons or seasonal or grail inheritable weapons compared to Dulls and Lulls that anyone really can inherit. Her Null Follow-Up effect from Sun-Twin Wing has an HP check which while generous is still worse than not being dead, but there isn't really anything that can cancel the effects of Null Follow-Up and while she is a mythic, she can't won't get stat boosts in Aether Raids, bulk and Dodge can be supplemented from allies. Also, Dagr has Sol as a default special, but Nott doesn't have Luna, so Dagr is obviously the better sister. Tatiana being a quest, added later unit and blue tome infantry is interesting. Not sure why she wasn't on the banner and as a healer who could have had a unique staff or even heal assist. They could have made Luthier the quest unit and had an excuse to give him literal shit for skills. With Tatiana being a blue mage, if Fernand does show up as a lance cavalry and SoV does have a lance with his name on it, then this update would be introducing four blue units: two lance cavalry with Fernand and Zeke, one lance infantry with Nott, and one blue infantry mage with Tatiana. Fernand's Lance has three combat arts: Longearche, Penetrate, and Windsweep. The closest to Longearche would be Distant Counter and I doubt they will ever have a grail unit show up with Close/Distant Counter/Foil/Ward and Lunge would be the closest to Penetrate. You can't have two actual B passives at the same time, so if he does show up with a prf and it's based on Fernand's Lance, the either he has Lunge or Windsweep on his prf weapon. We have yet to see a playable unit with a movement B passive and it might never happen because it would be weird or annoying for people who want to run another movement skill like Drag Back or a Trace without needing to equip another weapon. Firesweep weapons exist, so it can have some kind of -sweep and condition. If Fernand has a prf and is a lance cavalry, then I'm calling lance version of Kempf. If not, then I guess we'll have our first unit with only an Iron weapon as a 5*.
  9. Saber is the Luke to PoR Ike, vanguard Ike, and regular Ryoma's Meisterhardt now. Not as bad since Luke's unique refined Rowdy Sword requiring his foes to not have any bonuses is not as simple as be or have a foe's HP be at a specific range or simply initiate that other prf Brave weapons require to activate their usually attack boosting effect. Unique refined Golden Dagger is a prf Killing Edge with a conditional Distant Counter and what do all recent weapons that became available for refinement have? Unconditional Distant Counter. By unconditional, I mean the unit just needs to be alive for it to work. In particular, unique refined Ragnell becomes a prf Killing Edge with an unconditional Distant Counter. Saber has 43 HP, 47 Atk, 33 Spd, 32 Def, and 22 Res with unique refined Golden Dagger equipped. Unique refined Golden Dagger requires his special to be charged at the start of combat to provide him Distant Counter and Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 which puts him at 50 Atk, 36 Spd, 35 Def, and 25 Res. Otherwise, he simply has a prf Killing Edge.4 PoR Ike has 45 HP, 51 Atk, 31 Spd, 32 Def, and 18 Res with unique refined Ragnell equipped. Compared to Saber when his special is not charged, +2 HP, +4 Atk, -2 Spd, and -4 Res, and +2 HP, +1 Atk, -5 Spd, -3 Def, and -7 Res if Saber's special is charged. As noted before, unique refined Ragnell is is a prf Killing Edge with an unconditional Distant Counter. It's other effect gives him Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 if his HP is >= 25% which would be > 11 HP as 25% of 45 is 11.25. That would put him at 55 Atk, 35 Spd, 36 Spd, and 22 Res. Compared to Saber when his special is charged, +5 Atk, -1 Spd, +1 Def, and -3 Res. For those who have a resplendent PoR Ike, then he has 47 HP, 53 Atk, 33 Spd, 34 Def, and 20 Res with unique refined Ragnell equipped. Compared to Saber when his special is not charged, +4 HP, +6 Atk, +2 Def, and -2 Res, and +4 HP, +3 Atk, -3 Spd, -1 Def, and -2 Res when his special is charged. When PoR Ike's HP is >= 25%, > 11 HP, then he will have 57 Atk, 37 Spd, 38 Def, and 24 Res. Compared to Saber when his special is charged, +7 Atk, +1 Spd, +3 Def, and -1 Res. Without resplendent, PoR Ike loses in speed by 1 point and resistance by 3 points where granted, both of their resistance aren't great. With resplendent, PoR Ike is simply better. It's unfair since Saber does not have a resplendent yet or maybe forever, but regardless, PoR Ike's advantage is having an unconditional Distant Counter or that the Distant Counter and stat boosts effects are not tied together. Saber needs to keep his special charged against every fight to have Distant Counter and Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 whereas Ike only loses out on the stat boosts if he falls out of a generous HP range. Vanguard Ike has 44 HP, 52 Atk, 30 Spd, 35 Def, and 21 Res with unique refined Ragnell equipped. Compared to Saber when his special is not charged, +1 HP, +5 Atk, -3 Spd, +3 Def, and -1 Res, and when his special is charged, +1 HP, +2 Atk, -6 Spd, and -4 Res. When vanguard Ike's HP is >= 25%, >= 11 HP, then he will have 56 Atk, 34 Spd, 39 Def, and 25 Res. Compared to Saber when his special is charged, +6 Atk, -2 Spd, and +4 Def. Vanguard Ike is a different unit compared to his younger self and Saber as a slower, but physically bulkier sword infantry. He mainly loses out on speed compared to Saber, but hits harder, has higher defense, and matches Saber's resistance when their weapon's stat boost effect is active. The funny thing is that vanguard Ike, especially after the remix gave him Radiant Aether II with its Quickened Pulse 2 effect, can find it easier to set up a charged special on turn 1 and also maintain the HP threshold with Radiant Aether on retaliation. Saber requires help from things like Infantry or Ostia's Pulse or has to run his default Shield Pulse 3 and run a defensive special costing him damage or sustain to have a special charged on turn 1. Both can run Special Spiral well where it allows vanguard Ike to proc Radiant Aether more often and it makes it easier for Saber to fulfill unique refined Golden Dagger's condition with a special like Luna or Sol. Unique refined Raijinto does not have a Killer effect, so it's not as comparable to unique refined Golden Dagger, but regular Ryoma's stats makes him Saber with less defense for more attack and speed. With unique refined Raijinto, regular Ryoma has 44 HP, 50 Atk, 35 Spd, 27 Def, and 21 Res. Compared to Saber when his special is not charged, +1 HP, +3 Atk, +2 Spd, -5 Def, and -1 Res, and when his special is charged, +1 HP, -1 Spd, -8 Def, and -4 Res. Raijinto's unique refinement gives Ryoma Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 and Null Follow-Up if he initiates combat or he is within 2 spaces of an ally which puts him in a more offensive role by player phasing and not getting anything from its Distant Counter or relies on positioning for enemy phase. With its unique refinement active, regular Ryoma will have 54 Atk, 39 Spd, 31 Def, and 25 Res. Compared to Saber with his special charged, +4 Atk, +3 Spd, and -4 Def. It is not surprising recent weapon refines are more powerful, flexible, practical, or just jam-packed with effects than old weapon and their refinements. It is also not surprising since these are legendary weapons to a valuable dagger Celica kept which granted can be forged into the Beloved Zofia. Or at least, they seem like legendary weapons compared to the older ones and their refinements -- looking at you Archanea Falchion, Fujin Yumi, and Parthia. With this update, I am wondering if this will open the floodgates for future units to have weapons with an unconditional Close/Distant Counter and whatever other effects. Moon Gradivus is tame or even not that great compared to what Alondite, regular Gradivus, Ragnell, Raijinto, and Siegfried got. It's Distant Counter and a breath effect which is Owain's Missiletainn with its Killer effect swapped for Distant Counter. It's Altina's Ragnell-Alondite, Freyja's Nightmare Horn, Halloween F!Grima's Moonless Breath, and berserk Ike's Chaos Ragnell that, as unpleasant as this may sound, look like current prf weapons. Yes, Altina and Freyja are mythics, but CYL Dimitri is a CYL unit, so Moon Gradivus could be closer to Moonless Breath or even Chaos Ragnell. Saber, Osian, and Say'ri tested the grounds for Killer weapons with conditional Distant Counter. Well, that got blown away with Alondite and Ragnell gaining a Killer effect and also stat boosts for their unique refinement. An advantage for Saber compared to Osian and Say'ri is that he can be at whatever HP range for unique refined Golden Dagger's conditional Distant Counter to work so long as his special is charged which is fine and preferred as Counter units would like to operate at as great of a HP range as possible; high HP for tanking or so long as they are alive for Counter, Vantage if they have high enough attack. Osian is basically axe Saber with higher attack, speed, and resistance with him being a gen 4 melee infantry while Say'ri's shtick is her high resistance at the cost of defense and there is only so much damage reduction can do to patch up a low defensive stat. They can be knocked out of >= 50% HP and if that happens, they only have a prf Killer weapon. Nowi's Purifying Breath aged poorly and quite quickly. She is a 3* to 4* launch unit with trainee BST, so the argument is there of why the hell would the developers allow her to have anything. That said, 2 less Mt compared to other non-Brave prf weapons and a special trigger penalty looks really bad compared to Alondite, Gradivus, Ragnell, Raijinto, Siegfried, and future Distant Counter and other effects weapons to come. The funny thing is that we have yet to have a summonable ranged unit with an unconditional full Close Counter weapon. Boey's unique refined Inscribed Tome does not work on dragons, Julia's unique refined Naga only works on dragons, and Shinon's Double Bow is a conditional Close Counter that works when he is not adjacent to an ally. Only ranged Rokkrs have access to a full Close Counter.
  10. I'm going to guess you got it by now, but... Would you like to hug her regular self or her big self? A twisted view I have for why she says that to the summoner instead of Byleth is how it's implied that summoned heroes are thralls to the summoner. They can insult, threaten, and even resist the summoner as much as they want, but they still serve or follow the summoner. For a person with such conviction, Edelgard would want to do everything she can for what she believes is right for Fodlan and only Fodlan. Nowhere and nothing else matters, but when she faces the summoner, not even she at the point of her life where she cast aside everything can defy her status as a summoned hero. A servant or a slave, she and the other summoned heroes are bound to whoever summoned them. Facing us, they become docile, tamed by a contract they had no say in. Some are aware of it and lash out while others resign themselves to their fates. Others don't and gladly join the cause. Those you could say are fortunate as they can serve blissfully unaware of their situation. Or perhaps they are the most unfortunate for not knowing what compels them to blindly follow orders. And then you have those who revel in being able to fight again. Mortals, gods, children, and even the dead, they are simply lapdogs of the summoner. Or we could not entertain dark ideas and that it's a moment of weakness for Edelgard in general. Against her enemies, she can stand tall with her beliefs, but to a friend, to the people she fights for, or a stranger who has no part in her battle, could she let them see what she became? Could Edelgard show her face, show how far she has gone, and show that she essentially became a monster while maintaining her stance and try to convince them that she did it for them and what is best for them? She's done it for so long, but even still, everyone has their doubts. The mask cracks and we see someone asking: "After all of this, am I still doing the right thing?"
  11. More or less nailed it with M!Morgan; Lulls, Nulls, Sabotages, or Dull Ranged if you don't have a spare Lull Atk/Res or even Lull Spd/Res on hand. While he is slow, considering how his tome works, he could use Null Follow-Up for the same reasons CYL Ike and Seliph with unique Divine Tyrfing do, but their base speed are much higher and CYL Ike can choose to invest in speed more when unique refined Urvan makes his offensive stats more valuable than his defensive stats. Otherwise, Lull Atk/Res would be simpler. Is there a reason you don't want F!Morgan to run Dive Bomb? It's restrictive like Dimitri's Noble Lance or regular Tibarn's Hawk King Claw, but with how her axe works, mainly the guaranteed follow-up effect part, and like Jill or pirate Tibarn, she probably should not be taking damage, so her HP being >= 80% is easier to manage than on other fliers running Dive Bomb. You would still need to answer the parts of foes at >= 80% HP and fulfilling her axe's conditions. Also, it would be entirely player phase, so if you want to make her dual or enemy phase, then Dive Bomb would either be not what you want or entirely useless. Pegasus Flight and Wyvern Flight are going to check her visible speed and she has the second-lowest base neutral speed of all fliers or third of all units. Like, M!Morgan with Null Follow-Up, her wanting to have bonuses and foes with field debuffs means she could swing a lot of speed points in her way. Still, it's her 17 base neutral speed versus her foe's Spd-7 for Pegasus Flight or Spd-10 for Wyvern Flight. For defenses, she ties with Melady, the only one who has Wyvern Flight, for the highest base neutral defense of fliers, and has the fifth highest base neutral resistance of fliers with Flayn and spring Myrrh & Nah and has 2 points less resistance than Fiora, the only one with Pegasus Flight. Wyvern Flight has a more lenient speed check at her Spd >= foe's Spd-10 than Pegasus Flight and also, Axe of Despair inflicts Atk/Def-6 on her foe if her HP is >= 25%, so it would be easier to have a higher defense gap, but keep in mind that other units will be able to manipulate stats too. That leaves the old usual as you noted with fliers not having as many B skill passive options than other units. So, a -breaker, Desperation, Dull Close, Escape Route, Quick Riposte, Vantage, Wings of Mercy, and so on. Some will score worse than her default Dive Bomb.
  12. Part of me wants Orson to carry Monica around for his sprite. It would be more dignified to have her on the horse, but the main thing is that she accompanies him in some way.
  13. Damn thing, Quick Riposte 3, Swift Sparrow 2, (Keen) Blarwolf, (Keen) Gronnwolf, Close Def 3, Distant Def 3, Live to Serve 3, Bracing Stance 2, Kestrel Stance 2, Warding Stance 3, and the other Bonds among other skills aren't truly available in the 3* to 4* regular summoning pool. Some of them can show up on the special 4* units, but I'd rather burn more common units for skills than rarer ones or merge them when some of them are pretty damn good. The fact Close Counter, Dazzling Staff, Distant Counter, Death Blow 4, Special Fighter, and Wrathful Staff technically demoted before more mundane or shittier skills is hilarious and at the rate we're going, we might see Null C-Disrupt, Null Follow-Up, Sturdy Impact, and Swift Sparrow 3 technically demote before Quick Riposte 3 shows up on a 3* to 4* demote if and when they decide to make the CYL3, gen 3 units special 4* units. On the bright side, 5* Erk can give us Spd/Res Solo 3. Also, to this day, no summonable blue mage has Thoron+ as their default tome. Let's see who gets the Travant treatment.
  14. Before this gen 1 plus shared users Distant Counter dump, I would have figured maybe Gunnthra would have been part of this weapon update. It would make sense for a legendary remix to also be accompanied by a weapon update and that prior to this notification, Fjorm, vanguard Ike, and legendary Ryoma were excluded because of their Distant Counter weapons. Well, Distant Counter weapons are on the board now. The weird thing is why they didn't say anything during the FEH Channel. It could have continued off of the section for legendary Ryoma and it's pretty huge partly because of the shared users. That just leaves Dire Thunder, refresh units, non-5* healers, and seasonal units without prf weapons. Also, Hector I guess, but at this point, they might be considering Berserk Armads as his default weapon. Surprise! Baldr, Hezul, Roland, or whoever as sword mythics with the same stat spreads as Hrid, Seliph, and Sigurd. The curse not only will continue, but it will expand.
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