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  1. Looking at the curvaceous sprite and the recent reaction to Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil....I agree with you
  2. Want to bring to the forum's attention of a game called Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga. It's by an indie Western company called Dancing Dragon Games. Published by Freedom Games, the same publisher of Dark Deity. The gameplay is reminiscent of Soul Nomad. Grid based, turn-based strategy but rather than 1 v 1, it's squad v squad combat. A squad can be led by a generic or a named character. Class changes, promotions are all present. There's a wide variety of units, ranging from swordsmen, samurai, knights, gunners, archers, mages, healers, etc. Oh, and dragons! I won't be starting a LP of this, as I'm still not done with Banner of the Maid. That one is delayed, as....well...first there was work and then there's medical issues with the family that require my attention unfortunately. Either way, I'm intrigued by the game and wanted to let you guys know! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1488200/Symphony_of_War_The_Nephilim_Saga/
  3. Damn, my posting and playing speed is really slow. Where did the time go? Feels like all I do is work and the pandemic isn't helping. So to recap, Hubert is grabbing power and the Italian front has a lot of heavy fighting. No battle update this time however.
  4. And time for our monthly update! To recap, in the previous update we started fighting against French Royalist rebels. The machinations of Hubert are starting to be made apparent.
  5. Previously on Banner of the Maid, shit has hit the fan in Paris! We now are treated with a gory spectacle.
  6. Real life really likes to cut into my gaming time. Adulting is overrated. Why can't I be a kid again? Previously Zhiyun and Pauline are talking about the lost treasure stolen by perfidious albion. Rose is somewhere and Desaix died a heroic death. We now visit Laure's home village which has unfortunately become one of many battlefields during the Napoleonic wars.
  7. Well....I suppose i'll have to reformat my posts now that multiple people ask for it. Am I the only one who finds it awkward to read and interpret? It all feels so backwards to me. But anyways I'll do it for popular demand. The resemblances are....uncanny....that's a very detailed post.
  8. That was quite an update huh? RIP. Moving on to the next chapter, our army has regrouped and are prepared for a defensive battle.
  9. Thanks, happy belated new year to you too. Been busy with work but got an update. I replayed this level on and off over the last few weeks due to the fact that I'm shit at tactical games and this was actually really difficult for me. To recap, we rescued Dutheil previously. Now we have to rescue General Rose, our big chested artillery maid who seems more proper than our other big chested artillery drunkard. Common theme it seems. But first we do a side quest.
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