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  1. The reason why boob plates are impractical is because no woman would ever actually need them. I’m guessing the reason they are used in character designs is because the artists were trying to show that the women’s breasts were being supported and/or protected, however that’s what a bra is for... Also women don’t need two separate pockets for their breasts to fit into in regular clothes (like shirts) so the same would be true for armor. The only reason I can think of for women ever needing them would be if they weren’t wearing anything under their armor at all which seems very unlikely. As it stands they’re a waste of resources to make as you would just end up having two hollow lumps of metal sitting on your chest which seems like it would be heavy and distracting...
  2. Faye is a horse that has been beaten to death already so I’m not gonna talk about her. I’m pretty disappointed in how Rinea is treated in the story, she pretty much exists to die and drive home that Berkut has lost his mind. It would have been interesting to see her and Berkut get into an argument about their ideological differences at some point. Or for her to have an active part in the war like her trying to guide him into choosing more peaceful options, or do literally anything at all besides commentating on how she hates violence. But what I really don’t like is the fact that she reconciles with the man who sacrificed her so that he could gain greater power, it rubs me the wrong way. I get that he wasn’t in his right mind and she’s very forgiving, but still I think it sends out a message that they (hopefully) weren’t intending to. Overall she and Faye feel like they exist just to exist pretty much, really nice designs but not much else.
  3. My favourites are Edelgard, Celica and Alm.
  4. But no one understands you when you speak. The ability to make plants grow 10 times faster than normal.
  5. Jump off a high dive. Wyr only be able to watch 4kids shows or never watch tv again?
  6. You can only drink Kopi Luwak. The ability to scale flat surfaces like a gecko.
  7. All of them, you can already marry all the opposite-sex characters, why limit the same-sex options to just a few? But at the same time it would be nice to have same-sex pairings that don’t involve the avatar at all.
  8. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr - I’m a big fan of historical fiction especially those about WW1&2 and the Tudors, and this one is very well written. I like the use of dual-protagonists and how they are connected to one another. My Family And Other Animals by Gerald Durrell - I liked this one alot as a kid due to the detailed descriptions of the island, and the flora and fauna that live there. I would often wish that I could visit it. The Harry Potter series, especially the 3rd and 4th books. - I read this series on a long car trip when my family was moving interstate and it really helped to ease my boredom.
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