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  1. this boy belongs to sf user roymbrog who wanted someone to post him here
  2. i never check sf anymore cause this thread was the only reason i still did
  3. pretty neat stuff! grateful for a lot of these changes honestly, i can't imagine a version of echoes where alm doesn't make puns for a suggestion: one thing i'm curious about is whether or not celica's sorta catchphrase of "ready for anything" was in the original text or not in english she says it when you select her on the map in act 2 and 3, after you leave the priory, and before the final battle the latter 2 are both the exact same phrase, "let's be ready for anything", so i wouldn't be surprised if they're the same in japanese, but the one on the map is "I'm ready for anything!", so i'm more curious about that one
  4. i tried to play fe5 once it was pretty fun until i got to like chapter 5 and then it wasn't fun and i stopped maybe if i used save states more i'd like it
  5. i like julius's cause he says that one thing that makes it sound like he picked it himself to make fun of seliph
  6. even if i dont like a movie i can usually see the appeal so im just gonna go with avatar cause no one likes avatar anymore and im not sure if anyone ever did so its confusing how it made so much money
  7. i never played persona 3 until last year but i only liked it cause of the dog
  8. i searched "persona 2 michelle" and found this i think maybe that was just his name in some really old bad translation
  9. ohhh yeah i bought that on steam for 2 dollars or something and played it for around an hour for each dollar it was cool
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