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  1. Phew. My hp is actually my best stat. My flaw is res, so i have to use Dread Fighter mozu against magic users
  2. I just started playing revelations, any tips?
  3. I just started playing revelations, any tips?
  4. The units I'm promoting are Orochi, Hinata, Hana (Birthright) Kaze, Niles, Silas, Peri (Conquest)
  5. I havent gotten a chance to play but obviously i would use the trainees Ephraim, Eirika, Larachel Trash : No one
  6. I made this poll , and i really need help picking, so please help me!
  7. I think dragon Garon, because you can pair a high movement unit (or just have your avatar be a flier or horseback unit) and then fly to him and smash his face with the Yato.
  8. I really liked shattered stones, because its the bad ending of my Fire emblem game. I think it also won. The reason why is I've been thinking. What if seth died? Shattered Stones gave me a small idea. ALSO SIGURD
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