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  1. The weapon rank system only levels up via class promotion, not weapon usage. Tine cannot use Thoron until she promotes
  2. You can. I was able to avoid killing Hilda. It wasn't easy mind you, but it's doable
  3. I kind of have a hard time telling who the silhouettes are. Wouldn't mind if one of them was Christmas Sigurd tho
  4. Honestly I wouldn't consider promoting Safy to be a huge priority. Light magic tomes are very rare since the only shop that sells them doesn't appear until near the end of the game, and you generally don't want your clerics to be in combat to begin with
  5. PLEEEAAASSSEEEE let the January New Heroes banner be either Farfetched or Tellius with Jill on it. I don't want to sit through another year waiting for her only to get my hopes dashed again X(
  6. I mean where else can you really put Rafiel otherwise for a RD banner?
  7. Tbh, while I hate Tingle, Zelda is long overdue for a new character, especially someone who isn't part of the triforce trio, so I'll take Tingle Anyway, troll pick here is Lester the Unlikely
  8. I think it's mainly cuz people want more beast units like Muarim and Vika, so by extension they want Tormod to tag along as well. Also, I think Rafiel as a Blue Beast Infantry dancer is more likely than FE9 Sothe for this kind of banner
  9. Where's Muarim and Vika? You can't have Tormod without them you know
  10. You're better off with pairing Silvia and Claude together instead of using the substitutes. An immediate leg ring and knight ring dancer is way more useful than a measly +3 extra hit and avoid. Anyway, if you're pairing Brigid with Jamke, I would suggest having Jamke kill the boss who drops the Bolt Sword in Chapter 3, cuz otherwise Jamke won't be able to buy a 2 ranged magic sword for Patty, who really appreciates having one when she joins
  11. If we're doing another picnic banner (which I don't want but whatever), then I demand that Patty, aka the original FE cook, be on it 😛
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