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  1. Just give me Alm and Berkut. That's all I ask for. I don't care what kind of movesets they would give him (other than Berkut being a lance cavalier with the Kreimheld), I just want them so badly
  2. This was my haul from the banner. I hadn't done the Paralogue maps yet, so my orb count went from 2,555 orbs to 2,505 orbs. Overall, I'm think I'm satisfied from this banner. Back to hoarding for Jill and Patty
  3. I foddered off my free copy of Male Byleth for Ashnard so he could have Distant Counter, so this is a bit of a pickle. If I don't get Dorothea, I might end up having to use Lorenz XP
  4. Dorothea's on here, dammit XP Lorenz is the TT unit though, I know one of my friends will be very happy. God, it's really tempting to roll for Dorothea. I'm really trying to save as many orbs as I can for Jill and/or Patty XP
  5. Honestly as someone who has Travant as one of their personal favorite Fire Emblem villains, I would totally build Travant if he actually had the Gungnir with him. And I'm still mad about that btw
  6. Summer Alois would be great. Shamir would be cool too. Really, just give us any character from the Church.
  7. Yeah it's pretty obvious that it's Sylvain and Ingrid. I'm fine with their additions to Heroes although I will say I wouldn't mind if the right silhouette turned out to be Patty instead of Ingrid 😛
  8. I don't have Annette either, but I still chose to support her 😛
  9. About fucking time Seliph finally got a Legendary alt. He was really overdue for some love after three and a half years of being shafted by IS. I'll definitely try to get him on my free summon, and after that I'm back to hoarding orbs.
  10. I mean even with the fact that he doesn't have any weapons on him in his join map, I still think it's reason enough to have him as a GHB. And besides, more Dagger GHBs is always nice. 😛
  11. Lifis could work as a GHB too, since he is technically the boss of the map you recruit him in. Marty could work as a GHB as well, since he does come back as a recruitable enemy after the Manster Escape sequence.
  12. I guess you could justify Raydrik as a GHB since he is more or less the closest thing FE5 has to a main villain (even if he is a pretty pathetic and forgettable villain tbh), as well as being one of the few canon sword armors in the series. Other than that though, yeah who else is there to add as a GHB for an FE5 banner? I guess you could add Veld, but that's an extremely bottom of the barrel pick.
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