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  1. I usually just vote for characters who aren't in the game yet, though I do sometimes give a vote to a lord that has a chance of winning. This year however, I plan on using all of my votes on Jill and Patty, cuz GODDAMMIT, I am not waiting another fucking year for either of them to show up.
  2. Jack Frost (SMT/Persona) Sylvando (Dragon Quest 11) Klungo (Banjo-Kazooie) Geese Howard (Fatal Fury) Shamir (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
  3. I still want Bandana Dee in Smash so badly. *zips mouth*
  4. No, you won't be bad if you skip FE6. If anything, why don't you play other Fire Emblem games first, and then go back to FE6 once you're more experienced.
  5. Yeah honestly it's surprising that Kent and Said still haven't been added considering they were the western FE community's first Cain and Abel duo.
  6. I think it's more that they wanted to wait until who they saw were the most popular Three Houses characters overall before deciding on the next banner for it
  7. Yeah as much as I really like Sylvain, there are other Three Houses characters I wanna see in first like Lysithea, Dorothea, Ashe, and Shamir
  8. Smash 4 had Greninja as a Gen 6 rep though. You're probably thinking of Gen 3
  9. I am disappointed with Byleth's inclusion, but at the end of the day, I'm just whatever since I have Banjo and that's all that matters to me at this point really. With that said, I am annoyed that our first party character of this Fighter Pass is yet another Fire Emblem character. Like, I wouldn't be so annoyed with it if it wasn't for the fact that there are several other Nintendo franchises that are way overdue for a new character like Zelda and Kirby. And even with them giving Byleth all of the lords' relics, I still find him to be a very dull inclusion compared to the other house leaders. I feel like if they switched the reveal order and had Byleth as the third DLC character after Hero and saved Banjo for last, then there wouldn't be nearly as much backlash over Byleth's inclusion, cuz revealing Byleth as the last Fighter Pass character after someone like Banjo and Terry is the definition of underwhelming. Side note, I also find it to be an unholy sin that we don't have God Shattering Star among the Three Houses songs in Smash.
  10. Unless we get a FE Warriors 2 in the near future, I don't see us getting a FE Warriors banner in Heroes
  11. Yeah I don't see FEH dying anytime soon. It makes IS easy money, money that they probably would use for mainline FE games, so it'd be foolish of them to just end the game unless gambling laws changed drastically.
  12. Tbh, the struggle of keeping my sanity in check while waiting for Jill and Patty for three years has made me consider quitting FEH too. Or at the very least taking a long break until either one of them is added
  13. You know it's stuff like this that makes me wish they went with their original plan of having Rowan using an axe and Lianna using a lance instead of being another pair of generic sword lords. Cuz it really doesn't help their excuse of focusing on only three games just to avoid an over saturation of swords when their own ocs use swords as well.
  14. The Hot Springs banner was a terrible idea and you know it.
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