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  1. Really? I actually kind of like Jeralt's voice actor honestly
  2. My voting for Lysithea will really just depend on if Jill and/or Patty are added by the time CYL4 comes along. If neither of them are added by that time, I'm using all my votes on them, but if at least one of them is added, I'll spare a vote for either Lysithea or Claude
  3. While Jeralt has more screen time than Greil, I do prefer Greil at the end of the day. You got to see how things were like when he was still alive and leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and he also has I feel like more significance to the lore of Tellius games than Jeralt does in Three Houses. I also thought his death was more impactful in the long run, cuz it's a driving motivation of Ike's character arc and it also shows how emotionally broken the mercenaries were at that point. In Three Houses, everyone at the monastery does mourn over Jeralt's death and feel sorry for Byleth's loss, but they get over it rather quickly after that month, and Byleth, being a silent avatar, couldn't really emote much over Jeralt's death like Ike and Mist did over Greil's death. Furthermore, Greil's death was also meant to showcase how powerful and intimidating of a villain the Black Knight is, whereas Jeralt dies to what is essentially a one chapter mini boss in the form of Kronya. I do like Jeralt quite a bit, but between him and Greil, I do prefer Greil.
  4. How high do you guys think Lysithea will rank on CYL4 next year?
  5. Lysithea best Three Houses girl, don't @ me. I S Supported her in my GD run
  6. I went Golden Deers for my first playthrough, and my favorite students from each house are Dorothea, Ashe, and Lysithea. Flayn and Catherine were the only Faculty members I used a lot in my first playthrough, although Shamir is probably my favorite.
  7. Python, Tatiana, Valbar, Conrad, Deen, Rinea, Mila, just to name a few. It's way overdue for a new banner at this point
  8. I'd be fine with it if they don't get blatant favoritism to the detriment of other titles like with Awakening and Fates.
  9. Generally you want to use units with high base stats while you can such as Marcus and Zelot, as well as units that get bonuses on Hard Mode. This includes units like Rutger, Sin, Gonzales, Klein, Miledy, Perceval, and so on
  10. In my Golden Deers playthrough, I recruited Dorothea and made her my dancer because honestly she makes the most thematic sense as a dancer. And I still plan on having her as a dancer when I do the other routes.
  11. Don't you dare fucking mention that. I really don't want them to do Jill dirty like they did with Haar X( I can't really see either Lif or Thrasir being on the Farfetched banner considering the Muspell Generals had their own banner once Book 2's story was over. Mila's probably also inevitable as a Mythic since we have Duma as a Mythic.
  12. I see. So I guess Rinkah getting in via Farfetched depends on if Jill is on the next New Heroes banner, if Thrasir is added in her own banner with Lif, if IS considers Awakening Anna to be a different character from Heroes Anna to put her on the banner, and if IS considers Bride Louise enough to disqualify her from the banner.
  13. What characters are below Jill on CYL3 out of curiosity?
  14. I meant the next New Heroes banner, not the next Seasonal banner. Trust me, I don't want Jill to be added via a seasonal
  15. I kind of thought the TT unit would've been Awakening Anna tbh. Still, if Sigrun means the next banner is Tellius again with Jill on it, sign me the fuck up
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