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  1. This makes me really annoyed, cuz I really wanted Basilio and Flavia to have an S Support with each other X(
  2. Cool that my Azama suggestion contributed well 🙂
  3. I feel like they'll do a Kaze situation with Male Byleth where he's just unceremoniously added into the 4 star pool at a later date.
  4. This was kind of inevitable, but I'm totally rolling for Claude on my free summons. It's nice that we're slowly getting more Bow Cavs after what felt like a century of no new Bow Cavs. Not sure why is Kronya is our first TH GHB over Reaper Knight or Flame Emperor, but whatever
  5. General Kenobi, you are a bold one
  6. There are other worthwhile games for the Switch besides Fire Emblem. Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Octopath Traveler, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, just to name a few.
  7. I'll probably take a break between each route just so I avoid burnout like I did with Fates
  8. Fates' story just hurt me cuz of how much of a fucking train wreck it is. To see you say that it's better than Echoes' story, which I think is actually good, just sickens me
  9. Shut the fuck up! Fates' story is not better than Echoes you dumbass!
  10. Hey man, SoV's story is pretty good. Like, it's actually good compared to the other 3DS games
  11. Ok, I guess if you absolutely have to play Fates, you should play Conquest since it's the only Fates path that's good gameplay wise, although I still think it's not that good. I would not play Birthright or Revelation
  12. Start with Awakening, skip Fates, and just go straight to Echoes.
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