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  1. FUCK! WHY THE HELL IS IAGO THE GHB?! This is literally the thing I've been fearing the most. I cannot begin to describe how much I fucking despise Iago as a villain because of how terribly uninteresting, bland, and annoying he is. Even for like a Cartoonishly evil villain, he's not even that fun to watch like Narcian. Whoever thought it was a good idea to add Iago into the game is a fucking idiot.
  2. Jill is one of the best characters in the Tellius games, if not the entire series Shadows of Valentia has the best soundtrack and presentation Garon, Iago, and Hans are the worst Fire Emblem villains of all time There's too many alts in Heroes Shadow Dragon isn't a bad game, it's just not as much of a remake as it could've been Thracia 776 is pretty fun half of the time, but it's also pretty dumb half of the time as well Silver Snow is by far the worst route in Three Houses Revelation is by far the worst Fire Emblem game period Are these basic bitch enough? 😛
  3. The fact that so many people here are advocating for an Iago GHB means you guys hate me don't you? X(
  4. Iago and Hans are some of the worst villains in all of Fire Emblem. You can't convince me otherwise.
  5. I wouldn't mind Fuga as the GHB. He's the only playable character besides Flora who's fought in all three routes, and he's only playable in the Revelation route. Plus I wanna see the salty reaction from someone I know who hates Fuga with a passion 😛 Really, as long as the GHB isn't fucking Iago or Hans, I'm good.
  6. The only good thing about Iago and Hans would be me being able to beat the crap out of them with some of my favorite villains like Black Knight and Berkut (especially Berkut, cuz he was who I needed after the Fates shit show of villains). Other than that, keep them the fuck out of Heroes
  7. PANTSLESS MARTH IS HERE! Another Fates banner...at least Forrest is here, and as a 3-4 star unit, so I can save my orbs. But PLEAAASSSEEEEE for the love of god, don't have the GHB be either Iago or Hans X(
  8. This honestly really hurts hearing this. FEH damn well better step up it's game if they expect it to fill in the void for Cipher in regards to giving representation for older games.
  9. They can justify Roy and Lilina being with the Blazing Sword crew by saying they're from different time periods, similar to Lucina and Owain
  10. And to keep things on topic, I hope the same would be true for any FE Warriors sequel. I don't want it to be constrained by continuity with FEW1 or any mainline game. I just want my dream team, because that's what Warriors games are all about. If FEW2 has to be in continuity in the first game, I'd rather Darios as the protagonist instead of the Lemon Twins again. They left his fate rather ambiguous, and a sequel could be about him trying to find a way back to his home world with the help of characters from previously unrepresented games like Elibe, Tellius, Valentia, and 3H As for what games I think would be the focus, most likely Elibe, Tellius, and Three Houses, though I do hope they include Alm as a bonus character just so Celica is no longer alone.
  11. What's wrong with just calling it Manster? Manster Escape Sequence sounds way more intimidating than Munster Escape Sequence
  12. You forgot at least one of the Herons
  13. The FEH Channel was cute. I liked the FE1 styled portraits for all the lords. I just wish we got some information that's all
  14. Favorite Fates characters are probably Leo, Takumi and Oboro. No particular order btw.
  15. I have a crap ton of Switch games, so I'm only gonna cover the ones I've played the most Breath of the Wild: Revali Sonic Mania: Tails Fire Emblem Warriors: Darios Super Mario Odyssey: Pauline Kirby Star Allies: Bandana Dee Octopath Traveler: Cyrus Fire Emblem Three Houses: Dimitri Luigi's Mansion 3: King Boo
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