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  1. SoV is my second favorite FE, and I absolutely hate Fates. You will not convince me that Fates is a good game EVER!
  2. Shut the fuck up! Don't even think about saying Fates is a better game than Shadows of Valentia jack ass!
  3. Shadows of Valentia is not worse than Fates dumbass
  4. Why should she get in before Patty though?
  5. Don't mix up SoV with Fates. It doesn't have dumb elevator maps. Also, Three Houses is FE16, not 17
  6. Well they're no doubt gonna give us a crap ton of Three Houses content when Book 4 comes around, so I think they're just trying to give representation to other games before they flood us with Three Houses units
  7. No, it's unfair that a character like Iago is able to use staves despite the fact that Sorcerers can't use staves in Fates. Like, I hate it when enemies are given access to weapon types they shouldn't be able to use
  8. Maybe so, but I still don't see them adding any of the substitutes until all of the canon kids are added
  9. Ehh, depends really. Thracia is mainly hard if you're playing without a guide.
  10. Well Patty would likely be a colorless unit, and among the Gen 2 cast, she does seem like the most popular candidate for a colorless unit on a Gen 2 banner Also, I don't see them adding the substitutes for a very, VERY long time, if ever. And if for some reason Daisy somehow got added before Patty, I'd be really REALLY mad.
  11. My least favorite map in all of Fire Emblem is Chapter 26 of Conquest in Fates. I hate it because of how blatantly unfair it is. Oh sure, have Iago spam staves at you even though his class can't use them while dealing with sieges from Faceless and a Zerg rush of Berserkers and Generals. That's totally fair. Like, not even Kaga would do something like that in FE5.
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