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  1. Yeah, she is nobility and all, but doesn't her Echoes profile mention her being 'cheery'? I just don't think her eng voice and lines fit that, could just be me though.
  2. Not liking the spoiled rich girl vibes coming from Clair's english voice and lines. Also, why does Faye have a bow when shes the only villager in the game that CAN'T be an archer?
  3. Whoops, Don't know why I didnt see that, I checked for it a few times.
  4. Does anyone know what they do or how to get them?
  5. Ive heard you unlock it for beating hard, like in FE10. Could just be a rumor though.
  6. I'd like to see Duma, just curious if its as terrible as it was before. Also, maybe Conrad?
  7. You sure you're under my coffin? I can't imagine how you'd get there. In all seriousness though, welcome, I hope you have a great time here!
  8. Do you happen to have the monster portraits in that .zip file? I'd like to update my profile picture.
  9. Welcome to the forest! It is true there is a bit of a divide in the fanbase, but its pretty chill here. As long as you stay out of debate threads, for obvious reasons. I hope you enjoy your stay! Fair warning though, for the next couple days there will be HEAVY spoilers in every Echoes related thread, so stick to other games if you want to avoid them.
  10. Id go Dwyer, but make him a butler because of Hinokas' -mag modifier. I prefer Dwyer as a character over Asugi, and you can never go wrong with more staff users!
  11. Personally, Im excited for Celica x Conrad, Mae x Boey, and both of the one-sided supports (Celica x Faye, Tobin x Clair)
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