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  1. I don't see why. It's not like either choice is wrong. Well, of course going with Edie put you on "bad guys win bonus route", but that's interesting choice in it's own right. There is lot of things hidden and you can't figure everything on single playthrough anyway.
  2. Yes? I mean I said that much. Point is Of course Eldegard being who she is doesn't want just reforms. I said that much. Point is Eldegard being Eldegard means she did silly choices driven by emotions instead of reason and in three of four routes it lead to predictible result with her own route needing twist itself into cockscreew to make it work somehow.
  3. No I am saying that if not for plot convenience it would never work. Well, if it wasn't plot convenience then Byleth and Hubert who actually know what they are doing and somehow managed keep Empire from falling apart (how? I don't have clue). As I said before, destroying crests was just her throwing tantrum. Empire army is weakened by war too, If Dagda decided attack again, empire would be conquered regardless of what kind of sucessor she found. Of course there should be also lot of people holding grudge and hidden Seiros worshippers (you can never destroy faith by force) ready to revolt too on first opportunity. And of course TWSITD are still on loose for great time after her unification. This war was unecessary. If Edie were able consolidate her power in Empire enough to have bloody war with church, she had also enough power enact reforms without it. But, well she never aknowledged Aliance and Kingdom being anything more then parts of Empire that evil mustache twirling dragons stole from her predecessors, so I guess this war was necessary to set everything "right".
  4. Putting aside her intentions, her choice of path was dumb. As cold she get it was decided based on emotions alone without thinking beyond destruction ahead of her. Kill dragons Destroy crests ??? Profit.
  5. Again how the hell, knowingly smuggling killer into monastery doesn't make her responsible for action of said killer? If she can't control her she shouldn't have her come in first place. That's like saying drunken driver is not responsible for running over people or letting hungry lion out of cage.
  6. She trying solve wrong problems using wrong methods and lot of her motivation stem from being salty over Alliance and Kingdom getting independent. She is not complete monster but at least half of everything was done out of revenge and selfish reasons. That's pretty cool.
  7. She is pretty good villain. I am not completely sure if best, but certainly one with most screen time to be flashed out, which certainly help. That said she is basically Zephiel 2.0.
  8. I mean she literaly smuggled his killer into monastery and provided her with cover. Even if Edie didn't give direct order with, she is responsible for that all the same.
  9. Well, she had opportunity return to Brigid as free person, but refused because she has friends in school (with Edie and Hubert who she seems genuinely grateful, included) Well I would still give it fifty-fifty at most as Eldegard is not exactly best in selling her ideals to others.
  10. Well, Petra and Edie are true friends. It might be bit stretch, but it could be reason enough. Sylvain: Edie is Girl, and if Byleth is guy... Felix: I do not feel any strong loyalty from him toward his country and there is certainly grudge about his brother.
  11. Damn Hilda, she didn't became available until after Holly Tomb battle. Now I safe-scuming the Advice box hoping I can get her on B rank before time skip. I should stockpile more gifts she likes. Next time I probably should grind axes too...
  12. Edelgard: Hubert, Petra//Felix, Sylvain To be honest I can't imagine anyone else joining.
  13. As far as I could see Fodlan is that terrible place to live under church. Knights of Seiros does protect civilians, nobles can marry commoners (even if it is looked down on) and officers school is open to almost anyone. Most terrible seems what nobles doing each other and even discrimination based on Crest isn't right down endorsed by church. I certainly don't think status quo warrant full scale war.
  14. Exactly, Jeralt knew Knights of Seiros will be in his capable hands.
  15. I don't understand why have people problem with his great jokes. People of Fodlan has no sense of humor.
  16. We are talking about power that can safe and improve so many lives, that's not something you give up just to elevate symptoms. If you cure illness, symptoms will disappear on its own. Especially as Hanneman can give crest to anyone and make issue of discrimination completely void anyway.
  17. Every route solve Crest "problem" though. Edie just delete them altogether which is far from optimal.
  18. You are not completely wrong, but BB added chapter, with true antagonist, where 3H just make your playthrough shorter. BB does not tell you to fulfill conditions to get less chapters and single line in epilogue about Roy fighting Idun twenty years later... Edelgard route give some context for her actions, but bring very little beyond that. So I think it's there really just for that very reason. You know Like Hectors bonus chapters give more context to Nergal.
  19. That still leaves Rhea and Sothis. Noone can steal them from you...
  20. They didn't? Awakening, Fates, Echoes all put their main girls on front from get to go. Telius and game before had practically no coverage whatsover. Only example where advertised guy won crowd was when Dorcas died on poisoned mutton. I personally don't have "hateboner" as you said for Edie, but it's obvious her route is hardly more then bonus stage. Never trust trailer that's most basic rule.
  21. What false advertising in game industry?! (insert surprised Pikachu face). Both Claude and Di are great guys, but I doubt game would attract big crowd on sausages fest and it would be bad idea spoil major twist of story too.
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