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  1. Some of these randomized stats are sort of...ridiculous. Look at those HP!
  2. Ahh so it does! I screwed up the first time. I have 2 Tavroses and I accidentally gave the Master Seal to my level 6 one, not my level 13 one. Sweet, I can still use them!
  3. I found this today while I was perusing RHDN's recent hacks, and this one has been so much fun! Natasha as a Tarvos is absolutely my aesthetic. I also got Eirika as a Troubadour which not only makes the early chapters more interesting, but gives her what may be the cutest sprite/palette combo in the GBA games. Look at this! It's too precious. You've done some seriously incredible work here, and I'm super glad to have some new life breathed into the game. One bug that I'm...hesitant to point out because it's one from vanilla that I've always liked but Evil Eye can be taken off of the Mogalls and given to other units to use. I gave it to Troubadour Eirika to help level her and give her some combat prowess early in the game, but it's definitely still a bug. Edit: Are Tarvos's considered to be advanced units? If not, what would be the odds of giving them a promotion in a future version? I'm bummed that they're going to drop off and be useless later in the game. Thanks very much for working on this and releasing it!
  4. Ahoy! I've posted a bit on here on the Echoes forums, but allow me to introduce myself proper. I'm Ark! I'm a long, LONG time Fire Emblem fan. My very first Fire Emblem game was Gaiden, using the broken patch by j2e. I was probably only 10 or 11 at the time, so I was really just interested in the gameplay, not the story, and I was in LOVE with it. I played it for hours, leveling up, grinding my troops, and discovering the Dread Fighter loop which I thought was a bug as a kid. Even so, I adored it. The next one I played was actually Sacred Stones. I didn't even realize FE7 had came out in the US, and just hopped on the next one, and given my familiarity with Gaiden I felt right at home. Grinding, multiple promotion paths, 2 protagonists, etc. Again, I loved it. I toyed around with FE7, but it lacked the things I enjoyed about Sacred Stones and felt like a real step backwards. I also adored Awakening, disliked Fate, and fell in love with Echoes all over again. I really feel like they did Gaiden more justice than I ever could have dreamed of. Which brings me to where I am today! I'd like to try my hand at digging into the old Fire Emblem games. Specifically the Super Famicom era. I think Mystery of the Emblem seems very interesting, but I'm also quite interested in Genealogy of the Holy War. I think it was crazy innovative for the time. I'm staying away from Thracia 776 until I can get my bearings on Genealogy's story. So which do you suggest trying out? I know that Mystery has a pretty decent translation patch, but I'm not sure if Genealogy does and that would definitely be a huge factor for my enjoyment. Being able to read what I'm doing is important. I tried playing Princess Crown, a Sega Saturn action/RPG with a translation guide but I got lost and frustrated quite frequently and don't look to recreate the experience. Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. Looking forward to your suggestions!
  5. Woah, Berkut's HP went up by 2 on that level up. I wonder what their growth rates are, and if they have any unused support conversations.
  6. I honestly can. Did you see how the whole thing was in shambles under him? 100% fits.
  7. I've tried, I've tried SO hard to keep you up to snuff, but I just don't think I can do it. I'd bench you if it were possible, but at least on normal (not sure bout hard) it seems like you always bring your entire army to every battle, so you just...sit around. I hate how much babysitting I have to do to get you to contribute in any meaningful way at all. Has anyone else had this problem with him?
  8. Delthea can promote into a Priestess at level 14, but she learns Ragnarok at level 18. My questions are if she can still somehow learn Ragnarok as a Priestess, and if not is it worth it to wait on promoting her?
  9. Greetings! Long time in and out Fire Emblem fan, first time poster! I've been looking into the best time to promote, and I see a lot of sources say to do it as soon as you're able, or to do it around the 10-12 mark, etc. I'm aware that any stats you have that are below the minimum get bumped up which is amazing, but from what I can tell there's no real reason to throw away free stats from any that might be above the mark. I mean I just finished Act 3 (Casual/Normal) and I haven't promoted anyone except the villagers and Lucas. So is there some downside to waiting? It seems to me that it's still work getting as many stats as possible before taking the leap to the next level.
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