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  1. Excuse me, What is the code for turn survive(like Survive in 15 turns, etc)? I follow others guide like this: Turn_events: TurnEventPlayer(0x0,Opening_event,1) TURN 0x0 label16 [1,0] 0x8 End_MAIN And oh! How to do multiple movements events: What I mean is, the character will load at 10,6 then move at 10,8....then sllight pause, conversation(I know how to insert dialogs), then after than. the character will move at 8,7 then disappear/exit)
  2. Are you saying I need to create another offset(via HxD) then insert the offset(ex: 01000270) to the ORG? what if the event assembler appear, "unhandled expection has occured"
  3. I don't quiet, understad...can you explain much specific? I don't good at english, yet I understand the second sentence... (can you give some example on like what you mean in first sentence. And can I insert letters too? Thanks for warning on first! :)
  4. Hey kirby, its working! thank you! I hope I can put any numbers/letters at ORG right? but thanks still!
  5. HEY guys, im having a problem! the event itself is duplicating(or whatever term), This is what happen: first I check chapter 2 of my hack game, when I open the game chapter 2, it seems fine. then I check chapter 1, BUT the conversations/units placements/etc of chapter is the setting of chapter 2! So I go at event assembler and insert the programs/txt of chapter 1 to replace the errors in chapter 1(which is showing the chapter 2 settings). I run and successful, I run the game and the errors was replace, however when I check the chapter 2, the conversation/units placements/etc of chapter 2 is setting of chapter 1! I redo this again but its like vice versa! then I check the chapter prologue, and whatever is the latest text I event assmbled(ex: chapter 2), that is what appearing(chapter 2)! Help guys! You can check text below my problem. Prologue Op event.txt Chapter 1.txt Chapter 2 incomplete.txt I try to redo it by making another hack game but still the problem remain
  6. Nevermind what the previous edit of this reply, i solved it. thanks!!!
  7. I actually want to make not just the character/class, but the ENTIRE animation (slashing/attacking, dodging liek that)
  8. What about the animation movement(like slashing) etc. Sorry I don't quiet understand well, though I understand the first 2 pharagraph
  9. I want to make my own class animation, I do not mind taking long time of animation making/editing, what I do mind is how to make, the problem is I do not know the editing. Can someone tell me how? is the animation class has some sort of mugshot they follow? just like portrait animation, there is a hardcoded area(is that what you call), for mouth and eyes. if there is, can someoene share that to me? So i know what to do (sorry bad english)
  10. Don't mind this part, this is just result of my slow net?
  11. Heya fellas, I want to add setting where lord dies game over, I know this is already added to the setting but I realized this: when Im palying my hack, I realize that when eliwood(eliwoodlordclass) died, nothing happen. but when Lyn(LynLordClass) die, game over. I want to add setting where even if eliwood died, the game wiill be over/failed.
  12. How to add this shop or armory, I tried to follow the event hacking for dummies and Arch's guide to chapter construction but I am having problem. This is my setting: // Shop Data Armory(0x8D0000,19,20) SHLI 0x01 my shop/armory supposed to have a Iron sword, and steel sword, which is located in the 19,20 of the map
  13. Forgive my low quality to english, but what do you mean "load two different characters?"
  14. Hey guys, is this possible(and HOW to do?).? I want to change the stat of enemy, like the stat of this "bandit[fighter]no.1" has only 5 attack while the "Bandit[Fighter] no.2 has 10 attack." How to do this?
  15. SO WAIT! every character has their own eye distance area or whatever?
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