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  1. the fact that i rolled scum and my flavor was a game that i don't remember existing instead of the literal only game i actually won as scum was a sign
  2. I don't disagree that town!Refa just gets hooked tonight, but idk I think that does give us some info by itself? like it should direct our other info roles (I will not give marching orders and I would hope that any PRs have seen enough to make their own independent judgment)
  3. yeah I think this is it, but it's not a big deal nor does it actually change my priorities (on play I still think Rapier is probably the least likely to be scum?), it just means that I misunderstood things
  4. for some reason I had the impression that you crumbed having a power role but I can't find it so that was clearly an invention of skimming brain
  5. sorry for unvoting and vanishing, I was planning to re-vote ASAP on a re-read but I got dragged away by something else and never got around to it Current vote priority is Weapons > Refa > Rapier, not gonna bother justifying this super strongly because it'll take too long. On actual play, I still think Weapons' posts are easiest to fake as scum, and IMO I'd still rather give the JoaT a chance to go off even though I agree that it's NAI. Did Rapier claim? ##vote: @WeaponsofMassConstruction
  6. i'm going to interpret the question "how was Refa crumbing alignment" as "why do I, Cam, think that Refa is town" and give the answer that "I don't, but am at least willing to hear out the one night", because it gives us something to work with for our own power roles initially when I thought that the Refa wagon was fake I was thinking it implied town!Refa, but I no longer hold the opinion that the Refa wagon necessarily has a lot of scum on it
  7. Refa claimed Jack of all Trades with a 1x empower, 1x alignment cop and 1x martyr
  8. wtf how did i miss refa's claim, "I crumbed Martyr when complaining about Smogon" is a goated line
  9. to be clear, I did think that your earlier posts did not lead to anything, on reflection, but since you've been under fire i've been getting more of your brain which is why it's better. so i voted you to get more of your brain.
  10. because i'm blind and missed the claim (in my defense, it was underneath a quote in the middle of a relatively big post) ##Unvote i'm still here but I need to reassess a lot
  11. currently re-reading bluedoom to see how i feel about the slot. someone else also asked me what in particular felt artificial about the refa wagon, after sleeping on it I think I'm going to retract that claim; people have been sus of Refa for longer than I realized
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