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  1. He wouldn't lose stats on recruitment, because he wouldn't have those stats to begin with. I am exclusively talking about playable HM Bonuses, which are a developer oversight, because not giving anyone including actual enemies a bonus obviously would just make it Normal Mode 2: Electric boogaloo.
  2. Good day everyone and apologies if a topic like this already existed, but I couldn't find anything via the searchbar. I have been interessted on if there was some sort of general consensus surrounding this bug that essencially warps the game around itself, since I have seen people pull into opposite directions over the years. As far as myself, I am not really a fan. It patches up a few lackluster units like Fir, who really need it, but it in my eyes fails at being a happy accident in a lot of ways. The worst units that would have needed the boost to an incredible degree are those that do not get it and some units that do get it are already some of the best units in the game. It ends up causing a lot of chaos on the gamedesign and If I were any good at handling code, I would honestly fix it myself. Though I guess there is always the aestetically unpleasing workaround of spawning them as NPCs and changing their affiliation right away. Though I guess there is kind of a flipside basically unexplored by both the official devs and the fanbase. The way the list of characters to not receive bonuses works(when it works) by setting a bonuslevel per character, and all characters are just set to 0 by default. One could theoretically only buff characters that need it, or set all to 5 levels to mimic FE7 HM bonuses, or even do whatever arbitrary custom balancing one wants. I never saw it being utilized in a fan rebalance(though granted, the character list does not work 80% of the time anyways, that's kinda the problem in the first place), but using that approach is honestly something I would even like to see in an official remake, if it keeps HM Bonuses intact. Anyhow, besides hoping that someone who isn't code illiterate like me patching the bug in the future, that's the end of the rambling. What are your thoughts on the subject? Would you like rebalanced bonuses? For things to stay the way they are? Or do you prefer to play the way it was intended and dislike the idea of the bonuses period, even when they could argubly help some lesser units shine? And what would you expect from a remake in regards to them? I'm legitimately curious.
  3. You can change the font width. As seen on your screenshot of the editor, you have it on the 9 that the editor automatically changes it to when importing something else.
  4. It is surely possible somehow, but nobody really looked into it thus far. The only way to use special characters is to replace already existing ones. (Characters that are generally free to use are ^><${} for example.)
  5. The function changed and FEBuilder cannot read the pointer anymore. The list is at the exact same place tho, so you can just grab the hexadress and number of entries from another FE6 rom and press the refresh-button in the editor to gain access. The only thing of note is that the editor can't increase the number of entries for you because Builder still doesn't know the pointer.
  6. I recently noticed that you slightly goofed when applying this fix. The event calls a second "Shows text normally", when the command is supposed to be "More text to show", like in the Sacae-version. Using the wrong command breaks the portraits moving their mouths during the textboxes.
  7. Honestly, I don't particularly understand why this was originally changed in the patch anyhow. "Your Highness" doesn't present an inconsistency because Idunn doesn't refer to him as such due to his status as king, but rather because he acts as her master. If anything, it served as a nice bit of backwards-continuity because there was always a visible diffrence in terms from as early as Chapter2. Though I guess it doesn't truly matter due to it now being reverted in responce to Heroes anyhow.
  8. This is actually dreadful from my perspective because I live in a region where the equivalent of the "Ch." would need another space that the current english patch continiently provides as a base.(Aka my responce here is not relevant for this project, but moreso about how the picture gives me personal dread.)
  9. Found an error: Textstring 642 is wrong. It's a duplicate of some other textstring that makes no sense in the context of the action it is a description of(The Talk-command). The official english equivalent is "Talk to an ally or enemy in an adjacent space."(I don't think this was ever brought up before. I might be forgetting something tho) (And to respond to the other thing, I sadly don't have a legit savefile. I checked it by simply teleporting to the end of the game with the FEBuilder Debug. So if the issue is savegame-dependant for some reason, that savefile would be a really bad example.) Addendum: I compared some strings to the japanese version because something seemed fishy and as it turns out, the names for the Characterslots 81 and 82 are inaccurate. They are both "Bandit" in the patch, even tho 81 is "Western Army" and 82 is "Western Bandit" according to the internet, though both were otherwise translated as "West Isles", so that should be what is used here too. The most minor inaccuracy in the world, but still worth mentioning here imo.(I also don't remember it ever being mentioned here. If it was tho, I guess I'm big dumb) Also, Characterslot 91 is called "Bern", even tho it should be called "Etruria". Oops? Slot 9B is called "Soldier", even tho it should be called "Bandit" or "Brigand". Slot AF is called "Bern", even tho it should be called "Thief". Slot BC is called "Bern", even tho it's called something diffrent in japanese that doesn't seem to have an english equivalent yet.
  10. What emulator do you use? Because it seems to display just fine for me, so it might possibly be some broken bit of coding that VBA somehow fixes by ignoring(Though that would be strange, it happening in that capacity is not usually a thing that happens).
  11. What is funny(or not) is that they appearently localized the Saint's Staff into "Staff of the Saint"...and that doesn't fit into the game length-wise. So the patch is forced to stay slightly inaccurate nomatter what we do. People working on FEH engaging in a little trolling.
  12. Alright, I am returning with some results after investigating the issues. I sadly can't make any definitive statements because I am no hackerman and understand little about code. I think we need some of the more skilled people to look into this. -Possible issue 1: Weird diffrence in intro-code(Mangled secondary function?) My first idea for tracking down the issues was to investigate what in the world is actually being run while skipping during the opening, since this seems to be the factor to mess it up. I ended up discovering that some sort of instruction seems to have diffrent values between the versions, so I decided to check out the listed addess in FEBuilder's hexeditor in the hope it leads me anywhere. I ended up at the code that handles the letters in the intro(0x691634). SInce that entire thing got rewritten years ago, I decided to look if anything is amiss. And well, turns out that according to FEBuilder's ASM-function, there was appearently some sort of CPU-instruction that got overwritten and it created some other kind of CPU-instruction in another place. Well, that's possibly no good, who knows what the code actually did before and what it does now? This can't have been intentional, right? So I decided to just revert a decent chunk of that code for some testing and even tho this obviously breaks what fonts are displayed when, it appears to have fixed the corruption of the Nintendo presents-screen. Though that may have just been me getting a false negative due to the corruption being random. -Issue 2: Running out of Procspace The previous trial and error-fest seemed to fix the visual corruption on the first screen(Unconfirmed, as mentioned), but it didn't get rid of the crash in the intro. However, I found something that may get us a lead(And is just a topic in general). So, the way the game displays the intro-text(Which is effectively the same between both versions) kinda sucks, it's just awful. Every letter is its own instance of the relevant Proc(691858, towards the end of the list in FEBuilder) and the game can only load so many active proc-instances at a time. I thought that maybe for some reason the text that crashes the game simply uses too many and made the textstring a single point shorter...and it worked. After doing that, I couldn't get the game to crash again! We are literally off by 1. Now, why this only occurs after the specific steps of watching some other segments and skipping once prior? Well, trying to add a single thing to the used text already crashes without prior setup, so the most likely case is that the text uses the maximum amount of proc-slots available and exactly one somehow gets borked in the process to replicating the crash. There are two ways of fixing this. Either fixing this off by 1-thing, or somehow rewriting the way the intro works entirely so it's not spamming Procs like they are candy on a busy halloween. Option 1 is probably way easier, but Option 2 would most likely be better because it would make it more stable as a whole(And would give a solid to translations into other languages that have to cut part of the text because the individual words are longer in said language). When it comes to the rare crash after classroll that I have experienced in the past, no idea, couldn't even replicate it again. It may be related to these things or not, no idea.
  13. I experienced seemingly random crashes after the class roll and the Nintendo Presents-corruption myself(Though not the crash mid-intro because of the specific steps needed), but I always ignored it and forgot about it, because it seemed surprisingly non-intrusive. However, it's interessting to learn that it appearently only happens when the intro-stuff is skipped(Just tested it again). My best guess is that some memory-related stuff doesn't get cleared correctly upon a skip. I also tested it on a more accurate emulator now because VBA is pretty old, but the issues persisted.(And no big surprise on that. A bugfree rom should run flawlessly on any feature complete emulator, regardless of relative accuracy.)
  14. I don't know if that is already known, but this seems to be a purely codebased-issue(No idea if it is the TAS or something else) that happened in one of the current updates.(Possibly 1.1, which changed the Preparationsscreen.) The graphic is still the same as version 1.0 and it was fine there. If someone reading this thread finds a fix, mind sharing it publically? I already started a project with the current patch and I did too much already to just bring it over to a fixed version.)
  15. I don't think that is really worth mentioning. Because Treehouse wouldn't translate something that doesn't exist in the first place.(Yeah, these flavortexts are actually unique to FE6 for some reason.) But overall, yeah. They really messed up with FE7 to the point where this having so few errors is actually going against the immersion-clause in itself and I don't know if that is funny or sad.
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