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  1. I've begun seriously working on my ROM hack, Crystal of Bonds, and while I initially did the portraits myself, there are a lot of characters still in need of portraits and only one of me. If you're interested in gaining experience and/or being on a long-term project, reply here, DM me, or join the project's Discord below. The discord has the most up-to-date demo (5 chapters currently), as well as playtesters, and we discuss game balancing, game design, and script writing on the project https://discord.gg/Kx9Wx9A Project screenshots and some of my mugs:
  2. This demo is no longer up to date. I appreciate all the feedback I've gotten, whether here, on the Discord server, or on other platforms, but I no longer need critique for this demo. Hopefully a new, rebalanced demo will be released publicly in the future, with added chapters and less bugs. I'll leave this demo up if anyone wants to try it in its... er... rawest form, but just keep in mind that this version is completely obsolete and commenting your critique likely won't give me anything new to consider. Also join the Discord if you want to test the latest released version, just make sure that afterwards you tell me any bugs, balancing issues, gameplay issues, etc., that you encountered while playing it. The link is updated https://discord.gg/Kx9Wx9A <- Updated Discord link
  3. So here is a link to a Discord server where you can talk about what you think I should change, and possibly contribute if you so choose https://discord.gg/KHj4px Also, yeah, as I mentioned in the notes, I did reuse a few mugs, but they are just placeholders. As for Schall, it's against how I designed him as a character to be a fighter. After that chapter, you recruit two more frontline units and a second mage, so that should help you, Darth
  4. Probably a mix of both, lol. Also, Tenn getting hit as much as Tyken sounds rough His speed is so much higher
  5. Tyken's base is a little rough, but his defense growth is 35%, which, while not great, is high for a mage. Paired with his base HP and good HP growth, means he isn't as easy to take down as Tenn (though that would imply Tenn gets hit). I suppose it's just a matter of RNG though. Also, if you do manage to get that chest in the prologue, it has a Dracoshield in it, which definitely helps on that map. I put that chest there so you'd have to make a decision to go for it or not, so if you didn't get it, it won't ruin anything, but that extra +2 defense is nice. Hahaha, yeah, he can. Duelist's Blow is a hell of a drug. My Tenn looks like this on Chapter 2, he wrecks, even with that icky HP stat
  6. Yep, that's the bug I was talking about. I have no idea why it happens, it's not written any differently than normal. I'll have to ask the FE Builder creator what needs to be done to fix it Alright, noted. I'm used to writing as I go, so explaining a lot at the beginning is sort of new to me. I'll see what I can do about some sort of an introduction. I had another tester say the same thing. I'm going to raise his base HP by about 2 points, I think. I just need to be careful balancing him, because he's on the verge of being immensely busted with his high crit ratio, his weapon choice being valuable in early game, and passable attack. I didn't really design the game to be friendly You really do have to keep a close eye on all your opponents, I have a lot of surprise weapons. I should warn people better in my post, so I'm going to make edits, but this ROM hack starts hard. On a brighter note, I do plan to remove the Killing Edge from the F!Myrm in Chapter 1. However, the Swordreaver is necessary, I've played the map many times, Tenn can solo it if I don't provide appropriate countermeasures that prevent him from charging in on his own. Thus the soldiers, fast myrms, and swordreaver guy. Here's a few tips though: Get Taren the Hatchet from that Brigand asap (and make sure she takes a little damage, it will activate her skills), never rescue Annika because you will need constant healing, use the forests to your advantage (watch for Pegasus Knights though), and utilize Tyken's bulk (Tyken is sturdier than he looks). I stayed in a defensive formation for most of the map, it's a tight squeeze tbh. If you still can't beat it, I'll look at reworking it. It's just that the other tester I had enjoyed the chapter, so I want to see if others experience the same issues you do when I share the demo other places.
  7. Oh sorry, it's in the tag, it's an FE8 patch. I posted this at like 2 AM and I might have missed some details because the captcha bot kept stopping me from posting and I had to rewrite things a few times.
  8. This is my first attempt to begin an FE hacking project. This is an FE8 romhack, not FE7, since FE8 gives me more freedom in FE Builder. I've done it all on my own so far, there are 5 chapters, and I want to make sure I get as much feedback as I can before I keep rolling. Problems you have with the demo, things you want to change, things that you want to see more of as I continue working on it, or even if you want to help out, as I've done this by myself for a little more than a year now. Below are some fun things like known bugs (only one that I'm aware of currently, but I'll edit if I'm notified of more), credits, and growth rates, check those out if you like, then play my demo and hopefully have fun :D Then tell me what you liked, didn't like, what you'd change, etc. Your feedback is VITAL Creator's Notes and Things You Should Know: Known Bugs: Growth Rates for Current Playables: Credits: Crystal of Bonds Demo 1-1-19 UPS.ups If the link doesn't work, comment below and I'll fix it asap This demo is no longer up to date. I appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten, whether here, on the Discord server, or on other platforms, but I no longer need critique for this demo. Hopefully a new, rebalanced demo will be released publicly in the future, with added chapters and less bugs. I’ll leave this demo up if anyone wants to try it in its… er… rawest form, but just keep in mind that this version is completely obsolete and commenting your critique likely won’t give me anything new to consider. Also join the Discord if you want to test the latest released version, just make sure that afterwards you tell me any bugs, balancing issues, gameplay issues, etc., that you encountered while playing it https://discord.gg/Kx9Wx9A <- Updated Discord Link
  9. So I can't post this wall of text post I have to talk about my 5 chapter ROM hack demo. Every time I try, I get blocked by this captcha thing, and then it makes me go back to the post editing screen, re-title, re-tag, and resubmit, only to go to the captcha screen again. It repeats ad nausuem. I have a bunch of tabs up, I tried replying to a different thread, I pulled up Facebook to see if that would change if it thought I was a bot, but nothing is working. Any ideas?
  10. I really like Camilla, she's by far my favorite Fates royal. Sue me. I could defend my position if you want me to, but I get tired of saying that "no, I'm not just interested in her boobs, there's actually an interesting character there." On the contrary, I really don't like Lyn or Celica. I think Lyn is pretty bland and is a terrible unit, and Celica makes some decisions that I either think aren't smart or aren't decisions I would ever make, which makes it hard for me to like her.
  11. King Dedede is actually a blast to play for me. I feel like I always wanted to play him, and in Brawl I occasionally did (and I still say he should have his rolling grab back for Ultimate but oh well), but here he feels like he can actually compete. His new upgrade to Inhale lets him fight back against projectiles, as well as re-fire his own projectile at a faster speed if it's bounced back by his opponent. His weight lets him tough to kill, but he has zero issue getting back to the stage with his armored Up-B and his 3 float jumps. I wish he had a better Down-B though. Also that sexy crouch position, it lets me taunt even when taunts are disabled because he's so smug in Ultimate, and it's just absolutely wonderful
  12. I don't think FE has too much representation considering how big each game's cast is, however, I think that there should be less sword users in exchange for other non-sword wielding characters. I know that most of the protagonists use swords specifically, but like, c'mon. You could at least have them feel a bit more different in their playstyles. All of the FE characters except Robin have a counter, for example. I don't know what's stopping them from using Hector or Micaiah, who are protagonists that don't use a sword, at least at base, and with Heroes being so popular, it's completely sensible to dig around for characters that aren't from the most recent games. I also do not like several of the newer characters in the game because they're just... not good to play, they don't feel right, if that makes sense. For example, Pacman has useless aerials. His aerial down is awful. There's barely enough knock back where characters hit by it don't get caught in it, and his moves, while nostalgic, are mostly weak and/or bad. Duckhunt is supposed to be a zoning character, but his projectiles are terrible and one of them literally can't be aimed, while the other can be shoddily aimed, and his down special, Wild Gunman, is borderline useless for how slow it is and how little damage it does. Corrin is yet another FE swordie, which as I said previously is pretty boring. I don't want this game to ever go in a heavy fanservice direction where it feels like characters weren't given enough love in their movesets to be useful because they were tossed in there for the fans. Lastly, some characters got nerfed when they really didn't need to be or they weren't changed up for the better. King Dedede is far worse in Smash 4, he lost his rolling grab and while his side special was never amazing or anything, having projectiles that can be easily knocked back to you with just an a-tap (the Gordo can be kicked back with a Lucas a-tap, seriously) is... questionable. I still await the day when they make PK Flash be useful, because it is extremely easy to air dodge, it's turtle slow, and while it does tons of damage, it isn't even easy to move around and has poor range. And lastly, Jigglypuff really should have better recovery from aerials when she hits the ground, since she's so focused on using them, she shouldn't be so heavily punished for landing when she could be a combo machine if she didn't take such a long break between the aerial hit and landing. (Quick 4th unpopular opinion: As a Zelda main, I hate her new look, her Twilight Princess resting stone-face look is so majestic and princess like, a great contrast to Peach, I think it's way cooler than this less mature, bright Zelda we have now)
  13. I can say that for me personally, both villains and heroes are boring if there is no motivation behind them. However, as a lot of people have already said on this thread, it's much easier to write being good for the sake of good, because that's something some people actually do, or would do if they were placed in such a situation. It's very uncommon for one to be simply evil, without any reason to be. And I saw Joker listed as an example of evil for the sake of evil, but even he isn't like that. Joker is bad because he wants to be Batman's foil, he creates awful situations and then toys with Batman to see what he'll do about it, he is an orchestrator of chaos, not to mention at times he's weirdly honorable. He won't let other people kill Batman because he wants to do it, and he won't even do it if someone hands Batman over to him, like in an episode of the animated series where Harley catches him and Joker refuses to allow her to defeat Batman. I think you can create someone who's evil for the sake of being evil though, it's just very difficult to execute. I would have liked Surtr to show a tinge more of madness and sadism, since they wanted him to appear evil for evil's sake, because to me, it just came off as cartoony. He didn't drag things out enough imo, if he enjoyed their suffering he definitely wouldn't just quickly kill them, he'd appreciate every detail of their face, their movements, the crackling of the flames, etc. But, Surtr aside, humans aren't typically bad in that way unless they're like, unable to feel emotions or they had a terrible upbringing or event in their past. You don't just decide one day that you'll be evil, and even those people that experience trauma like that don't say "hey, I'm going to be evil now." They have their own twisted justification for their actions.
  14. Hmm... as much as I'd like to predetermine my own dreams, at the same time, there's something more fun about going to sleep not knowing what strange things will fill your head before you wake back up. Not to mention if I got to determine what dreams I had, I'd never want to wake up, my life would spiral into an endless cycle of eating and sleeping until I died from a multitude of health problems 10/10 for originality 6/10 for the potential risk of driving the many users of the device into a perpetual need to sleep instead of accomplishing anything, but it still sounds fun while you have a grip on your sanity How about a mouse that has the nagging voice of an overbearing mother, that speaks up to judge your search history and tells you about that one time her sister got her identity stolen because she clicked on a blue link, without specifying what link it was, so just don't click any of them, okay? The internet is bad anyway, it rots your brain, go play outside.
  15. Thank you both :D 1%, I recognize you, you're the designer of those cool NES portraits! I love those And as for Crystal, she's intended to be a prepromote, a Bow Knight with high speed, resistance, and luck, but with strength and defense on the low side. Late game utility for dealing with fliers.
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