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  1. i did with morgan once because i wanted to try to one-shot grima (and it worked) the only other time i really do is for thematic purposes, like giving henry lifetaker and lethality c:
  2. my first pull was a 5 star Marth, so I was pretty lucky! I remember the others were Laslow, Olivia, Lon'qu, and Matthew. like 3 summons later my team was Marth, Roy, Lucina, and Chrom (since they were my only 5 star units) but I just died all the time :s
  3. oh woops, i'm sorry :s i totally mixed up the falcon knight and sky knight skills! sorry
  4. When I played through I had a lot of fun using Lurantis and Mismagius, maybe you could try those c:
  5. I think Subaki is a bit stronger than you're saying (sorry) His low res growth is sort of nullified by warding blow, and even if he never gained any res his base is like 10, I think!? So that's like 30 res! And you can even add a guard naginata c:
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