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  1. > says he only bothered with characters that you get in chap 1 and 2 > derrick no need to hide the fact that you made exceptions for best grill muh dude
  2. Did you ever get around to finishing the FE12 lua script?

    1. ruadath


      Belated reply but yes, I did!

      You can find it here (along with a couple of other scripts)


  3. FE3 Arlen, most people just opt to use Merric, because of shinier promo gains, or Linde, for possibly being the most overrated Mage in the series. Arlen does have some distinct advantages over both of them. For one, he has a fantastic weapon level base, trumping both Merric and Linde. And like Merric, he can promote the instant you get him. He also has the highest defensive growths in the game (HP 90%, Def 30%). Now he can’t exactly ORKO the chap 11 wyverns (45 HP at base iirc and shaver having 12 effective might), but Merric can’t exactly OHKO them at base either, so both of them are still going to receive some heavy damage on counterattacks (since dragons ignore all defensive stats). His growths are pretty janky in all other areas, but in the dragon spam chapters he is a great candidate for those scrolls. Wendell might still be the best mage in Book 2, and the only way to save a bishop ring for both Merric and Arlen is through the chapter 5 secret shop, but he can surprise you and is FAR from a low-tier unit in Book 2. (seriously, why hasn’t anyone updated the Book 2 unit rankings)
  4. I haven't heard of many cases where people don't rig level ups on Lunatic. And I certainly haven't heard of Fighter!MU being used on H3 (Though Mage!MU is apparently meta so w/e). Ryan will be dealing the lethal blows (last hits) while Caeda, MU (or Luke) meatshields and then switches out to get healed by Wrys and/or eat up a vulnerary. Honestly, Prologue shouldn't be that bad since it's just memorizing movements, even on H4.
  5. #JustplayJankuSagabro it's like the Gaiden meme but actually good advice....that is if you are willing to put up with the fact that the only available translation patch that exists is in Chinese.
  6. You know something is wrong when I spend more time reading than actually playing. plz hurry up I want to experience Janku to the fullest
  7. > implying this isn't how people play FE3 normally I basically did the same thing in my first run of Book 2 (though this was around the time I thought Linde was the best mage in the game and Castor was the best bow user so lol)
  8. Don't forget that FE3 Marth has the movement of a promoted Hero/Sniper, meaning he has the highest indoor movement in the game at base. Waterwalk is especially useful in maps like chap 10 or chap 13, where he can cut the time it takes to beat the map in half. Tiki is actually the most viable lategame bosskiller in a 0% Growths run as she only needs a power ring to cap power. Bantu on the other hand can OHKO Ice Dragons at base iirc, so he does have a use. And about Ogma, he can promote as early as chapter 5 should you sell the hammerne (which can eat up a couple turns. And the hammerne isn't really that useful since it can't repair staves).
  9. - FE12!Michalis is amazing (when he's around). Reclass to SM (you don't even need merged sets) + RP and he literally has capped speed at base. - Cyas > Ced - Birthright > Conquest - Echoes is the worst 3DS game (probably not that unpopular around here) - PoR and FE4 are both the most boring experiences i've ever had with Fire Emblem (the latter is probably a lot more common than the former) - Thracia isn't difficult. Just use warp m9 - Titania > Seth (SS even on the hardest difficulty is possible without Seth since you have units like Franz and Vanessa early on. PoR is pretty much impossible without Titania, even with kickass units like Oscar) - Roy > PoR!Ike - FE12 Lunatic Reverse is actually very flexible with the units that are viable (more than you might think). Team comps are one of the least important things in this game. - Luck is actually really useful (in Gaiden and New Mystery that is) - Gordin and Jeorge in FE3 are the two best foot archers in the series - RD!Jill > RD!Haar
  10. Well Marth had to visit the village with Bord, then march across to recruit Julian and then seize. In practice, going around takes just as much time as crossing the bridge if you attempt all the side-objectives.
  11. I'll be skipping the prologue since it's really just memorizing movements, even in Vanilla H4. Chapters 1-5
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