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  1. THE DEADLY CUTSWOMAN (←please ignore the bad YTP meme from 12 years ago) But yes, this is the first time anyone's pointed this typo out to me! Anyway, learning that Sakhalin needed to survive was surprising to me! Since I'm learning a lot of ASM these days in my new computer science studies, my pipe dream is that one day I'll be able to disassemble & decompile Berwick and see what's up with the alleged spaghetti code. There's also the mess of tools I inherited for the TRS translation; I actually have the source code for those, so hopefully they'll be better to digest. For now, though, I've returned to being a poor college student, and the best time I'll have to go back to work on TRS and BWS typo (etc.) fixing is this coming summer, so you guys can look forward to that, at least.
  2. Oh! Yes, I'd be happy to have them! They will make a fine addition to my collection!
  3. This isn't a counterargument to your wishes or anything, but: let it be known that when IshiharaS posted that message, I sent a PM to ask about what ideas they had and what lines were supposed translated to have "almost completely opposite meaning." I have received no response in an entire year, nor has IshiharaS even bothered to read my message. More on topic, if anyone wants to bring up translation points, I do want to do my best to hear them out and take constructive criticism... And the only way to do that constructively, in my mind, is to bring up specific instances of text where you think my translation is inadequate when compared to the Japanese original. If you need the script, here you go--both Japanese and English are included. Feel free to PM me or post it in the TRS forum; I would prefer a PM (or a separate thread), since I'd like to keep this thread mainly about patching instructions and typo/error reports, but you're free to do what you want. I just ask that wherever you post it, please tag me using "@Aethin" to make sure that I see it. In contrast, I want to make it known that making broad, sweeping claims that my Berwick translation is unfaithful or willfully distorts the meaning of the original Japanese lines without giving any examples doesn't earn any goodwill from me, especially after I made so much effort to preserve the original conversations' meanings when translating, and then to have each translated chapter proofread by other people who also know Japanese, played the JP version, and had the JP script on hand--all just to make sure I wasn't taking unwarranted liberties with the script (a precaution I decided to take after receiving some complaints from my TRS1 translation). I think I know more than anyone that my translations are not perfect, and looking back at many of the lines, I know there are many ways that I could have done them better... but I don't think that I've created a translation that I shouldn't be proud of or happy with. With that said, now that I have several more years of wisdom under my belt (not to mention how much I've improved in Japanese), I'd still like to go back and revise my translations--especially TRS1. No promises of when I might start or finish, but it's something that's always lingering in my mind.
  4. It’s just me and Lightgazer as the principal authors. The credits list that Saint Rubenio posted is up-to-date, and the “Special Thanks” section is full of playtesters, proofreaders, and I think a couple people who gave Lightgazer some help. 🙂
  5. Hello, everyone! I know it's been a long time since I've spoken on this thread... and honestly, I felt like it would've been in bad taste to post in it without another update. However, I want to thank you all for your kind words and support for this project. I know I haven't been the most active or dedicated (taking many months of vacation off of it at points), so I'm honored that you guys have stuck with me all this time. Special thanks as well to @Lightgazer for ironing out all of the small bugs even after so long. I've incorporated all of the typos and other fixes that everyone's sent me (big thanks to @Saint Rubenio in particular), and I've returned to provide a new version of the patch! In addition, by popular demand, I've also uploaded a folder with all of the game's text files. To get the new files, please check the top of the first post of this thread.
  6. Wowzers... What an epic tale! (It also makes me wonder what the previous 173 chapters of Lazberia Chronicle were about...) There's a lot I can say here, but I'd honestly just be repeating myself with embarrassing heartfelt "emotion" things again... So instead, I'll share some of the humor and other fun stuff that's come along over the years it's taken to finish this project: And then, some fanart made by others on the internet:
  7. Soon, once we reach Chapter 14, I'll be able to post what is perhaps my proudest shitposting edit. お楽しみにしてくださいね~
  8. Semdallion's story purpose is to reiterate how even the Razites hate Chaos. To wit: FAYE: ...Chaos! I've found you! SEMDALLION: What?! How dare you! Don't lump me in with him! FAYE: You're... not him? SEMDALLION: ...Guess it doesn't matter now. Whoever you are, you'll be dead soon enough. Second, fun fact, there are remnants in the game files from when the four hostages in this chapter were Luciana, Maria, Yumil, and Quescria--but under the old names of "Etoile," "Janet," "Sophia," and "Resfina." Of particular interest is "Resfina," which is almost the same as "Resfinne," the beta name of TRS's Renee as found in the Emblem Saga demo. @Saint Rubenio knows exactly why I'm pointing out this comment.
  9. I was wondering this myself back when I was translating, and I have no sure explanation. My hypothetical explanations were: They are worried that if they try to kill the Apostle, she'll just awaken instead. They think the Apostle might not be killable at all by normal means. They don't know whether there are any other Apostle candidates alive, so if they can seal this one, they can prevent her powers from being passed on (and prevent themselves from having to go on another wild goose chase sometime within the next 15 years). I think the second option is probably closest to the author's intent, as you will see during the map. A bit of timeline explanation regarding this, as well as all of the recent revelations regarding Bernard's siblings (there shouldn't be any spoilers here): As you can see, the Berwick Civil War--which was really two consecutive wars attempting to oust Mordias--stretched from 600-607, hence why it's called the "Eight Years of Blood." Finally, since Sanacia's 15th birthday is coming up (erroneously stated by Lebough to be her 14th in the Japanese version, despite the fact that we know her exact birthdate and so many other timeline details), we know that Chapter 12 must be in September 619, with this next map specifically on the night of September 14th to the morning of the 15th. Serendipitously for the translation, this also that the coming-of-age-at-fifteen thing is exactly the same as what happened to Katri in TRS. Let the fan theories about any potential connections commence!
  10. The chat with the spy is incredibly dull in the Japanese version, so I took some artistic liberty here. Literal translation: My translation explained: The spy's message, on the other hand (which I assume we will see in the next update), is more or less directly translated from the Japanese version, i.e., it's nonsensical. As for some comment that I don't feel like finding again--I actually didn't write any of the unit reviews on the FE Wikia except for Derrick's, and even that was adapted from an earlier version. Most of the Berwick pages were not written by me, in fact! Just the bad ones.
  11. I forget who mentioned it, so I'm not sure who to quote for this, but I want to clear up a misconception regarding in-universe history: The Lazberian Empire was not founded by Jugudi people, but by citizens of the Empire of Gerxel fleeing from Lieberia after Carluon killed Kalbazan/Gerxel in Lieberian year 34. So we can't directly blame Jugud for Lazberia's problems. (For those of you who haven't seen it, I have an overview of the TRS series timeline in the OP of the Berwick Translation thread. I also wrote almost all of the article on Lazberia on the FE Wikia, which gives a bit of a deeper look into Lazberia's history, though I do need to respell some place names.) Confusingly, I have no idea where the inborn ability to use magic comes from, but I assume that nebulously "from the emiyu" is a good guess. The Jugudi as well as all the native tribes of Lieberia (i.e., Zoans & Salians) were able to use magic, so it's a little unusual that the natives of Lazberia were unable to use it whatsoever before ethnic mixing post-antiquity. But while I'm at it, I'd also like to bring up a completely different backstory for Berwick Saga that never came to be, as the setting apparently underwent an extensive rewrite early on. (Translated from an old deleted post on Kaga's blog) : (Don't ask me how these calendar dates work, or where Istonia is, because I haven't got a clue.) Worth noting is that "Ar-Cana" (with an interpunct ・ in Japanese) is the name of Morse, Mimae, and Rebecca's race of immortal humans. They accompanied Miradona when she came to Lieberia, and then just fucked off and left her all alone. Great job babysitting the all-powerful toddler, guys.
  12. So, I checked the Berwick Wiki ("Berwicki"?) to see what was up with Gorras's AI. But first, let's talk about the various AI patterns! Units will be programmed to follow either one or a couple of the following patterns: ATTACK - Attack enemies in range, otherwise move towards nearest enemies. ATTACK(RESTRICTED) - Attack a specific targeted unit if in range; otherwise move toward the target; otherwise wait on the spot. Will not attack units other than the target, even if the path is blocked. If target leaves the map, becomes regular ATTACK type. ATTACK(MOVING) - Attack any enemies in range; otherwise move toward a specific point. When that point is reached, switches to a different AI pattern. INTERCEPT - Attack enemies in range; otherwise wait on the spot. INTERCEPT(HOME) - Attack enemies in range; otherwise return to designated "home" tile. CAUTIOUS - Attack enemies in range; otherwise move out of enemies' attack ranges (or try to); otherwise wait on the spot. CAUTIOUS(APPROACH) - Attack enemies in range; otherwise move out of enemies' attack ranges (or try to); otherwise move toward a spot just barely out of enemies' attack ranges (or try to). CAUTIOUS(ALERT) - Move out of enemies' attack ranges (or try to), otherwise wait on the spot. Will not attack. WANDER - Move around randomly. Will not attack(?) WANDER(AGGRESSIVE) - Attack enemies in range; otherwise move around randomly. PATROL - Attack enemies in range; otherwise follow a specific set route. FIXED - Attack enemies in range without moving; otherwise, wait on the spot. Can only be provoked by units that can be attacked without moving. MOVE - Move toward a specific point. Will not attack. FLEE - Move toward the nearest available escape point. Will not attack. FLEE(AGGRESSIVE) - Move toward the nearest escape point, attacking any enemy in the way, if possible. Note 1: Units using any of the AI patterns in red cannot be provoked, and those with the FIXED pattern have a strict limitation on when they can be provoked. Note 2: Also, units that are crippled or have no usable weapons left will usually switch to regular FLEE type. Note 3: The CAUTIOUS patterns have an oversight: they only look at your units' attack ranges for weapons in the inventory itself, not for weapons in bags! Now that we know all this, let's see Gorras's AI. He is programmed to: Start the map on ATTACK. After attacking/being attacked for the first time, switch permanently to FIXED. Which seems like the dumbest idea ever, but more power to him, I guess...
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