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  1. I know that before the demo came out, there was a lot of dislike online for Shez as our protagonist compared to Byleth. Lots of memes about them too, based on what little we had of their past and personality. And I know that people were nervous about Arval as well. But now that we have some actual information about them thanks to the demo, I was wondering if anyone's opinions had changed. Now, I liked Shez even before the demo, and that only made me like their personality even more. They're foolish, hot-headed, very blunt, and just a lot of fun. I've been mainly using the male Shez and hats-off to the voice actor; they did a great job voicing him. I like that they're practically the opposite of Byleth; being very emotion driven and rather ridiculous in a lot of ways. The cliff jumping... As for Arval, I was pretty nervous considering that Sothis was...underutilized imo in Three Houses. But I love their personality! I love that they're so sarcastic and will call out Shex for their actions. The two just have a really fun dynamic that I'm hoping doesn't go away the more you play the game. So, that's me. What do you guys think?
  2. I'm playing the demo now and I like Arval and Shez. I think I keep leaning into the humorous options and Arval just keeps making me laugh. Especially when he's chewing Shez out getting himself killed so many times! The gameplay isn't too bad, but I want to play a little more to ensure it won't wear on me later on. But definitely considering picking this up!
  3. I'm really disappointed in the lack of a demo because that really would have helped me figure out whether I would be getting this game or not! I've never played a Musou/Warriors game before, and I've had minimal interest in them too. My preferred game style is base FE games, Pokemon, Dragon Quest, and other turn based games. Real-time fighting games like FE: Three Hopes appears to be never really held my interest, especially if they lack a solid story as most of my loved games have a pretty set storyline and great characters. That being said, I have been trying to expand my gaming portfolio. I'd never played a rogue/rogue-lite before Hades and that's one of my favorite games. I've gotten better with real-time games and have enjoyed playing quite a few of them. I love Three Houses and it appears I'm one of the few people interested in Shez as a protagonist? (The internet has been surprisingly biased against him/her.) Since I already love the characters, this feels like a good entry point to the Musou genre. So I have been considering picking it up, but I wanted the demo to see if the gameplay would be a deal-breaker for me or something that I could enjoy. For those of you who have played FE Warriors or similar games, could you maybe let me know of things about the genre you enjoy or that you think would appeal to someone like me? Because I'd like to give this game a try, but not enough to waste $60 if a demo never ends up coming out.
  4. Marianne is difficult for me to see engaging in the war unless Byleth directly supports her. For one, she doesn't show up to fight as an ally of Claude when Byleth chooses a house other than Golden Deer and doesn't recruit her. To me, this means her depression has become so strong that she is unable to fight, or it has destroyed her entirely. So I can't see her siding with Edelgard, regardless of her admiration, not because of Edelgard herself, but rather due to Marianne's self-perception. If that makes sense, at least.
  5. Going back to the original topic, I'd like to clarify a few things before I give my answer. First off, I define 'betraying their country' under fighting for another side that conflicts with their country's best interests. Blue Lions joining the Golden Deer do not count as this on their route because they believed Dimitri was dead and that fighting under Claude would be the best option for their house. Golden Deer fighting under the Blue Lions also does not count as while the Alliance was technically neutral, stopping the Empire's expansion would technically be in the Alliance's best interest for their survival. I also do not count joining the Silver Snow route and fighting for the church as fighting for your religion doesn't exactly betray your homeland in this specific scenario. So the only option for me is 'who would leave their country to join Edelgard in the empire?' and 'who from the Black Eagles would leave to join another faction.' Second, I do not count the church or the Ashen wolves for this as the church members are loyal to their center of religion/Rhea and not really to any country. The Ashen Wolves are relatively similar, especially in the case of Yuri imo. So they will be left off this list. This list is relatively short, but I think it works. From the Blue Lions, Mercedes, Sylvain and Ashe as Sylvain's disdain for the crest system would line up with Edelgard's and he's one of the few who does not regret joining her on the Crimson Flower path. Ashe is similar as he does not gain closure from Catherine about Lonato and states that he cannot forgive the church for Christophe's death. Mercedes mainly for Emile and the guilt she feels as that is a large factor for her throughout the game. For the Golden Deer, I can see Lorenz and Lysithea, and potentially Leonie though Leonie would be more for Byleth's sake than Edelgard's. Lorenz's family tends to side with the empire when they invade so it makes sense for Lorenz to ally himself with Edelgard, and Lysithea has her bond with Edelgard through their supports. Leonie I could see joining the empire if it would mean protecting Byleth and honoring Jeralt, but I could also see her as neutral. As for the Black Eagles, I actually do think it would be less about betraying Edelgard and more about betraying their country. Ferdinand might disagree with Edelgard a lot, but he is a patriot at heart so I can't see him leaving the Black Eagles to fight against the empire of his own violation. Caspar might leave, but only if convinced that Edelgard's cause isn't just, and Linhardt would either stay out of it completely or be dragged along by Caspar. Petra is complicated because her loyalty lies with Brigid rather than anything else, though she can develop a friendship with Edelgard. Given her role as a political prisoner though, I could see her staying on the empire's side unless fully convinced that Brigid's best interests lay with the opposing side. I do think that one thing to keep in mind with this is that for recruitment, the character is supposedly deciding that their relationship with one person/specific people is more important than their love of their country. And that is something that does happen a lot. So while I understand some people can be upset about someone leaving their country to fight for another, I see it as more of these students leaving to fight for/alongside people they deeply care about. And people do that all the time.
  6. I think this is an interesting comment for a couple of reasons. For one, I'm curious about what your definition of a 'true leader' is in this situation. But my main reason is that I don't see why Dimitri not being a 'true leader' would get in the way of him being a great king. For me at least, there really isn't a problem and I think it's because of how the game portrays both Dimitri and Edelgard on their chosen paths. Dimitri and Edelgard are not like Byleth or Claude. They are both broken people in a lot of ways and that is part of what makes them compelling. But the thing I find the most interesting is that fact that the only times either one comes into power and becomes a great leader is when Byleth chooses their route. When they are both guaranteed a support system that Byleth provides along with the students they bring to their side. Edelgard has the Black Eagle Strike Force on her route and Dimitri has the Blue Lions on his, even if you don't bother recruiting anyone else on those paths. On the paths where one or both of them fall, they usually end up with one guaranteed subordinate in the forms of Dedue and Hubert. The two people who would follow their leaders to the ends of the earth and who Byleth cannot poach to another house. On their own paths, however, they have other forms of support who do question them, in the forms of Ferdinand and Felix for certain, and potentially other members like Ingrid or Dorothea. Not to mention their trust in Byleth who can stand up to them, though moreso on the Blue Lion's path imo. A leader is not an island, and a true leader, in my opinion, knows how to listen to others and take their feedback. To listen to another perspective and find a better solution. Dimitri is only able to do that in the Blue Lions path where he's not so fixated on revenge and Edelgard is only able to hang onto her empathy on the Crimson Flower path. I guess what Three Houses proves to me is that it's not a single person who rules a country, but many people. Because if you take away that support system and leave one person standing at the top, who is to keep them from falling?
  7. According to the internet, "In fiction, canon is the material accepted as officially part of the story in the fictional universe of that story. It is often contrasted with, or used as the basis for, works of fan fiction." The idea, for Three Houses at least, is that one of the paths would be the 'canon' path, or the path confirmed in the Fire Emblem universe that Byleth took. If the people who made this game posted that 'yes, this specific path is canon', then that makes the other three paths non-canon and thus false. But a canon ending doesn't have to be a happy ending. Let's also say that when the people who made this game announced a path as canon, they also announced that there were no recruitments and thus everyone else died in this canon ending. For a lot of people, that would be considered a non-perfect or a not happy ending because probably a lot of characters they liked ended up dead. But it would be the canon path that the developers decided was true. The thing is that for a lot of video games, it is generally accepted that the 'golden ending' is usually the 'true ending' as well, because it typically requires players to do certain specific things and wraps things up neatly. A good example of this would probably be FE: Binding Blade, where if you completed all the Gaiden chapters and kept the legendary weapons intact, you unlocked the true ending which had more chapters and wrapped things up more neatly than the other endings. So the golden endings are treated as canon more often in other media based off the games because they usually provide more information and a more complete story than alternate paths. It's also more awkward for games like Three Houses with separate paths because considering the morality that goes into each path, having one path be the 'canon' path would make the other paths, and thus the other moralities, wrong. And considering how fluid morality is, that isn't really a great message to send.
  8. I like the idea of everyone having different innate magics and having access to different spells based on it. I think it's really interesting especially with how certain spells react to different personalities. That being said, I can understand why some people prefer the tomes. I do think this was required to keep magic from being too overwhelming though. In earlier games, magic has always been limited by class and that helps keep magic users from being too overwhelming. Because magic can cover a huge distance and attack/counter from 1/2 ranges, which is usually the most common type of attack distance aside from long range magic and bows. If magic was treated like it was in earlier Fire Emblems and attached to tomes when combined with the Three Houses thing of every house being able to use every weapon, I can see the game becoming even easier than it already is. Wyvern Rider is already pretty broken; imagine it with magic on top. It's almost amazingly terrifying with how effective it can be. I would like to see the innate magic showing up in later titles, but I wouldn't mind seeing a return to tomes if it fits the gameplay better. It really all depends on the story the writers want to tell.
  9. I finally realized why I personally don't really like Edelgard and why she's causing so much chaos. Edelgard is an excellent example of a Paragon Villain. Or at least a Paragon Antagonist/Antihero depending on what route you take. Now, I know most of you probably won't agree with me because Edelgard doesn't really line up with the traditional idea of a paragon. But a paragon only needs a couple traits; charisma and the desire to help others. Edelgard definitely qualifies as she's quite a capable leader and she does want to help people by attempting to prevent anything like what happened to her from happening again. I've been thinking about this for a while and the entire Fodlan situation reminds me of the Captain America: Civil War movie. In the end, everyone was walking out of that theater with a completely different perspective on who was right and who was wrong and what could have been done to fix it. Edelgard reminds me a lot of Cap in the sense that they are both trying to do what they think is right even if it leads to some horrible things. This quote could apply to Edelgard as well: " We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own.” — Captain America: Civil War In Civil War, Captain America is being his typical Paragon self and the entire movie is based on how everyone is reacting to him. There's a reason that this movie isn't an Avenger's movie; Cap is at the center of the story, and in most cases, so is Edelgard. Both possess charisma that can lead others to their side; though Edelgard can be outdone by Byleth with recruiting, and both of them are completely convinced that they're doing what needs to be done. And once a paragon is convinced of an action, they cannot/will not be swayed. There's a reason that there isn't a path where Edelgard can be talked down or convinced to ally with Dimitri/Claude. The only choices that Byleth can make regarding Edelgard are who to side with against her or to stand with her. If you want to see more about how I got this idea, check out the link to this video. I actually paraphrased a lot of stuff about Civil War from this, other than the stuff I quoted.
  10. I remember this support. I thought it was hilarious because Hanneman mentioned that crest bearers may be influenced to like sweets and I was thinking 'And what exactly does that make Felix?' That being said, I don't think that you'd get a crest because you have a similar personality. Crests are something you're born with; how in the world would the crest know what your personality is going to be at that point in time?
  11. You know the Sothis paralogue with all the bird beasts and Byleth starts out alone? I had turned my Byleth into a thief and was training her in bow ranks so her Dex was her highest stat other than HP at the time. She proceeded to dodge every attack from the birds and kept critting on them so she basically was taking down 5-6 beasts down completely on her own while my Blue Lions struggled to take down one with 4 students attacking during a turn. It was honestly kind of hilarious.
  12. Is she though? Is she really? I won't argue that Edelgard's actions are revolutionary, but I'm not entirely positive that she is entirely revolutionary herself. The idea of a revolutionary is that they want to overturn the current system in order to create something new, or at least that is my understanding of the definition. But in Edelgard's dialogue, there are hints that she doesn't want to create something entirely new, but instead to return to a time in the past where the Adrestian Empire was in control over Fodlan. Someone posted an analysis of this on Tumblr; here's a link if you want to check it out. Of course, Edelgard could also be a blend of both reactionary and revolutionary. In politics, revolutionaries are people who support drastic and abrupt change, much like Edelgard does. However, considering that Edelgard does believe that the Kingdom and the Alliance are mere offshoots of the empire and her final goals do involve Adrestia regaining complete control over Fodlan, she might be more reactionary in her motives as well. And that's not a bad thing. People are complicated and Edelgard is perfectly allowed to have multiple reasons and motives for her actions. It makes her a more interesting character.
  13. Um, you might want to check your math there. 1180-1159 is 21, not 31.
  14. Now, I'm the first to admit I have not seen all the supports in the game. But I have seen a lot of A supports, and I don't recall any of them explicitly stating that the pair involved were going to get married. The closest I got was Sylvain asking Dorothea out on a date and Catherine promising to maybe visit Dimitri in the capital so he could attempt to court her. Can you tell me which supports are talking about marriage in their A supports for Three Houses?
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