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  1. While trying to get Inigo to come home, I summoned three PA! Azuras. Like, in a row. It was weird and I really only wanted the green mage dancer to come home. Anyways, I was wondering which one of these to keep and which ones to merge. The one I got first (level 40) is +Spd/-Atk. The other two (level 1) are +Spd/-Res and +Res/-Hp. Which one should I keep? (Also: please pray for me and my hunt for Inigo. I love Azura but, like, I don't need another one.)
  2. I've been pretty lucky being a F2P user. Still, I would like to have a few units to add to my roster. High Priority Dancer Inigo Celica Julia Leo Minerva Elincia Medium Priority Soren Fae Nowi Azura Gray - Sword Valor Low Priority Olwen Titania Sanaki Elise Genny
  3. That is very true. Perhaps I'm still bitter that she won against Lyn. Personal feelings aside, in pure popularity terms, Camilla staying in 4-5 star range makes a lot of sense. She's been in, like, what, three voting gauntlets and won at least one of them. Her abilities as a unit aren't amazing but at least she has popularity on her side. I won't lie and say, at the beginning of Heroes, I was quite excited when I pulled a five star Camilla. (Off note: I think it's been said enough but I do wish that summoning cut scenes would disappear. I always think I'm gonna get a good unit but it ends up being Camilla...) I do think Clair, Merric, and Mathilda should be dropped to 4 star summoning. Clair should be at 3 stars, with hit and run being one of her available skills. (Who honestly uses her for anything else?). Mathilda isn't a great lance cavalier, especially compared to F2P Camus.
  4. I wish that FEH would add Laguz, as well as light and dark magic. I do think the added stone colors would be weird at first but I like the old weapon triangle with anima and light magic. Ah, perhaps it's just wishful thinking on my end. I wouldn't know how they would implement it. I've only played FE7, FE8, FE9, FE10, and all of the 3DS era games. Also, my list in no particular order... Reyson. I wasn't a big fan of his character, but that's primarily because I didn't use him often enough in battle. I love the idea of a flying singer and the idea of more Tellius characters appearing. Lute. Everyone loves Lute, she kicks major ass in SS. I want an usable red mage that isn't from Awakening. (I don't hear much about Katarina, so I don't know if she's good or not.) I think SS also has the least amount of heroes and a banner with Lute would be pretty popular. Soleil. While this is purely a personal opinion, I wouldn't mind to see more diversity in the game with Soleil. I like the idea of her flirting with the (f) summoner and I would, in general, like to see child units introduced. I think she could be an interesting sword or axe unit. Charlotte. I'm not a big fan of Fates. I'm glad that they haven't introduced a lot of Fates characters since Heroes' release. I am a big fan of hard-hitting green units. I also adored using Berserker!Charlotte. I want a team full of powerful women, IS. Michiah. I haven't finished FE10 yet but I really love her design. While she's kind of a bland character to me, I still think she should be added. She's one of the only main characters who hasn't been added yet. I want to see her as a mage, and any color would work, preferably blue.
  5. I think we should keep F2P characters in 3 to 4 star pools. Just because novice players might accidentally send them home or use them stupidly. But yes, definitely keep them out of the five star pool (except CYL characters, of course). I don't think Lilinia should be moved, just for the fact that it's really all RNG that messes with us. (cries sadly as I've never obtained a Lilinia.)
  6. I really like that list! In my opinion, I think that Camilla should be knocked down to 3-4 star rarity just because of how, to put it bluntly, awful she's turned out to be. She wasn't as awful when the game first came out but power creep really took a toll on her viability.
  7. the five star summoning pool. i wish wrathful staff was a bit easier to access so i wish they'd put her in the 4 star pool as well.
  8. This is my personal wish list for FEH’s five star summoning pool. I think that there’s a lot of units that are unviable in the five star pool. I primarily updated the units present in colorless’ five star pool. Colorless hell is an awful, awful thing. Please feel free to edit this or disagree with me. I’m really interested in the way other people think about how the five star summoning should be changed. RED REMOVE: Athena Ogma Saber Seliph(?) Caeda Karel Seth ADD TO 4-5 STAR POOL: Gray Sanaki BLUE REMOVE: Abel Oscar Catria Clair Peri ADD TO 4-5 STAR POOL: Hinoka GREEN REMOVE: Camilla Sheena ADD TO 4-5 STAR POOL: Merric COLORLESS REMOVE: Rebecca Jakob Lachesis Lucius Maria ADD TO 4-5 STAR POOL: Genny Mist Jaffar
  9. As of 10/26/17. Crossed out units have been either merged or used for SI. All is F2P. Been playing since the beginning. Pulled Y! Tiki (neutral) Y! Tiki Camilla (+hp/-spd) Camilla Roy (+hp/-atk) Sakura (+res/-atk) Seliph (+def/-res) Takumi (neutral) Abel (+hp/-spd) Chrom (+hp/-spd) Cordelia (+atk/-res) Delthea (+spd/-res) Kagero (+atk/-res) Kagero Karel (+res/-def) Linde (+def/-spd) Lucius (+def/-hp) Lukas (+def/-hp) Merric (+res/-atk) Ninian (+res/-def) Nino (+spd/-atk) Peri (+atk/-spd) Raven (+spd/-def) Reinhardt (+spd/-hp) Summer Robin (+res/-hp) Summer Xander (neutral) Clive (neutral/TT) CYL Ike (neutral) Mathilda (+spd/-res) Jeorge (+spd/-def) Priscilla (+spd/-res) CYL Lyn (+atk/-hp) PA! Azura (+spd/-atk) Ike (+atk/-res) PA! Azura (+res/-hp) PA! Azura (+spd/-res) Masked Marth (neutral/TT) Black Knight (neutral/TT) Inigo (+res/-hp) PA! Olivia (+spd/-atk) Lilina Arden Promoted Cecilia (+hp/-spd) Olivia (+atk/-spd) Male Robin (+atk/-def) Tharja (+hp/-spd) Xander (GHB) Camus (GHB) Female Robin (GHB) Klein (+atk/-def) Valter (GHB) Masked Marth (neutral/TT) Cherche (+hp/-res) Anna Arvis
  10. Or afternoon, or evening, or whatever. My name is Zoe and I've been a lurker of the forums for about a year now. I never saw much reason to post or make an account until just barely. The FE community has always been very lively and interesting to me but I've been a bit shy and only just barely got the guts to make an account here. I'm a hobbyist fanfiction author, my favorite site is AO3, and I love cooking and, well, gaming. My favorite FE game is Path of Radiance, but I haven't got to Radiant Dawn yet, and my favorite character is Soleil from Fire Emblem Fates. I'm excited to make all of your acquaintances.
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