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  1. Esme

    happy birthday!!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Wash every day, but shampoo and condition every three days. I also put a little bit of styling gel in it to give it a nice fragrance and to prevent it from getting super frizzy. Life was a lot easier when I was bald.
  4. Favourite: Readings Least Favourite: Concrete due dates with harsh penalties
  5. The Grand Bishop8% Strength, 22% Bloodlust, 42% Intelligence, 53% Spirit, 20% Vitality and 18% Agility! So basically that class that would be really shitty otherwise if it didn't have that one ability that automatically makes it the strongest class in the game.
  6. Literally the last thing I wrote was a big long rant about how Konami might have cancelled Silent Hills and how angry I am with them for doing that and pulling the plug on Suikoden. The last interesting thing I wrote was an essay on the metaphysical deviance of Daoism and Buddhism by using Journey to the West as an example.
  7. High school history and or Mandarin teacher, it's pretty much the only thing I can do with my degrees.
  8. Going to China again, but instead of going to Beijing and the tropics (Hainan), I want to go to Sichuan and repetitively burn my ass off with spicy food. I'm also to understand that Chengdu and Chongqing have amazing LGBT friendly night lives, and there's a cool ghost town a little ways away from Chongqing and a Daoist mountain to the west of Chengdu. Also Xi'an and Shanghai, but I'm more excited about Xi'an, as it's my favourite city in China.~ Afterwards I wanted to see if I could make it out to Prince Edward Island for some beachtime and Halifax for pride week. That's all tbh, I want to get a job and replenish my now non-existent funds. I have a friend who has connections with the library, so I'm going to see if I could be a library page for the last few months of Summer.
  9. Burger King, as it's the most veggie friendly fast food place I know of, and their veggie burgers are the bestest. And if you live in Canada, veggie friendly poutine!
  10. Maji

    Etrian Odyssey

    Got my copy of EOMD and it's okay, I'm liking it so far. I just got to the fourth dungeon and I really dig the EOIII remixes throughout the game, especially that boss tune. I'm also really liking how friendly this game is towards customization, while some characters might be stronger than others, using any of them is perfectly viable. I wish that there were more classes as opposed to just ten, but for the ten that are there, I like them all. Currently have an all male team of Prince, Gunner, Landtank and Hexer. The Prince and Gunner do most of the work while my Landtank deals with bosses and the odd enemy the Gunner doesn't snipe by the time he gets there, while my Hexer right now just poisons and binds things. I want him to later learn offensive attacks, but right now just hexes as they take up a lot of TP. On the other hand however, there are a few nitpicks that I have problems with. First being how there are only two portrait options for each class (so far), as opposed to the usual four. I also really hate the fact that conditionals aren't highlighted any more, which makes it a pain to resource extract. The NPCs are rather bland as well, I'm finding myself to not have an opinion of any of them, as they don't really have anything to like about them. Lastly, I do wish DLC wasn't a thing in EO, suppose it isn't as bad as it was in EOUII, but getting a potion that boosts one's level by three for that one repeatable DLC mission is a bit overkill. EDIT: And the self buff fail glitch has been the death of me for a few runs. All in all, I'd give this game a 7/10, it's not a main series EO so I don't want to hammer it from deviating from it too much, but I feel as though it definitely took an unnecessary step back in terms of a convenient menu.
  11. "I have that book, but I haven't read it yet" and "oh I have that on my iPod" are my two most commonly used phrases. Out of all the books I have though, I keep on meaning to read the Ramayama, but seeing as it's like 3,000 pages, I just haven't had the time to get to it. I also started the Hitchhiker's Guide series, but then I started school, so I haven't got much progress since. I was midway through the second book. I did finish the four great classic novels this Summer though, now I have to reread them all in Chinese sometime. I did slug through the first chapter of Journey to the West in Chinese, to see what I was getting into. Apart from the odd new character I had to pleco, I was actually quite pleased with how well my Chinese has grown over these past few years.
  12. Not as much as I should, but my favourite is easily peppermint, it's good either hot or cold and is common enough to get anywhere. And I always drink my tea straight, unless it's matcha, then I take a splash of milk. I also like lemon black tea, but it keeps me awake if I drink it before bed. Raspberry rooibos is also really good, but it puts me right to bed, and Earl Grey by default, as it's the only tea my grandparents like to drink. I do however drink iced tea on a routine basis, but I drink the powered crap (Good Host), so I don't really qualify that as tea. I'm sad that my area is seeing less and less Arizona, 99 cents for a big cold can of iced tea was like the greatest thing ever~
  13. I magically came down with a "fever" right before my history class and had to go home and watch Nintendo Direct.
  14. Wartortle, I always loved its shade of blue and its fuzzy tail. I also really like Artecuno and Sharpedo, Sharpedo because you are surfing on a literal torpedo Pokemon which is pretty heavy metal.
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