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  1. Ionius IX had House Hyrm wiped out completely in the rebellion. He then punished House Ordelia for their role in the rebellion by having key members of Lysithea's family killed and replaced by figureheads for the Empire, effectively damaging Ordelia's power in the Alliance. However, unbeknownst to Ionius IX, the figureheads he put in power were secret members of TWSITD, and those members proceeded to experiment on House Ordelia's children. Lysithea's parents, like Ionius IX himself post-Insurrection, were powerless to stop the Crest experimentation. It's implied that House Ordelia's experimentation was done to make sure it could be done on the Empire's royal family later.
  2. The Hyrm Rebellion and the Insurrection of the Seven were responses to Ionius IX's attempts to centralize power. Unlike House Hyrm's attempts to leave the Empire from Ionius IX's rule, the Insurrection was successful and reduced Ionius IX to a powerless figurehead (think Part II Arvis) controlled by the nobles (Ferdinand's father, PM Duke Aegir, basically became de-facto ruler). Because he had virtually no power, he was unable to stop the Crest experimentation that would leave only one of his children (Edelgard) alive and well to take the throne (Lord Arundel was one of the nobles who spearheaded the Insurrection).
  3. Do bear in mind that the reason they decided to do Echoes was because they needed to work on something because the Switch wasn't ready for developers to work on just yet.
  4. In the gist of all things, Three Houses really felt like the game Fates wanted to be.
  5. Someone on a Reddit made a nice route infographic that seems appropriate for this thread. Credits to SolvanderLyn on Reddit. It sums up the routes very well.
  6. Not sure this is the right place to post, but someone made a very nice infographic. Credits to SolvanderLyn on Reddit for making this.
  7. Edelgard is the result of combining Dany, Arvis, Walhart, and Lelouch into one character. And I love it. Overall, regardless of how you view Edelgard, she is one of, if not, the most intriguing Fire Emblem character we've got in a very long time, and feels more like a character that could have easily been crafted up by Kaga. The fact that her morals aren't as clear cut in my opinion only makes the character more intriguing to discuss.
  8. Niosi was in hot water because he broke NDA, which is a huge no-no for many Japanese companies (Nintendo is infamous/notorious for cracking down hard on such violations). The accusations only dump fuel on the flame.
  9. If you didn't see the red traffic light before the accident, there's not much I can really add to this conversation here.
  10. I don't see that as a problem. I think it makes for a rewarding experience, especially when you do the other routes. With your response in mind, I think your issue with the game has more to do with you taking issue with the character of Edelgard rather than the decision itself.
  11. Honestly for me, the decision to side with either Edelgard or the Church isn't as ham-fisted as you make it out to be. I am going to side with @Velth that the dialogue, outlined direction of characters, and other tidbits made it very clear that such a decision would arrive. Let me also make sure, where does the game not make sense for you? The characters and or their arcs? The decision of the player? The overall story?
  12. You aren't going to get the full story and understanding of characters just by playing one route, OP.
  13. Now that Three Houses is out, what are some of this forum's favorite characters, whether be playable characters or NPCs? What are some of the characters that stand out to you, whether be gameplay-wise, story/character-wise, or both? For me? Sylvain or Bernadetta, if we're talking playable characters. NPCs? The Gatekeeper; he's always fun to talk to after every chapter.
  14. It's official: Nintendo is canning Niosi in both Heroes and Three Houses. Expect a future patch for Three Houses. https://gonintendo.com/stories/340993-nintendo-confirms-removal-of-chris-niosi-as-the-voice-actor-for-f Includes a statement from NOA themselves.
  15. Not to mention the nods to Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms that the directors commented about make much more sense.
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