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  1. Jorge is the GHB?! Can't believe he got meme'd/votebotted in 😄! Dragonflower changes are big, and the CYL art is great! Hope Frontline Phalanx is a far more engaging mode.
  2. Though I wasn't a fan of New Mystery, the absence of both Krises were becoming pretty noticeable in FEH. Glad they're in. Also Eremiya as a GHB? Nice to see.
  3. Oh wow. Mustafa is trending on Twitter it seems.
  4. Whoa at Mustafa. Didn't expect him as a banner character.
  5. Ooh. New voices in the mix! Mustafa EN: TJ Storm (Strider Hiryu from Marvel vs. Capcom) JP: Kenji Hamada (Azama) Mirabilis EN: Heather Halley (Cassandra Alexandra from Soul Calibur, Para-Medic from Metal Gear Solid) JP: Misaki Kuno (Hawk from The Seven Deadly Sins, Poppi from Xenoblade Chronicles 2) As for Say'ri, considering that Cup of Tea Productions, the English voice recording studio for Fire Emblem, has temporarily suspended voice recordings due to Covid, this is probably why they weren't able to get her voice lines recorded. Until then, I would probably expect more situations like this.
  6. Nice to see Yamada back on another character. His artwork really reminds me of old school Final Fantasy/Yoshitaka Amano and I am here for it.
  7. Probably would have been the case if Nagasako hadn't already voiced Greil. But I am okay with Ainz though. I actually had Norio Wakamoto in mind for Ashnard.
  8. Ashnard's art is godly. That's all. Instant 5-star.
  9. Long time no see since we got some new voices in the mix. Not going to list reprisals. Rinkah EN: Sara Cravens (Frost from Mortal Kombat 11) (Changed from Stephanie Lemelin) Ashnard EN: Brook Chalmers (Sakonji Urokodaki from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Polpo in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind) JP: Satoshi Hino (Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord, Takuto Maruki from Persona 5 Royal)
  10. Late to the party, but this is honestly the first Legendary/Mythic Hero banner I've been intrigued in for quite some time. I love how Altina and now Bramimond have blown open the doors for historical lore characters to make it in. Though Bramimond not wielding Apocalypse is bit of an eyebrow raiser.
  11. Notably, the interview is fourteen pages long according to the original Tumblr post. Going to be interesting to see the full interview be translated.
  12. New trailer. More new characters. Not listing Fiora since we already know her voiceover artists. Nils: EN: Khoi Dao (Wolt) JP: Ayane Sakura (Julia, Minerva) Rath EN: Jacob Craner (Falco Lombardi from Star Fox Zero: The Adventure Begins) JP: Kenjiro Tsuda (Gerik) Leila EN: Rebeka Thomas (Krone from the Promised Neverland) JP: Yoko Hikasa (Fir, Athena)
  13. The real implication of this banner is that Cipher and Warriors characters are now on the table along with lore characters, if Altina's appearance was anything to by.
  14. Pyromaniac tin tyrant sets out to burn continent. Gets rekt by J-Pop.
  15. Ooh. TMS#FE characters. First time they're dubbed too. Shame Encore doesn't have a dub. Not listing the JP voice actors for the idols and Mirage voice actors since they're all reprising. Eleonora - Jenny Yokorobi (Elice) Kiria - Megan Harvey (Sue, Phina) Mamori - Elizabeth Simmons (Larum) Tsubasa - Kayli Mills (Mareeta, Thea)
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