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  1. DeathChaos25, a prominent modder who datamined Shadows of Valentia, has weighed in on the datamining. TLDR: The way the game files work here compared to 3DS titles means it will be a while before we get anything from datamines.
  2. Welp. Time to bail out of this site for now. See you people on the other side.
  3. Given that Sega of Japan did something similar a few months ago for Judgment's Japanese release when actor Pierre Taki was busted for drug use, it can be done depending on how the developers feel here. I am not sure about the logistics that would be involved here (especially an international release). Sega ended up blocking sales of the game in Japan (it was only released in Japan back then) until the developers changed the actor's likeness and voice. I'd say such a call would likely have to come from Nintendo of Japan directly and even then, it would have to be worth the trouble of doing it. Disney Japan and Square-Enix did the same thing for Kingdom Hearts 3 since Pierre was also involved in that game.
  4. If what one of the posts that stated he broke an NDA is true, that's probably why the cast was announced early. Worth noting that someone on another site pointed out his apology being posted right before the rest of the cast revealed themselves on Twitter, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Nintendo ninjas are involved and why there is no announcement of M!Byleth's voice actor. This is really unfortunate timing.
  5. I read the Twitter thread in question. A few things. 1. This shouldn’t have been the way to know who might be voicing M!Byleth. 2. The timing couldn’t have been worse. 3. Wouldn’t be surprised if F!Byleth ends up being popular instead, despite all the nitpicks we give on her design. 4. This is gonna blow up real soon, especially with M!Byleth being potentially implemented into Heroes as early as tomorrow. 5. This is going to be one hell of a mess, based on how recent events have gone. In regards to “separating the art from the creator”, I personally find it hard to appreciate something made by someone who is a really unpleasant person in real life.
  6. Also thanks to Nintendo NYC displaying the Special Edition, we were also able to get the tracklist for the CD. Of course, it may not be full selection of songs that we will hear in-game. Here are the selection of songs: Source:
  7. Update 7/22/2019: SPOILER ALERT!!! The full game is out there early! If you want to avoid being spoiled, get off of here and other gaming related sites. You have been warned, contents for the game are out there! Any unmarked spoilers will be subject to moderation from here on out! ... ... ... Original Post: SPOILERS! Keep out of this thread if you want to go in blind or don't want potential information spoiled. Though one should consider the option of getting off Fire Emblem and gaming related sites and forums if wanting to go into the game as blind as possible. .... ..... ..... ..... ..... Anyway, since A.): There doesn't appear to be a general thread to discuss or view spoilers, leaks, or certain not-fully-known aspects/information (classes, stats, etc.) for this game, B.): Someone already getting their hands on the game early and putting stuff out there, C.): To avoid the forum from being covered with too many spoiler landmine threads, I figured that a general thread for spoilers be created. Mods, feel free to pin or lock this thread if you deem it necessary or unnecessary, respectively.
  8. Methinks she is a Red Shirt that won't make it to the end to the game.
  9. In the text editor, there is a picture of an eye. Click on that, and the editor will generate a spoiler box.
  10. If you want to go in blind or avoid spoilers, turn back now!! .... .... .... ..... ..... Anyways Thanks to Nintendo's NYC store displaying the Seasons of the Warfare Edition's artbook, we were able to catch a glimpse of two characters that we haven't seen before in the promo materials. Here they are: Thanks to catpawcatwall on the Fire Emblem subreddit for making the post: Source: According to the OP on Reddit, the characters' names are:
  11. Some players have already ripped tracks from the game, the reveal trailer music included.
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