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  1. Pulled legendary again because l.tiki (and duma) merges + naga Blue + colorless only: 710 orbs - 20 heroes (~36 orbs/5*) b.hector x6 l.tiki x 4 ny.laevatein x 3 naga x 3 velouria x 2 ny.gunthra x 1 duma x 1 PS i summon first naga after ~320 orbs
  2. nah, high fps not work with stock memu for feh
  3. Memu 6.2.3 is out. I enable high fps mode in settings but no fps boost for me
  4. @mental_offence memu 6.1.2, no errors
  5. @ale Open Multi-Memu Press "New" (new mapping) and choose android 7.1 (first time memu download android 7.1 files from internet) Close Multi-Memu Go to folder \memu\image\71\ delete MEmu71-2019030700003FFF-disk1.vmdk and MEmu71-2019030700003FFF-disk2.vmdk copy two *.vdmk files here from microGfor6.1.1(7.1).zip Open Multi-Memu and if you see any instance here, delete. Press "New" (new mapping) and choose android 7.1. Now memu make 7.1 instance with files from microGfor6.1.1(7.1).zip If you have problem with built-in browser (account linking) install chrome from appstore. PS or just use 5.1 guide.
  6. I can confirm memu with lollipop rc5 and microG111.ova don't work after feh 3.4 update. Use latest memu with 5.1 or 7.1
  7. Just tested, work fine for me on memu 6.1.1 + microG5.1
  8. If you have problem with browsrer just install chrome from store and then choose it as a default browser.
  9. Hi mental_offence! If you have time please update memu files for 6.1.0 Thanks.
  10. 350 orbs on 2nd anniversary for duma merges (colorless sniping) jaffar +atk -def merged micaiah +def -atk merged duma +res -spd merged leanne +atk -hp first unit duma +atk -res merged faye +atk -spd my first unit and fs bow fodder No mist, not bad at all.
  11. I start saving orbs after last l.tiki banner (spent ~120 on l.azura, hrid and lene on picture from free pull). It's about 1300 orbs from october. Need 2 more copies to +10. Hoard mode ON.
  12. Spent 1201 orbs on Duma banner because l.tiki rerun! Pull only blue and colorless. My result: l.tiki x 7 duma x 5 hs.ryoma x 5 kliff x 4 s.linde x 3 loki x 2 Total: 26 heroes, awesome result.
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