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  1. As for your last line: 1. The most recent hardest fight I hear of is Kama with 100% event gauge. That one requires stall. a. Obvioulsy the 0% gauge can be cleared through rushing. But since it's a lesser version of the harder fight stalling should work just as well. 2. Nothing in Case Files Collab suggests that stalling wouldn't work. On the other hand I heard nothing of a really tough fight either. 3. CCC rerun had Kingprotea who only leaves 2 options: Either you end her in 1 turn or you stall her out until her gimmick runs out. Both are viable options. 4. Entirety of LB3 (especially that one fight) is considered the biggest difficulty spike post-Skadi. Didn't really found anything but otoh 5. Only the Sherlock CQ matches your description as that one piles up buffs and requires a fast clear. Ironically the first clear I found features Vlad with double Tamamo, so ... So patently false are your claims, I'm afraid. Also, ironically enough, some of the faster Arts team clears I found involve Tamamo, using her NP and damage buffs to ensure NPs in quick succession while being massively buffed from her skills. So this comes as very funny to me: You sure you're not selling Summer BB + Merlin as an Arts team? B stands for Buster, you know? tbh I'm very skeptical about your claims of JP because on paper while it seems a lot different from the current NA format (ST -> AoE shift being the biggest culprit) nothing suggests that it becomes that much harder and phases out existing teams. If anything I suspect that the Skadi rush lead people to use the more comfortable option rather than actually working out a stall team (because that's the majority of clears I found). Plus you see Honako still doing 1-3* clears so everything is more than manageable. Honako wins. Fatality. ----------------- Yes. In NA: Yan Qing: 20158 Kojiro (NP5, no grail): 22306 Yan Qing is unfortunately pretty underwhelming and post-buff the gap becomes even more favorable for Kojiro (because he got an actual NP strengthening). Even with his skill upgrade Yan Qing is ... just there. For all intents and purposes Hassan is a better choice if you need someone who can supply stars and not only is he far more durable, he has a cheap deployment cost as well. This holds especially true once he gets buffed, making one of the best star generators in the game.
  2. On the other hand none of the others can provide skill upkeep at the levels of her. Which can include Crit buffs and batteries from other sources. With the exception of Merlin they also lack her capability of providing consistent sustain. Skadi and Zhuge Liang have defense buffs but that's hardly a replacement and precisely the reason why these two ultimately fail at certain type of quests (at least Skadi, Zhuge Liang usually leeches off from another Support). And this kind of thinking made stop caring because in the grand scheme of things no strategy is better or worse than the other. The FGO "meta" doesn't exist in the first place and there is no need to establish one. "Blitzing" might be better for most quests but then outright fails in others. How can this be the "superior" strategy? It fails to cover a portion of the game. On the other hand "slow-play" will always work. It takes time (Jeanne teams especially *cough*) but you will complete the quest in a reliable manner. Pre-Skadi (or even Pre-Merlin) era is the perfect proof that it works and even now Arts team are seeing widespread use, even in JP (which means less relevant doesn't apply in the first place). Considering there is demand for them dismissing them is incredibly foolish. This obviously doesn't excuse actual bad Servants. e.g. Osakabehime, Yu and Miyu are still very much bad for gameplay purposes and there exists a relative scale of whether something is better or worse (nobody is stupid enough to put Hans over Merlin). It's the reason why I created my F2P list in the first place. But in case of these Casters; e.g. Tamamo in particular may lack the sheer broken skill sets of Merlin or Skadi but on the other hand she is very much carried by what kind of Servants you pair her up with and she ultimately makes up an important for 2 of 3 commonly used Arts teams. By that point we're comparing card teams and in my eyes it's so unnecessary to discuss this. EDIT: My head hurt after typing this wall above. Now I got a seizure trying to comprehend the individual who mashed all these sci-fi franchises together. Just ... why?
  3. I mean one could say Tamamo still covers most of the important bases and can be used in all kinds of CQ while Skadi fails at anything that requires endurance. So Skadi <<< Tamamo, right? tbh the more I hear these kind of discussions or arguments about those 4 I grow more apathetic to them. As I said, Altera did this before and she didn't go anywhere. Arthur only has his battery over her and that's not that much of a difference. Die in a fire. ... why must MHXA reference the Avengers again? I thought she was based of another franchise. Hold it, Satan. Stop breaking the game when we don't have to. As long as we don't ram the buff cap (which never happens unless you deliberately try to reach it) more damage isn't exactly bad. If anything it is another source of Crit Dmg she would lack without Merlin or Zhuge Liang around. Though I don't see the reason why she is the one who gets an upgrade, especially through an Interlude. There are so many other Servants that need heavy touch-ups
  4. Aside from Raikou all of them fall into the category of "not critting" though so it's still a very questionable Strengthening round. Scratch that, this round is just bad. DW still trying to salvage Osakabehime. Cute. Arthur's ... ok, I suppose? 30 Stars every 5 turns is pretty good but the Crit buff doesn't do much for him with him lacking a way to improve his star weight. At the very least his NPBB is going to hit hard but he is more in need of a NP Interlude. As it is Altera is just better at being the AoE Crit Saber (whatever that niche is worth) at the virtue of having Merlin around. MHX Alter's puzzling, to say the least. A small Crit buff distributed to all of her card types is not good. This is one of the most wasteful buffs, DW has ever given out. Wu's Strengthening is interesting in a sense that she already provides a solid damage buff for her team, now she can remove buffs on top of that. I would say she is the winner- oh wait there's one more. Raikou's stupid. She is that one Berserker who doesn't need to get better. Why was this necessary again? Yeah, it's not like she doubles NP damage with her skills, right? Oh wait, she does. The only thing that really sucks about her is Morph. At the very least you can just give her a Taunt CE and let her soak up damage.
  5. Final tally says 669M+ damage. Sweet Revenge. CQ went relatively smoothly aside from Ibaraki randomly critting away Gil. Only meant that in the end Bedivere could slap her in the face. Satisfying enough I suppose. I also wasted my accumulated tickets to get Gorgon or Stheno on the 6M campaign but I only have NP4 Elisabeth and a copy of Origin Bullet to show. Meh. My random spending will spell my doom once October hits. --------
  6. Well, that's what I meant. Plus Alexander does a lot more damage than Blackbeard besides his buffs so there should be a tier difference between these two and him. I can see that. Kiyohime doesn't outdamage him significantly and she just has marginally better NP gain which probably won't matter much for farming purposes. Stalking is an ok def debuff but it's just another small win. Yeah, I'll move him up. For Touta I'm waiting for his NP Interlude before placing him in B-Tier. Fergus on the other hand is a bit iffy. He is essentially pure stats and little else. Compared to everything in B-Tier he does pale a bit. On the other hand Boudica gives the team a 44% damage increase vs Mash's 30%. Her values on her defense buffs are better overall but Boudica's is still good enough to ensure survival through buff stacking during NP turns. I would say Boudica is B-Tier, she does work as a Support despite being largely NP-reliant and even though it's not that special it's better than being entirely vanilla-flavoured. This is an interesting statement considering I don't see anyone really use Mephisto besides in very specific quests (e.g. Solomon). He can be useful againt break bars but most of the time there are other sources for combating buffs so he is pretty niche. Not to mention it comes at the expense of him heavily lacking in other areas like his bad NP. That being said I'm probably moving him up to C since he can potentially see more use than anything in D-Tier right now when it comes to CQ. No to that last statement. He is absolutely not A-Tier. Even post-Strengthening this guy has severe issues, starting from his terrible NP to unreasonable skill CD. His NP gain is especially bad for a Caster. I could see him post-buff in B at best as he does contribute to certain farming setups (like Summer Mordred) but this guy is not viable for anything else. Looking at what A-Tier has Paracelsus is significantlly worse. Also if I calculated correctly Paracelsus deals 19920 damage with Grail, 25896 with Waver buffs. That's very underwhelming, even pre-Strengthening Babbage without Grail has the about the same damage output under the same conditions. It's not like Paracelsus has great refund and RDW has a massive CD tacked on it so basically Black Grail only makes him comparable to any other Servant with Kaleidoscope. This is an argument against him tbh, though I guess being somewhat useable for farming has its merits. And she does nothing else. That's her biggest problem. max. 60% debuff for 1 turn and 40% for 3 turns isn't anything to scoff at but when it comes at the expense of everything else this becomes problematic for her viability. It is also only applicable against males and against non-males it becomes 40%, then 20% which is a lot worse to look at (and the 3-turn debuff is ST). Also compared to Mephistopheles (who imo has the same problem) her niche is a lot more replaceable (basically stack 2 Charisma for the same result) and considering that her drawbacks weigh heavier. So with most of the input in mind:
  7. Thinking about my list a bit more I think need to introduce a new tier. I abhor introducing more tiers than necessary but seeing how inflated B-Tier and revisiting some placement relations between B and C-Tier let me come to this conclusion. Best example for my problem is Romulus vs Hektor. The latter is better but not by that much that it would warrant a entire tier difference . Damage-wise Romulus without Privilege lags behind ~800 points with Hektor having some few small wins in better NP effects. Both have pretty mediocre skills. Another one is Blackbeard vs Medusa/Alexander. He does similar amount of damage to the former but lacks her Np gain + battery while Alexander outdamages him by a noticeable amount while providing 2 team-wide buffs. In everything else he is much worse due to being a 2*. So I would re-arrange the list like this: Any thoughts?
  8. After spending all my current rice supply on today's raid I'm now at over 320M damage. Today's release of a certain series describes this perfectly:
  9. On the other hand Yu's biggest limitation is the buff removal on her NP. If you take that out of the picture she is at the very least workable with her decent skills and if they bundle it with a NP Interlude to mitigate her horrible Atk stat there's an elegant solution for her. Miyu, however, makes me wonder: Where do you even start? 2 of her skills makes no sense for her role and even if you remove the massive HP cost from her NP it's just a worse version of Merlin's.
  10. The same people who made Miyu. Everything balances itself out in the end. ----- I'm a bit over 120M now, still got all the riceballs. Probably will use my current supply for the next day since it drops Proofs (and Lamps I don't need but w/e), the rest of them will be burned on the last day (Gears + Hearts). Also finished my 4th Grail Servant with Leonidas using the shop EXP. Good stuff, now I just need to bully Ibaraki for the Lores. What's everybody doing with their daily AP? I found myself a new hell in Proofs and doing the Pirate Ship node robbed me my sanity once again. tbf I've got nothing else to do, I'm done with all the Interludes and Rank-Up Quests I could unlock so far.
  11. Yeaaaaaah, not to be rude but the fact that Silque is not S while relatively replaceable combat units place above her doesn't really bode well with the whole "efficiency" criteria. You also need a better format, the list is hard to read. Regarding the branching promotions; most of the Villagers end up very similarly due to the way class bases overtake growths in this game. Only few stand out in their respective branches (e.g. Mage!Tobin, Cleric!Faye) so it might be a good idea to bundle them up in one category. Here's an example using Alm's route (with explainations for each unit):
  12. They should be separated. You only get access to the entire roster at the very last chapter so it's better to treat each group separately. Good Units (Alm): - Alm (very strong start, falls off during late Ch.3/early Ch.4 due to low movement and being dependent on his growths, picks up again in the lategame after promotion to Hero, getting access to Bows) - Merc!Grey (Levin Sword carries him throughout the game and Dread Fighters are very useful in Ch.4) - Silque (Warp) Good Units (Celica): - Saber (perfect availability, solid start, Dread Fighter are (again) a very strong class) - Palla (flier are so valuable on Celica's chapters because of the constant sand and swamp terrain, Falcon Knight also gains bonus damage against terrors) - Catria (Palla-lite but still very good) Generally considered "Bad Units": - Forsyth (underwhelming base level, Knights have low mov in a game that heavily favors mobility, bad res will get him killed against witches) - Boey (very weak start, doesn't get his good spells until much later and even then he is not great) - Est (while she is a flier she comes horribly underleveled to the team)
  13. Relevant Support Line-Up: - Merlin with MLB Carp - Gilgamesh with MLB Shana-O - Scáthach with MLB Shana-O - Zhuge Liang with MLB Carp Gilgamesh + Merlin + Zhuge Liang ends the Bully node in 2-3 turns. Fastest clear on 3 BP was 6(?) turn-ish, Gil had NPBB with Hero Creation. Mystic Code was the Anniversary Blonde. I'm probably sticking to 2 BP you still ram the damage point ladder with that node and it's more BP efficient for currency from what I gather. Oh, Ibaraki, I'm going to bully you to death. *insert gilgamesh laugh*
  14. @JSND Alter Dragon Boner Yeah, my biggest issues with him is his subpar durability and a certain reliance on passive star gen to fully take advantage of his offensive capabilities. They can be circumvented but it requires specific partners and that limits potential team compositions with him. I find it even weirder if people have 10/10/10 NP2+ Servants but don't do their Interludes or Rank-Up Quests. -------- *crawls out of hell* ~130 Bones, ~100 Horseshoes and ~20 Hearts for 20 Silver and 35 Golden Apples was a good haul overall (can't say how many Fangs I got, my storage says 100+ now). Though I should have spent more apples on the Bone node since I'm stuck on Drake's 2nd Ascension (22 bones, ugh). Bone hell never ends. Not going to farm the rest of the Hunting Quest, the drops don't interest me at all. The extra gold EXP was very welcome for my stragglers (Karna, Suzuka, BB) and the rest of my F2P roster. I had enough to start leveling up my gacha SRs, with Atalante, Martha, Carmilla and Cas Gil being at max. level now. 160M QP isn't looking that great but it's the Lores that limit me. With the current prospect I'll probably continue to raise my 2nd Archive since I don't have anything worthwhile left to raise with the EXP from coming events and montly shop. But first I will focus on feeding Leonidas to 90. Speaking of which: It's time to bully Bananas again. 22.05 will mark the start of Rashomon re-run. Onigashima was also announced but no ETA yet (probably on the 31th or the week after). Probably means we will get Agatha mid-June so they have everything ready for the Anniversary. We also get 10 free SQ from the panel and another 10 from the 700 days Anniversary arriving on the 25th. Good stuff. EDIT: @Tolvir Just a heads-up, I think your Support row is messed up. You have a bunch of slots without CEs.
  15. He is not going to be alone for long, Columbus will join him soon enough. I won't include Salieri, Izou and Red Hare either. Though I guess if someone is interested: - Gilles: D - Columbus: B - Salieri: A/EX (probably A though) - Izou: A - Red Hare: B This is probably how I would place them on the list if they were fully accessible to F2P.
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