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  1. This hack was just flat out beautiful. A great story, wonderful characters, it made me smile plenty of times. I absolutely loved the interactions that Vance and Ava had, the pacing was great and the character growth showed marvelously. The way every chapter and interaction flowed just felt appropriate, and I enjoyed every second of it. I think the only real problem I had was Aaron, as the gaiden chapters made it sound like he was gonna have a bigger part in the story, but he kinda just... dropped off after he joined the main team, minus the interactions he had with other Aksum characters. The difficulty was good, but I feel it kinda spiraled from difficult in the first parts to not very challenging at the endgame. That may just be from me getting heavily rng screwed in the first part though, I'm not sure. Either way, the game was magnificent; it's probably my favorite Hack, and it might just work it's way up there to one of my favorite games. Marvelous job!
  2. What music was the Braxian's Boss theme from? Its sooo gooooood
  3. Small update: Just to show that the project is indeed being worked on. Green Highlights means it's already been implemented Orange Means that it is being worked on, but not by me, and has a Not applicable time of being released Red means that I can't do it as I have been unable to purchase the full version of srpg studio yet. I'll be able to very soon, but at the moment, it is not possible. Story wise, I am working on the finer details, I just haven't put it in the game yet.
  4. I should have mentioned this, but I didnt think to since it was such a quick change- I have added weapon level AND build to be shown, and I changed pursuit values so it can be done by anybody, although at the moment- only Zacke can double. Plot Introduction will include the tutorial you were asking about.
  5. Hello there! Some people might have seen me in the concepts part of the forum, but my name is Justin Dreams, an aspiring story teller. This is my first attempt at any kind of fire emblem fan project, and the main idea is to work on my story telling. The Desert's Rebellion is a introduction of sorts to what I would like to be a series, featuring the adventures of Miclas and Tsura. The Desert's Rebellion will tell the tale of how the two met, and worked together to free their country, Uhai, from the Emperor of Zunbae, a rival nation. A 'brief' summary: What we currently have- A Demo! A very alpha state demo at that. I wanted to get this out for one main reason- to show dedication. I'm no good at making sprites- as I've discovered, and Im still very new to game balancing and level design, so I want to show Im dedicated to this project, so that other people who may want to help will know that efforts will not go to waste. Dropbox download- You need the srpg studio to play the game atm, but the demo version is free, and you can play it on that Current Changes that will be fixed in the next version: Please note that story and narration has not been added to the story yet, but will be by the next playable version Conclusion Like I said, I'm still very new to this, so any and all criticism I'm in desperate need for, so please feel free to message me or post here about anything! Screenshots Credits
  6. I've officially made a demo- and with that, I'm going to be closing this thread and posting a new one in the project one- with a playable demo and such.
  7. Campaign chapters are like fe4 in design, but I dont intend for them to be supersized. A brief description of Campaign chapters: They are the biggest chapters out of all the others, but they're not to the size of fe4, I dont think. They will feature multiple goals, usually about 3, but I think I gave the first one 4, usually pertaining to mid bosses guarding areas. To keep them interesting, events would happen every map, like the wild animals I described earlier, and(If I can figure out how to do it) fog of war chapters. In play testing the first one, it took me about 15 turns on average, but usually I was using the prepremotes to test if events would trigger and so forth. If I could make fog of war work, then it would last a tad bit longer. Thanks to limited vision. Also all the enemies were using the same weapons and I intend to change that.
  8. Im going to be completely honest, setting bases had never occured to me until I read this. Like I had a general idea of what bases enemies and units would have, thanks to the Gba games, but Ive so far been going in and just deciding what I wanted the enemies to have base wise. In recent news, over break Ive created a rough draft of how I want every chapter to go. Said rough draft includes: 29 chapters, including a Prologue, a small side quest chapter, and the finale. 3 Major Antagonists, and a Final Antagonist 7 Campaign Chapters that mirror fe4's maps. 6 City chapters that have a seperate goal to obtain 2 Cave chapters with different kinds of enemies 5 Simple Sieze maps 3 Boss fight chapters And then some Also created 8 more player units who will appear at various times
  9. Currently just the Demo. Im waiting just a little longer to get the full version; some financial things need to be finalized, what with the holidays and all
  10. Update: Gave up on sprites for now. Will do that another day. Currently I am working on Chapter 3, er Chapter 2 if you don't count the prologue. Said Prologue and Chapter 1 are almost completely done, minus a few things. Chapter 2 would also be done if I could figure out how to make shops work. Initially, I wanted to try and get a very alpha version of the first 5 chapters out, but I leave on a roadtrip tomorrow, so if I can get Chapter 2 completely finished before I leave, I will post said demo for people to maybe try out and test for me. If all goes according to plan, said demo will include: 3 Semi Unique Chapters, each with different objectives. 11 Playable Characters, 10 of which you get at the start of their respective chapters Skills and Prf weapons for most characters Unique bases and growths Some other beta stuff. Another issue with chapter 2 Im having is getting the units to enter a specific zone and make an event happen. So far I've resorted to just setting a 1 hp 0 bases character there for you to easily bop, which will trigger the event. Can't figure out chests either. Am using Srpg Studio to create this
  11. I would very much appreciate any and all help. The more I work on sprites, They will begin to look better, I hope
  12. Thank you very much! I played around with it for a bit and got a feel for what I was doing, and there is a noticeable difference. It looks really good. Here's Tsura's old design vs the current that I have. Might change the colors around some more, but it just looks so much nicer. I've also considered aging Miclas and Tsura up, but only by a little. I still want them to be very young when they meet. If I change them, they'll be 13 at the oldest.
  13. Tsura's body is Leila's, Miclas's parts are: Head: Ewan Hair: Guy Body: Fir
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