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  1. I got Blender and Maya on my computer, I just dont know how to use them X). I haven't tried learning them yet mostly because my time is constrained right now and I am just trying to make progress on my current work before learning new software. Thanks very much for the info though!
  2. I currently use Sketchup. Which cannot animate, UV properly, nor rig. I plan to learn a program like Blender or Maya to learn how to do that kind of stuff. Right now, I am focusing on the world for my OoT Project. But after that, I will pursue my take of a Fire Emblem game with an N64 look.
  3. I love Thracia. Ever since I have played it, I wanted to make a hack of it. Here's to Emblem Chronicles VII!
  4. Hello everyone. As you may have seen from my other thread, I work on an ocarina of time project. In recent events of me learning and modeling NPCs for that project, it had made me remember my ideas I had for an FE5 Hack. Fire Emblem 5 is my favorite Fire Emblem and every since I have played it, I had wanted to make a rom hack for it. I had an idea similar to, I think Arch made it I am not sure, Elibean Nights. It would have been called "Thracian Nights." (Very not stealing I know.) Fast forward to forgetting about that and modding OoT for 2 years, I have came to remember my ideas for an FE5 hack and my brain had a flood of ideas go to it. Some of which I had articulated into a 3D Model and let me show you all (Please note some are more done than others and I do plan to go back and finish the others and I am not a very good texture artist, so sometimes I make due with what I have.)
  5. Hello everyone, I have been itching to show off my work for my ongoing Ocarina of Time Mod. Right now, I am not too keen on showing off or revealing the story, but I will share some WIP overworld areas. Some of these maps are older than others but they all retain quality that I deem to be shareable. These will and do work on a real N64, some videos were recorded on an emulator but every new video will be hardware recorded. I hope you all enjoy!
  6. Normal Mode: Have a character for every single weapon type. Hard Mode: Use the toughest MFs I got.
  7. IDK if you have started yet, but from my experience starting a project with OoT, you tend to learn as you go. So being resourceful of knowledge and info always helps. Asking questions is never a bad thing, asking people for opinions on things, finding your vision. Stuff like that goes a long way. Above all, a good work ethic above anything else.
  8. Book 2: Ogma, Navarre, Every pegasus sister (Maybe except Est), Siriuis, Merric, and Linda are must use.
  9. I could post music all day in this topic since video game music is one of my favorite genres. I'll share one of my favorites from the Legend Nobuo Uematsu.
  10. Ike is already a Tank by the time you get Haar. I ahven't played PoR in some time but maybe Soren will benefit from it more being more fragile?
  11. How has this been coming along? I eagerly awate its release.
  12. I have been unable to make a new topic, does anyone know a fix for this?
  13. I have not been able to make any topics. Everytime I try to check a forum to post in, nothing gets selected. Can anyone help with this?
  14. Those. Look. REALLY GOOD so far - I love the desolate, eerie vibe coming from them - I'd love to see an FE hack from you!! Welcome! I can't wait to see more content from you :D Thank you! When tools become available to modify FE5, then I'll make an FE hack. For now, OoT all day baby.
  15. Hello everyone, I am Killgore52, or call me Erik. I am an Ocarina of Time Modder. I make custom maps in Sketchup and import them into OoT, I had even made a few videos of WIP builds of maps and uploaded them onto youtube. Since my junior year of high school, I have wanted to make an N64 Zelda Hack and an FE5 hack since those are on my list of favorite games. After seeing Emblem Chronicles 7, my Fire Emblem love has been reignited and in the future, I'd like to make an FE5 hack (I have heard it is difficult to hack that game because it doesn't have pointers.) In the mean time, take a look at my OoT content.
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