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  1. Never said they couldn’t. I just find it funny that they’re complaining about a popular tellius lord getting more alts. *shrugs* He’s always placed top 15 even after the th influence and Mia mostly top 20 sooo... I would say, sorens a little more popular.
  2. Lol I find this so funny. Micaiah is WAY MORE- Way more popular than Elincia. She’s has always place in the top 10 and even place first in the last poll whereas Elincia has never place top 20 hell not even top 30, so your complaining about Mic getting more love than her is kinda weird. Popular characters get more attention and that’s a fact. And micaiah and Soren are the two most popular tellius characters after Ike.
  3. They maybe two saperate games but the Tellius saga is considered one as a whole. Micaiha plays a much bigger role then Elincia. I just feel like Elincia is more of a plot important character like sanaki, Tibarn etc that how I viewed it. Most people here view her as a Lord so I added her.
  4. Azura isn't a protagonist though. The reason why i didn't add Elincia is because regardless of her importance and prominent role, she isn't actually a protagonist of Por or Rd. She's more of a plot important character. Micaiha is the female lead of the radiant Saga, that's the reason I left Elincia off. I'll edit her in...if so many of you want her.
  5. I'm a fast typer and apparently I didn't press the 'i' and failed to notice oops ^^; ...i edited it now.
  6. Almost every Fire Emblem title has a leading Male and Female protagonist. So as the title suggests, Which Female protagonist is your favourite and why. Since I don't know anything pre Binding blade so I have no idea if they have female protagonists thus didn't include them in the poll. Caeda and Lilina aren't Protagonists so they aren't included either.
  7. Awakening and Fates get a lot of slack in terms of its story telling and writing which I agree the writing has lost quality over the years. I want to know what most of the community see as the golden standard for a good Fe story?
  8. Couldn't have said it better. XD especially the awakening bit. The only thing i would change is putting binding blade in worst tier. Awakening and binding blade is 100% my least fav cast out of all. Well you do have a point there. :|
  9. I think the main prob with Roy is, all he does is discuss the current situation in every conversation he's in and that's it. No emotions, no changes just discussing the current situation. This makes him pretty boring...in my opinion that is.
  10. Yeh but he's so smug I instantly disliked him but maybe I'll give it a go if I'm able to withstand his 'oh I'm right and you'll all wrong' attitude. I'm going to give it a try, thank you so much for the recommendation. :D
  11. Never knew Fe 4 had a manga, that would be cool to read as I haven't played the game. I completely agree about Fe 6, they're every generic as well much like SD, so I have no opinion of them I did like Miledy and Zeiss.
  12. I liked blazing sword cast a lot as well. Echoes cast was entertaining but most of them were just bland. Haven't really played pre Fe 6 games so can't say anything about Geneolgy. Cool choices, thank you for answering. :D Kinda dislike him so I'll pass.... I liked a lot of characters in sov, I mean a lot but most of them were just forgotten in the long run e.g. Cliff. And most were forgettable. I like berkut as a villain ;-;...haha but you're right, voice acting helped a lot to personalise each character. I have to 100% agree with this, Archanea really didn't flesh out any character that I have absolutely no opinion of them... I tend to find all of tharja's support chains crappy and utterly disturbing. XD awakening had a few entertaining support here and there but minority of them were so gimmicky that I just dislike them all xD except Henry. As for fates, I think the royals save it from rock bottom because most of them were pretty well done. This was a fun read, thanks so much for responding. :D 100% accurate but I seriously had no opinion of them as they were so bland. So I guess I can't even express a hate emotion to them. That's fair XD
  13. As the title suggests, which emblem game do you feel like did its characters justice. And which Fe has the worst cast of characters? Personally, I feel like Fe 9/10 had the best, most well written cast of characters and awakening and shadow dragon had probably the worst.
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