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  1. I am so tired of hearing this criticism cause for one it’s not really a criticism at all and I find it to be more of an insult to the writers if anything. You can boil anything down to a surface level. I can say that Severa is nothing more than a shallow cliche tsundere with nothing else to her or that Inigo is just a shallow skirt chaser character when to say that would be to completely ignore all the subtle nuances, complexities, and layers of depth these characters do in fact have if you bothered to look beyond the surface. Frankly, I find it insulting to the creator that you would ignore the effort put into writing these characters just to boil them down to a one note gimmick without bothering to look any deeper. If there is actually nothing there(like with Kellam) fair enough but at least try to make that effort instead of reading one support and writing them off completely. There is nuance here. You have to look for it though
  2. I wouldn’t say that support falls apart because what Virion says does make sense for Robin’s character regardless of if there’s perma-death or not. Robin does not like sacrificing people. He’s unwilling to intentionally take that risk even if it sometimes happens which is why Virion continuously beats him. Virion is willing to sacrifice his own pieces for the sake of victory which is true to his character(he did that when he fled Roseanne). Robin is not which is true to how we as players play the game. Y’know constantly restarting every time a character dies so we can win without any casualties. Sacrificing a soldier may win him a battle in some cases but Robin refuses to throw someone’s life away for that purpose. He’d rather find a different strategy that involves keeping everyone alive which in that sense makes him the better tactician on the actual battlefield but not a very practical one in regards to actual strategy like on a gameboard. Hell this is something Severa even calls him out for in their B-support where in she says: ”Oh. My. Gawds. Are you serious?! You think you can win a war with pretty ideals and zero casualties? Wake up! You think the war fairy is gonna come flying over and sprinkle victory dust everywhere? ...This isn't about the plan at all, is it? You're just making fun of ME! Well, I'm sorry if I'm not as smart as my mother!”
  3. I mean personally I’m not bothered by it because the supports are still well written in any case and awakening’s story is very shounen-esque so some of the zaniness is to be expected. I mean it can’t be too doom and gloom all the time. Levity is important to the tonal balance of any story. But different strokes for different folks I guess
  4. Even so all these issues are not exclusive to awakening but rather the series as a whole. Canonically speaking none of the characters actually die(unless stated otherwise like with all the first generation in Lucina’s future) cause if that were the case I should be complaining about Hardin showing up in new mystery because I killed him off in my shadow dragon play through. Because permadeath innately relies on player skill and choice, the writers have no way of knowing whether a character is dead or alive or how many characters died in any given chapter and to account for all that would be too much unnecessary work. Why else do you think side characters don’t show up in story cutscenes cause the story has to account for their “deaths”. And even if this was exclusive to awakening you also have to remember casual mode exists and again the writer has no way of knowing if the player is playing classic or casual so might as well just ignore pemadeath all together cause it’s a lot simpler to do that. Every Fire Emblem game does this. It’s not exclusive to awakening. But that’s just a fact of life though, there are about 8 billion people on this planet meaning there are about 8 billion potential romantic interests for any person on this planet. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here because it doesn’t make sense. Yeah there are plenty guys or girls in the world I can date so does that mean any relationship I get into isn’t genuine because there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Like what are you even complaining about?
  5. I’m sorry but this complaint doesn’t make any sense. It feels like you’re reaching here. No game other than maybe echoes or the tellius games bother to acknowledge permadeath at all through its other characters. So by the logic here, the characters of Blazing blade, SS, new mystery, shadow dragon, SS, etc. are all sociopaths because the developers didn’t think to program a line or two in there for them to acknowledge the death pf their comrade. Again to my knowledge the tellius games and echoes are the only ones to do this. Also wtf about the S-supports?! Yeah everyone can marry everyone but that doesn’t make everyone a harem lord like what are you even saying?! That’s like saying I am attracted to multiple different girls therefore I’m some kind of skirt chaser or sexual deviant um no that’s not how that works. Like it’s just shipping fodder like dude it’s not that serious. I don’t know how you ended up at that conclusion. I think it’s implied that no one actually died during that little skirmish. Maybe heavily wounded but not dead at least I don’t think so. Besides the map objective is just simply “defeat the commander” who is alive afterwards so again I don’t think anyone actually died here. Like I don’t really understand what exactly you’re complaining about. You do realize the dlc is completely optional right? 1. you don’t have to buy it. 2. The timing of which it takes place is left vague enough to the point where it can happen at anytime during the story. It could just as well happen after Emmeryn’s death as it could happen after Grima is defeated. It’s left open ended like that for a reason. Again not an actual criticism.
  6. Then let’s see, I dunno Byleth maybe. I feel like this prompt would be fun to do with avatar characters.
  7. You’ve played Persona 5, right? Then I’ll put you into Akechi. I’ll choose a different character of you have yet to play at least the vanilla version of the game
  8. Severa would actually be worse, frankly I just don’t think I’m all that interesting a person to write about in this context. Like I said not my thing.
  9. Ehhh I just wouldn’t know what to write about really. I’ll try but I make no promises
  10. Certainly an interesting prompt but I dunno about this one. Well whoever wants to pick a character for me is free to do so. This is one of those prompts that I just can’t seem to hammer out an idea for more than like 200-ish words not to sound rude. It’s just a personal thing. I can try but I may just sit out again. I just personally don’t find myself an interesting person to write about in this context if I’m being honest but don’t let my grievances stop everyone else from participating.
  11. Cliche as it may be I still love it all the same. I honest to god don’t understand this obsession people have with gritty realism or whatever. What the hell is wrong with a light hearted story where the strength in ones bonds is used to help overcome one’s struggles?! I think we need more stories like that especially in these times. Not everything needs to be tragic grimdark. It’s no more hamfisted than characters tragically dying at the end of the story for the sake of shock value or subverting expectations. Don’t get me wrong I like me a good tragedy but there’s nothing quite like a story where characters overcome their struggles by confiding and trusting in each other. They fight on despite the odds because of something they wish to protect. One final stand to fight for the bonds they believe in. To fight to protect what they hold dear. The idea that someone will always be with you and fight by your side no matter what which fills you with the strength and determination to stand against all obstacles. That to me is a beautiful message worth telling and why I love stories like that. Humans are social creatures after all. Loneliness is something that can drive us mad if left unchecked.
  12. Here’s a question what’s wrong with the power of friendship? The power of friendship is great. I dunno about you but I personally love seeing characters show that they care for each other. Show that they can share their pain with one another and not have to suffer through the painful sting of loneliness and despair. Loneliness is one of the most painful forms of human suffering and I like seeing characters overcome that. It’s sweet and heartwarming. It’s also a message everyone could stand to hear. Why does everything need to be so dark and gritty all the time? Like shit, I wanna see characters crying over the realization that they don’t have to carry their burdens by themselves any longer and can share that burden with others.
  13. Maybe everyone is just in a heat haze, it’s been one of those days for me at least. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a black cat to attend to
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