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  1. I feel like Ike is overrated but I have nothing against him personally. He’s pretty standard as far as protagonists go and not much else to say beyond that. He’s not a bad character by any means just generic. Nothing else to say about him really. I feel like he’s overhyped(and personally I find Chrom to be the more compelling character) but that by no means makes him bad.
  2. Banned because sorcerers are kind of broken in awakening
  3. Banned because in the Japanese version of the first movie Mew says that all unnatural life(I.e. clones) are inferior to the originals and should perish
  4. Banned because Mew is racist
  5. Why do you assume it's black people and not those crafty Ainu, with their hairy bodies and desires for rights and stuff. Y’know that would make a lot of sense if the Laguz were based more on the Emishi and Ainu considering it is a Japanese game and all that.
  6. Fair enough but that’s not what I necessarily meant. We hear all the time about Brigid, dagda, and Almyra but we never see those places even when they’re supposedly relevant. Also the maps that supposedly take place in these locations as well as ones that supposedly take place in Fargheaus or the empire are incredibly generic and don’t show us much of anything of what these places are like. For as Lackluster as Fates’s world building is at least it had enough sense to give each country you visit a unique sense of visual identity. The world just feels so hollow and empty. We get a detailed history of the world but we’re told that’s all a lie and we’re given to no explanation beyond so fuck if I know anything about Foldlan or it’s surrounding neighbors because the game doesn’t show or tell you much of anything. Like I said the world feels so hollow and empty when it really shouldn’t given all the information we have on it. The only time I’ve seen a racism metaphor with “animal people” done well in any kind of fantasy setting is one piece and how Oda portrays discrimination against the fishman. I don’t think PoR handles it horribly mind you but it definitely could use some more nuance.
  7. Okay that’s cool and all but how much of that world building is actually shown and/or is relevant to 3H’s narrative. Almost none of it, really.
  8. Is there a bit in Echoes that assumes you've done Side-content? I didn't notice. By the end of the story Alm apologizes for being wrong. The story is assuming he made a mistake of some kind or failed somehow along his path but he never does unless of course you fail to save Mathilda or Delthea. That’s the only time Alm ever screws up but Y’know that’s “optional” so not everyone is going to experience it but the game is written on the assumption that he did fail when he never did so....
  9. (CoughechoesCough) I agree I don’t even enjoy playing 3H but I do agree that the story is kind of trash. It has interesting ideas but the story’s structure is just a mess
  10. The hardest ones are Inigo, Nah, and Severa. There are a good number of easy ones though by that point in the game like Owain’s paralogue or Kjelle’s. Gerome, Noire, and Brady are difficult but manageable. Also Yarne’s map is as difficult as you want it to be. Laurent’s is also pretty easy.
  11. Banned because there’s no such thing as an invalid feeling just simply poor phrasing
  12. You’re not the only one she is third best awakening girl for me honestly(only being beat out by Severa and Lucina obviously)
  13. Because miyamoto hates you I don’t understand this ship because whenever I see it I just think it should be LissaxMaribelle because that just makes more sense. why can’t Maribelle just admit that she’s gay for Lissa?
  14. Awakening is honestly a really special game to me because the message that game presents is one that resonates with me. It gets at feelings that I personally struggle with. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t who I am or what I want to do. The future is just so uncertain and bleak. I don’t know where the hell I’ll end up in life. I want to try new things and motivate myself to be ambitious and take opportunities but for whatever reason I just can’t and that inability feeds into my insecurity. I feel so stagnant like I haven’t improved at all from my past mistakes like I’m stuck in this endless cycle of failure and disappointment. It’s there where awakening means a lot to me. It gives me hope that maybe I can break free from this cycle that I can control my future. That I can forge a path of my own and create a future I can be proud of by overcoming the bumps in the road now. So yeah that’s why awakening means a lot to me.
  15. Well between base Persona 4 and Golden I’d honestly recommend Golden as it is the most definitive and accessible version of the game. I do like P5R more though personally.
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