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  1. isn't currently thinking of everything in water metaphors. (What has fates's story done to me?)
  2. Death note is a pretty fun time if you’re into psychological thrillers and the like though the second half is pretty bad
  3. Really?! That’s horrible. I absolutely loved dragon maid and it’s heartbreaking to see him go like that.
  4. To those people I’d like to point them in the direction of shows like Madoka Magica or Fate/Zero cause just because it’s “anime” doesn’t mean it can’t tell serious or dark stories. Hell the fate series started off as an eroge visual novel of all things. I honestly despise this kind of mentality cause it shows how immature those kinds of people can be
  5. so yeah that happened. Honestly I am utterly heartbroken by the news. As a huge Kyoto animation fan, this news is just terrible. This studio has brought to life so many amazing anime like K-on, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, kobayashi’s dragon maid, a silent voice, and many more. They are also one of the few anime studios who are actually ethical in their treatment of their staff. The arsonist responsible is in police custody but I still wonder what would compel a man to do this. Oh well I just hope the victims and their families are alright
  6. I've been wondering, how did you come to love Severa so much : P? Were you a fan of her character right away? Or did she grew on you with time? Most of my group of friends who also play FE don't really like her for some reason V_V I hope one day they will see the light. 

    1. Ottservia


      It was more so a gradual thing I'd say though I never hated her. Like honestly my first impressions of her were of indifference but she was a powerful unit(like all the kids) so I used her. A few support chains later and yeah then it just kind of spiraled from there. I don't remember the specific support that really did it though. I think it might've been her father support but again I can't really remember. Honestly I do not understand how anyone can read through the entirety of any one of her support chains and say she''s a bad character cause honestly those A-supports are very powerful stuff. Eh whatever opinions will be opinions. When people ask why I like Severa so much I just like to point them towards this fun little song

      If that don't describe her character to a tee, I don't know what does.

  7. I mean they’re not necessarily wrong. If you want my opinion, I personally don’t see any problem with it though. I mean games are still good aren’t they? The very same could be said of many other critically acclaimed franchises such as Persona and once again I really don’t see the problem. What’s the harm in a little fanservice here or there if the core experience is still fun?
  8. My analysis proves those things do not matter to the story's quality. I proved that the characters are perfectly in character within this story. I also proved that the characters making dumb decisions makes sense within the context of the story and its narrative themes. Corrin is rightfully punished for making dumb decisions as deemed by the narrative. Like every single time she fails to see through any kind of deception well somebody pays for it. In failing to see through Iago's illusions, she gets in trouble with the wind tribe. In failing to see through Zola's lies, she fails to assassinate Garon. In failing to see through Flora's lies, she fails to save Flora from her grief and as a result Flora takes her own life. The same thing happens with Xander and Elise. In siding with Hoshido, she fails to see through the deception laid before her by Anankos. That is what birthright's story is about and executes that theme well. It's a good story just gotta look beyond the surface and read between the lines a little bit
  9. I was just listing things other people have criticized the story for not that I actually have said those things myself. In fact, aside from maybe the world building one, I say those critiques are wrong and my analysis sets out to prove that. You ought to read the whole thing before jumping to conclusions like that
  10. Yes, Heirs of fate will be considered though I'll do it after revelations. Azura is an interesting case. Especially when you take into account some of the things that happen in conquest and revelations. I'll have to see how it turns out. I mean she works just fine in birthright though. To be honest I kind of don't blame you on that as fates has I'd say a somewhat hamfisted way of conveying it's themes and ideas. It's also kinda vague about it in some instances(like with Xander and Flora) but eh I still think its decent
  11. Fire Emblem Fates, what else needs to be said? This game’s story has been critically panned by virtually everyone in the fire emblem community. From its characters acting like idiots and out of character, to its lack of world building, to it’s very lackluster villains, and to its many plot holes. But is the story really that bad? Do the things people criticize this story for hold any weight? Well that’s what I’m here to answer. Is fates’s story good? Does this story explore the themes and ideas it wants to explore in a clear competent and nuanced manner without contradicting itself? Well, to that I’d say yes, it sort of does, and I’m here to explain why. Fates is a story about being able to look beyond the surface deception of black and white in order to find the truth in the gray hidden beneath. A couple notes before we begin. In regards to lost in thoughts all alone I will be looking primarily at the official english Lyrics. I will, however, bring up the literal japanese translation and even Amanda Lee's version when relevant. Also for the sake of convenience, I will hereby be referring to Corrin as a ‘she’ throughout this analysis. Everything I say can also apply to Male Corrin. Also like my awakening analysis, this one will be broken into parts that I will update over the coming weeks because I need to finish playing through all three games. For now though here is my analysis of Birthright. Prologue(chapters 1-6): Part 1: Birthright
  12. Isn’t in the middle of writing a very long-winded essay on the thematic nuances of fates’s story(like shit this game’s story is a lot deeper than I originally thought)
  13. Hmmm I already have one idea that springs to mind maybe even two. Also gosh darn it that’s two prompts now where my “The Sun’s Gentle Hands” story would’ve worked geez.
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