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  1. You and I have very different definitions of ‘cartoon’ aesthetics then cause when I think Fire Emblem I think Shounen anime(with a hint of shoujo and seinen here or there) cause FE is very deeply rooted in that anime aesthetic and live action adaptations of these sorts of things tend to not turn out very well.
  2. Interesting little write up here. Wanna know an interesting little running theme or motif I noticed about a lot of the major characters in this story. It's that all of them are hiding something about themselves. Edelgard and her tyranical ambitions, Dimitri and his dark animilistic tendencies, Claude and his past, Rhea and her goals and motivations, even Byleth with their emotions(it's not conscious mind you but still). Every major character in this game has something hide and they do so by wearing a persona of sorts. A figurative mask if you will or in some cases it's a literal mask like Jeritza, Edelgard or TWSTID. It's all an attempt to hide who they truly are for various reasons. Everyone has some kind of secret that they don't wish to show others and it's only when the timeskip rolls around that those masks begin to wither way(both figuratively and literally). You can only keep up a facade like that for so long after all. It's an interesting point of commonality I noticed.
  3. Prequel to awakening there’s so much potential there WYR: forced to be alone for a week with no interaction with any other human or be forced into constant contact with others for a week?
  4. None needed my dear friend just making a point to look at things in the greater picture is all. What one finds funny is a highly subjective thing which is why Comedy is hard to critique. Dark humor is still humor but to some it’s a bit of a sensitive topic. It’s all a matter of taste at the end of the day.
  5. In this context yes it kinda would be but there are plenty of cartoons and such that make light of death like road runner and Tom and Jerry. A lot of amusement can be found in using death as a punchline
  6. So question @Azure, Roundabouted Out So by canonical does that mean I can’t do something like Owain’s father taking an arrow for his son? Or Laslow dying in Birthright? Cause those are canonical events though they are not explicitly shown just told or strongly implied. Would events like that be considered ‘canonical’?
  7. Yeah but then you have to suffer being sick We live in a world where cute anime girls working out in a gym can get actual neets to do the same.
  8. You have to go to work which is probably exhausting. Madoka Magica is a good show
  9. If that's what you want let's bring yuasa into the director's chair. He'd be a good fit for that(I can't think of any other directors atm that would fit maybe Ito hmm). Or you could just bring in Gen Urobuchi to write an original anime series based on some world building element or something(like Edelgard's past for instance). Now if you want dark and gritty that is the man you should be asking. It's been almost a year and I am still emotionally recovering from rebellion's ending
  10. Poop is stinky Tsunderes are adorable
  11. Can I just step in here to say that Celica is probably the best character from her game cause she really is. Despite how the narrative treats her, she’s arguably the most nuanced and relatable character in SoV’s story simply because she’s allowed to make mistakes and in a vacuum her arc actually works really well as a stand-alone story with a few minor adjustments anyway. Unfortunately, She doesn’t exist in a vacuum. She exists in a story where Alm and Conrad exist. The story is too busy sucking Alm’s dick to really see how both he and Conrad make Celica look far dumber than she actually is. Like there are just so many instances where Conrad blatantly tells her not to do shit because it would be dangerous and she has no reason to not trust him(considering he’s saved her life not too long ago). But she goes and does it anyway because girls aren’t allowed to be smart in this story and make genuine mistakes that feel like their own and arise naturally from deep rooted flaws of their character. Oh no, they have to be idiots that don’t listen to the men obviously trying to help them because of petty bullshit that makes very little sense. Ugh this story makes me angrier than it reasonably should.
  12. alright! this is gonna be fun. Funny thing is I was literally just thinking about this not 10 minutes ago so let's where it goes. Killing off characters is like crack to me and I don't know why
  13. can I just skip the coin toss and just do this cause this one sounds like fun(who wants to see my favorite tsun girl die? it'll kill me on the inside just as much as it would you)
  14. A sort of off shoot of the "which route would an anime adapt?" thread. I propose the question if three houses were to get an anime which studio would you trust best to properly handle such a task? Personally I'd go with Madhouse, Bones, or Ufotable because of their high production values and I feel FE fits the studios' identity.
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