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  1. Why is it whenever I write about fates, that's when I get the most votes? I thought y'all hated fates
  2. I’m honest to god laughing at this. In the entire pass we get nothing but highly requested but completely unexpected third party reps so then what do they do for the final fighter? The complete fucking opposite!! We never saw it coming and that’s honestly hilarious to me. The kings of left field strike yet again
  3. Well looking at the dialogue in the chapter and how the events are presented. Mikoto even when she does tell you the truth is still a puppet of Anankos. A fact she herself states before the chapter begins and up until this point you’ve grown to distrust anyone who is said to be a puppet of his but this one’s a little different. It’s a pretty clever twist because well she builds trust but then ultimately takes it away should you rely on her too heavily. That trust made you let your guard down for which you are punished for it. I feel a quote from Danganronpa can help contextulize this a little better. “Belief without doubt is simply a lie” - Chiaki Nanami. It’s in the players best interest to trust Mikoto at first but one should always keep a healthy dose of doubt. A lesson we see with Anthony as well albeit to much lesser extent. You want to believe in her because she’s helped you before but you must doubt her as well because you can’t have belief without doubt.
  4. Here's the thing about persona dlc though. All of it cosmetic. You don't have to buy it for the complete experience. All it really is just a bunch of cute outfits. Royal is more comparable to "third versions" like emerald, crystal, yellow, etc. because like those games it is an enhanced of an already released game though in my opinion Royal justifies it's $60 price tag more than SWSH does.
  5. Y’know it’s funny that you mention that because originally the idea was to do the same thing but with my own original characters and setting although I couldn’t quite get the feeling I was aiming for without going into a shit ton of backstory detail so I ultimately scrapped it and went with Xander and Corrin instead. Although I don’t see how my last entry was using stuff that was already there at least in the way I think you’re defining it. From what I recall, most of my previous entry was original aside from the characters and setting. The dialogue and stuff was all my own. I get your overall point though. Be more of a story teller rather than a story adapter. Or what about “The price of a wish”? That one was sort of a side story I made with my own original characters in a pre-established setting.
  6. I mean if you watch enough subbed anime like I have, it isn’t too hard to figure out what they’re saying but I get where you’re coming from. I would like dub too tbh
  7. I mean male Idols are great too. I never said they weren't. I'm just saying Atlus are nothing but a bunch of horndogs and Idols are one such way of expressing that
  8. Digimon had some really horny designs that I never quite picked up on as a kid tbh Hey man you can get me to play almost anything with a cute anime girl slapped on the cover, and I mean almost anything. I'm definitely getting the game when it drops later this week.
  9. because japanese idols that's why. I mean seriously what else do you expect out of a banner based on game where all the characters are japanese idols? The cute girls are really the only things people care about in a setting like that because Otaku like me are degenerates
  10. I'm REALLY tempted to pull on this banner simply because of how cute the girls are like god damnit I love them all. But I must stay strong. I really need to play TMS at some point
  11. The poll kinda looks like a tank or a sideways middle finger just a random observation
  12. I wouldn’t say 3H has bad map design just repetitive map design in that you’ll probably seeing the exact same map several times over granted it is somewhat alleviated by having different objectives, starting points, units, etc. but at the end of day it’s still the same exact map which can get pretty tiresome after a while.
  13. I’m very mixed on conquest’s map design personally. I love the early game chapters like chapters 8 and 10 especially because of how much it really tests your ability to think through obstacles with very limited resources. Chapter 10 specifically is probably my favorite map of any game I’ve played(which isn’t saying much I realize but still). The later maps though... Ehhh not as great like especially around chapter 18 and 20 is where things start going from fun and fair difficult to just resorting to bullshit gimmicks that do very little in the grand scheme of things and that’s not even to mention the final map.
  14. Yeah I got that but I dunno I just felt Chrom didn't push it as much as he could've. Maybe I missed something or I'm just too used to anime scenes where characters will literally die trying to snap their friends out of their supposed mind control but the idea didn't quite land with me. *shrug* maybe my critique is off base though. I've been wrong before.
  15. Well if that was the case then maybe go into a little more detail on it. You went into plenty of detail regarding the relationship between the summoner and Grima but Chrom and Grima's relationship didn't get quite the same treatment. I feel you could've made it more clear what the difference was(which I think was about how the summoner liked Grima as Grima and see him as separate from Robin while Chrom is the inverse? Correct me if I'm wrong though) and really tried to emphasize it more.
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