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  1. That Saberlot spook story hurt me to my soul (only ended up with like seven copies of him when I tried to roll Nitocris on her Camelot banners), but he was a beast against Lancer of Purgatorio. That guy is just a whirlwind of death for the three turns he's got his buffs up.
  2. She's such a waifu that she came in my first (and only cause RiP Quartz after summer) 30 roll! Astolfo appearing in the first summon was super scary, but I'm over the moon at how lucky I was to get her without needing to spend any money. Now begins the save for Summer 3...
  3. As if anyone needs any other reason to roll for Parvati besides waifu :' )
  4. No idea why they kept the same class for the third round, but at least Ruler Jeanne is gone from the final wave and Summer Jeanne can actually one-shot it with her NP! The ghosts with their NP drain is beyond annoying though... 😶
  5. I have a serious lack of variety in Friend Support options on JP (mostly due to the fact my Servants are still pretty weak and I definitely don't play it as much as I could), but this lotto event is too good to pass up and honestly the 5-turn clears aren't so bad using a friend's Berserker Arjuna and my own Summer Jeanne; 19 boxes in at the moment! The simple fact that I can even start skilling my Servants with the Gems makes this amazing. Just wish I had my own NP charge Servants so I don't have to keep clicking everyone's buffs and beat-sticking the last wave. On the flip side, I've barely done any of the Halloween re-run event on NA and honestly have almost zero motivation to. My NP5 Liz is still level 1 from last year, I have all of her Ascension mats and the shop has nothing that I'm in need of for the Servants that I'm focusing on now and in the future. It just feels like a waste of time in comparison to the lotto event.
  6. I've actually taken advantage of half QP and relative downtime in my study (which couldn't have happened during Nero Fest...) to farm the heck out of half AP Doors. Besides 20 or so Pages and a few Caster Gems, I have everything I need to max the Servants I want to at this point in time. It's just the few hundred million QP that I'm missing.
  7. The only reason I didn't mention QP Blackhole is that I notice it's really not a problem for most F2P players who actually save their Quartz for their favourite Servant; a friend of mine had over 1000 F2P Quartz for Kiara, rolled her, maxed her skills and Grailed her to 100, and still had 250 million QP to spare. Whereas myself, I've summoned a few hundred Quartz on at least one banner every few months and do spend a bit on the side as well, and currently have so many SSRs and decent/likable SRs that I'm a billion or so QP in debt. As for Proofgatory, I'm more than happy to give you my surplus of 500+ Proofs! And few hundred Homculus Babies that I still haven't found a use for, for some reason...
  8. Ahhhhh why does IntSys keep refusing to give me Nyna? So close, yet so far... 😓 That said, I'm going to chuck some Orbs at Phina and Nagi(!) for sure. I'm honestly 110% surprised that Nagi isn't voiced by
  9. There are only two constants in the Universe: Bone Zone, and Chain Hell. Legends say that no Master has yet managed to escape these infernal devices...but the new monthly mat tickets certainly help!
  10. Ended up going back on my word and didn't pick neither NP2 Nitocris nor Lancer Alter. A friend warned me that NP2 Nito isn't really that good (the damage without Death is still pretty bad), and I couldn't justify spending my newly acquired Lancer gems on LAlter just as Parvati is about to be released. I did a quick mat calculation and picked out of a pool of Servants that weren't going to disrupt my current and future investments. I picked JK Fox, but I'm literally Boneless now.
  11. Just my two cents, for purely gameplay reasons, I'd narrow your choices down to either Penthesilea or Lancer Alter. Gorgon isn't bad, per se, but not only does she suffer from low star absorb rate (which was somewhat amended with the buff she just got on JP), she's already in a quite niche class that has better options (Lobo for one; single-target is much more valuable due to never needing AoE damage against Rulers). If she's waifu you should pick her for sure, but otherwise I would definitely recommend Penth or Lalter based on your own needs. Considering I got super lucky with Nitocris on the Caster banner, I'm debating between picking NP2 or Lalter myself (though I'll be rolling for Parvati afterwards, which means overlap in the Lancer class with Karna and Kiyohime already...). Hope I helped you narrow it down somewhat!
  12. This has been a long time coming. +4 to TheVinceKnight for multiple trades on Discord. +1 to Kirie for a trade on Facebook. Both had amazing service and patience with me.
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