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  1. Quoting this from my about me, but I haven't really been around often.

    If you saw me making or trusting some bad takes or bad logic in the 2010s out of naivety (and I've made and trusted some bad takes back then for sure), I've since realized the implications and now condemn them. Don't follow my mistakes!

  2. The Steelers honestly looked like one of the weakest undefeated teams I've ever seen this whole year, they had several close wins (or let the game get close) against underperforming teams like the Broncos, Eagles, Texans and a largely handicapped Ravens team among others. I think Pittsburgh's at the point where their powerful days are starting to empty out and they need to rebuild, with one of the changes being getting rid of that starting QB of theirs and finding a new starting QB.
  3. It feels so weird to see the Steelers as the sole undefeated team in the NFL. Even then, though, they don't necessarily look invincible with their odd habit of getting too relaxed with big leads. I'm honestly surprised our quarterback what's-his-face has been playing well after last season and with his fragility in mind.
  4. Welp; Steelers-Titans is not happening in week 4, but later on. Steelers have a bye in week 8 while the Titans have one in 7, sooo... How can rescheduling work, exactly?
  5. Actually, what do you all say to making this a general sports thread? Considering any time someone makes a non-NFL topic it just falls off, and we can chat about multiple sports going-ons in one post.
  6. Yeeeeeeesh. Also heard Cris Collinsworth did some virtue-signaling last night with the silence before including at the end "let's just get that out of the way and go call a football game", so there's another culprit for y'all.
  7. Ana, stop it. We're calling you out based on not only what you said, but from what you've refused to read earlier in the thread to the point of abandoning it for weeks. It doesn't help that most of the only people I've seen agree with you not only in this thread, but other threads (including discussions of guns) wound up getting banned a few days later if not less, and you expressing they made good points is not a good look for you. And then there's how you keep trying to paint Lord Raven as a bully because he, a person a color if I'm not mistaken who has expressed better knowledge on race than you, keeps making good points and growing agitated at your attitude and yourself thinking you as a white person seem to know what is right more than BLM, which you keep trying to paint as bad people while you go to bat for the cops and their "few bad apples" (aka the whole god damn apple tree). Why the hell would you go "okay getting shot a bunch, that's bad BUT one of my favorite politicians got FLIPPED THE BIRD, THAT'S REAL HYPOCRISY" and try to argue people were twisting your words when your words clearly meant to downplay BLM's cause? You did the sane in your OP mentioning a girl whose identity we can't even identify to confirm if she was even killed by a protester like that's more bad than the cops killing black people and 99% of the time getting away with no punishment for years. Speaking of which, threatening that people treating you the way they are could give you depression and thoughts of suicide is also pretty scummy and another instance of playing the victim card. You're trying to get people to pity you and turn them against someone tired of your white supremacist-laced remarks to devalue a movement that has been peaceful as possible yet slandered by white supremacists who don't want to leave their fantasy at the cost of more black lives. And don't say "no I'm not", because I've seen plenty of abusive YouTubers (most of which are cis white people) do this in their half-assed apology videos to paint themselves as victims. Defending Trump, who has been horrible to many minorities also isn't doing you any favors either. Many people black, trans, gay, bi, lesbian, etc. hate his guts. Honestly, the fact that Path of Radiance is one of your favorite games and Ike's your favorite lord is ironic as hell considering how one of the major themes of the game is issues with racism (and yes, I know it's with laguz and not people of color, but point still stands). And Ike, if he were a real person? He'd be god damn disgusted with you, with Trump, and the cops, and he'd be supportive of BLM, I'm sure. You need to stop playing victim and learn more about race before spouting this ignorant Karen crap. And not from cis white FOX News anchors who want to demonize anyone against their love for their discriminative values. Learn from people of color who have suffered more than you or I could ever hope to understand as white people with white privilege to protect us. And in the case of BLM, listen to black people who have lived their whole lives being afraid of cops, and rightfully so. And stop trusting cops.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/joviilius/status/1299789669027254275 This Twitter thread (and the essay at the end of it) shows a LOT of insight as to what the cops really are about.
  9. You know, if our president (and all those other billionaires) actually decided to provide money to the poor instead of wasting over $100 million on golf outings and other selfish antics (or for that matter, our cities actually put more money towards its citizens than the outrages proportions it's giving towards its corrupt police forces which I keep reading about them instigating conflicts with tear gas and blanks as well as counter-protestors they're buddying with, so don't give me that "bUt ThE rIoTs" crap), maybe these people would be better off. Believe it or not, all these billionaires like the infamous Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk could end some big issues going on with the world and still be billionaires. But they choose not to because they love their money over people. They could pay for the damages including our president. But they won't. And they haven't been for a good while for various disasters over the years. That's why people are looting from these big companies in the first place, too. If you really give a damn about the poor and the needy, you'd actually listen to the people screaming on Twitter for help getting funds (even if you can't donate, they have their stories), especially those who have gotten hurt by the cops shooting blanks or tear gas or white supremacists pretending to be protestors as they cause damage BLM is disapproving of (yes, they ARE doing that, and trying to make BLM look bad in the process as the cops let them go, and you can get a clue of that if you notice they're white folks doing this stuff) and listen to their accounts on what happened and not the biased cis white people on TV channels like FOX News cherrypicking their news to spin lies as they crack sadistic jokes. You shouldn't be giving a damn about some stupid Disney ride or Rand Paul getting his feelings hurt because protestors yelled at him (by the way, he's demanding the FBI arrest said protestors despite them not doing anything worthy of it so meh, and saying "real hypocrisy" IS trying to imply Paul's incident is more pity-worthy than cops shooting a black man again, so no one's really twisting your words as much as you are downplaying it to justify bringing up Paul as a point against BLM) over black people like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake among MANY OTHERS over the years getting shot and/or killed by cops for being black, and that's their only reason, no matter what they scramble to say after the fact. And I probably mentioned it before, but Floyd's killer? He only got jailed for murder AFTER people were vocally angry he wasn't being held accountable, and even then he got bailed out. Cops are not being held accountable, and they almost never have been by our screwed-up system in our screwed-up country. They protested. The world didn't listen. They protested again with acceptable force. The world either tried to demonize them or feed them symbolic changes (including stuff they never asked for, like VA cast changes in TV shows) and acknowledged them, but didn't help stop the cops. 751 people died to the cops in 2020, and black people are 28% of those killed despite only being 13% of the population, having been targeted more than white people for their skin. Their anger is justified, and that's why many big names and a majority of the minorities who have hated cops before the Floyd incident are standing with BLM against these killers and their scum president continuously defending them. And I'm gonna keep supporting their fight.
  10. https://www.out.com/news-opinion/2019/2/04/kamala-harris-lgbtq-trans-prison?amp&__twitter_impression=true This opinion article points out Kamala not only made some bad transphobic arguments against inarcerated trans woman Michelle Norsworthy, but also thought sex work should be criminalized (which is very bad) and was vague about her support of trans women. https://www.washingtonblade.com/2019/01/21/harris-takes-full-responsibility-for-briefs-against-surgery-for-trans-inmates/ This article mentions said vague statement where she states she'd get transitioning inmates the medical attention they needed, required and deserved (to which for all we know, her definition is actually not enough despite the fact she could have more explicitly defended them) and also her reasoning for supporting the California DoC&R was (and I paraphrase) "I personally opposed their decisions but it was my job so I did it anyways". Sounds suspect. And there's a little more in there, too. She's acted in opposition of trans people, and that isn't something that can be brushed away with "but she did this thing!" The many trans people on Twitter vocally against her says a lot.
  11. She's also transphobic, placing trans women in men's prisons (which is also very dangerous for the women) while denying them health care. She's not as bad as Trump, but she's still pretty horrible. Those pronouns in her Twitter bio are deceiving. Seriously, search "Kamala transphobic" on Twitter and you'll get a bunch of people saying the same true things about her plus some other stuff.
  12. ...of course the OP makes this topic and complains about the possibility of losing "cool stuff" in spite of said "cool stuff" being racist stuff we shouldn't be tolerating in the first place. Plenty of others have explained it better than I can and probably already said what I'm about to say, but I'll say my piece anyways. The cops have been horrible for a long time. Fun fact: the NYPD went on strike once. Crime WENT DOWN. People (especially black people, in addition to minorities in general like those who are LGBT+ and people of color) have been excessively vocal about their mistreatment not only with the cops, but with corporate media and white people in general, especially rich people. They HAVE been complaining about it for decades, but they've been ignored. People tried protesting peacefully to send their message. No one listened. They HAD to amp up the protests, and unlike what the media says, the protestors have not been as violent as the cops gassing people and murdering black people while outright lying to the public about their causes of death (like the lynchings they keep framing as "suicides") or their counter-protestor buddies trying to make the movement look bad by actually causing damage to monuments that AREN'T oppressive to black people. The cops that murdered black people like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (to name a couple) are still free when they shouldn't be. The cop who directly killed Floyd was applying to join the KKK, yet he got bailed out of jail. And yet many innocent black people (including children) are stuck in jail for an excessive amount of years for small crimes a cop would turn a blind eye to for a white person. So no, BLM has NOT gone too far. It has not gotten far enough yet, in fact. Because racism is still here and hurting others. And the billionaire president, as many have said, is a racist scumbag who cares more for his money and power than the many lives lost to this country's oppressive nature. This is not what we think of him. This is what we KNOW of him. We need to listen to the collective voices of black people and other minorities who have experienced suppression their whole lives for being themselves to no damage to others. They know more about this. Not cishet white people at the news desks of overpowered organizations giving ignorant takes they don't understand for the sake of their blind pride in their broken country. And I say that as an autistic cis aro white dude. Keep the protests going.
  13. Rinkah's art looks stellar. Look at them abs! Probably still saving up on orbs, but I'd wouldn't mind having her or Forrest (even without checking their skills or stats). Little weird they label the game as "Revelations" now, though. Just say Fates. :Y
  14. Even if it wasn't April Fool's, that doesn't make it "pointless". It's just a fun little animation with a gift of some accessories, it's not hurting anyone.
  15. Sothe is my favorite FE lord. Seems like this was just a small update to throw out around April Fools' day. Not too bad; the pixel art is cute. How did Feh get the tech and knowledge to make a game, though? 😛
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