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  1. Finish watching the Obi Wan series, overall a pretty mediocre experience. From the meh plot, weak supporting cast, questionable retcons, and dull soundtrack weaken the experience. No clue why the series don't want to use the John Willian's music until the final episode. There are some decent moments, but that's all they are; moments. Reminds me of the Solo movie too much.
  2. Several years later and the "5th route" is here. I guess it's for the better than the game focus solely on 3th rather than sticking it on Warriors 1.
  3. Judging by the comments the announcer said about XB3 I expect lots of timeline shenanigans between the games. Also visually closer to X, at least the uniforms
  4. In retrospect this announcement makes me wonder how much of the recent negative press was intentional against Activison-Blizzard to devalue the studio. I wonder how Sony or Nintendo will respond in this Megacorp present we live in.
  5. Completed Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker. Server queue aside (I have been waiting for a collective 11 hours just to enter the game) , overall I though it was a great conclusion to what FF14 has been building up to for the last 10 years. With tons of references and callbacks to previous events. Some lingering questions, but I suppose it will be addressed in future updates. Back to grinding.
  6. Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker queues are killing me slowly. It is like Disneyworld on a congested day.
  7. Completed Shin Megami Tensei V yesterday on the chaos ending. I was planning to get the true neutral ending, but the level scaling made fighting the super boss and practice in either a strong team or grinding. Overall the exploration is one of the strongest assists. Da'at is a great area to wander about with meaningful goodies every corner. Gameplay continues the series tradition of being tough but fair, especially in the early-midgame. Story is a bit underbaked with characters and beats coming and going before I got a chance to truly meet. Omagatoki: Critical and Dampeners nearly folded the game in half. I give the game a 7/10, good rpg to add for the SMT and Switch collection. With the possibility of a 8/9 if the issues are address in the possible rerelease.
  8. The Tomb Raider reboot trilogy are a decent action shooter games. Compared to the Uncharted games it's more of a Rambo simulator than a fun world traveling adventure . I find the Rise of the Tomb Raider to be the best of the series with more elaborate puzzles and extended play-through. Story-wise it's decent, usually about the daddy issues Lara faces; fighting off mercenaries. At times it can feel unconformable how much want to brutalize Lara Croft. But that's my two cents.
  9. It would be an interesting experience. There are few rpgs that have a violent female main/supporting character. Kaine, Zero, and Velvet from Neir, Drakengard, and Tales of Berseria come to find. I guess it's a headache for the marketing team to show it's a nontraditional main character. My guess a female!Dimitri would be massively popular for being a rare archetype, and players wanting to "fix" her.
  10. after playing Neir Replicant for several hours. I am the worlds busiest postman. Yonah is sick and slowly dying in the house, ehh need more work for more money.
  11. Completed Final Fantasy 13, overall an uneven experience, but has it's moments few and far in between. Story wise it feel a remix of FF7 but done in a obtuse matter. I had to consult the in game wiki and several other wikis to fully understand what was going on. The main cast needs more moments where they are hanging out, and not being angry/trying to kill each other. Gameplay wise, it feel like the early prototype of the hybrid battle system later SE games would use. But done here in a rough matter. Good amount of times I died due to the seconds it takes for Paradigm changing or the party leader dying. Surprising there are a good amount of annoying enemies with massive health pools. To the point where some encounters took over five minutes to complete. Design wise it is a corridor in many forms. from the level design, or the slow leveling system, tunnel after tunnel. The the game does look nice after more than ten year, I certainly know more of the developer attention went to.
  12. Think I'm almost done with Final Fantasy 13. Currently on chapter 12 before the final boss gauntlet. I don't know how am I going to evaluate this game in the end. Quality wise it's all over the place.
  13. Currently playing Final Fantasy 13. the best way I can describe it is being all over the place. I can tolerate (somewhat) the excessive linearity, the little exploration, but what gets on me is the game feels designed for having 3 party members. But for the early chapters are mostly restricted to two members. And when the leader dies it's a game over. Boss fights are a coin flip if it is a breeze or a paradigm shifting mess.
  14. Fallen Edelgard is the reason for Path of Radiance inflated prices.
  15. I feel Xander would have a secondary speech about how the word "evil" is a morally relative term to those we don't like. Perhaps the low oxygen living in the clouds affect the Hoshidan royal's thinking. I know Fates is putting contrast with Castle Shirasagi. With Castle Krakenburg being a underground parking lot.
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