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  1. Will Marth get levels until 30? or will there be a promotion.
  2. Make Natasha a bishop using dark magic instead of light. All bases are 10 except hp which is 25. Growths are 45/100/30/55/50/20/70. Con is 6 and all dark magic has -3 weight.
  3. Has Ross been replaced? If not, then Ross is now Orsin with his personal weapon the Pugi with his normal bases and +3 of his usual. New growth is 100/60/40/40/20/25/10. Staff exp is now 25. Peggy inventory is the same except with an iron lance instead of the devil lance.
  4. Lyn has the Eliwood mode stats. When you start Eliwood mode without playing Lyn mode and +10% increase in defense and resistance. Franz is now Eliwood with an infinite use Rapier with +2 might and his growths with +20% in all. Rations now have 5 uses.
  5. Bolting and Purge Tomes now have -5 weight but only 3 uses. Also, +3 might and 5 crits on bolting and 10 crits on purge.
  6. Artur is now a hero with 10 on all stats, with growths of 80%/55%/55%/30%/30%/20%/5%
  7. and give it fe5 stats. also buyable in every armory and cost 500 gold.
  8. Assassin get better res caps and a 22 strength cap. Promotion gains are now 5/2/0/0/3/5
  9. Syrene growths have changed with added 30% growth in all Shamshirs are now named Wo Dao and have fe6 stats. +3 might All classes shall have their Fe6 growth rate Lute now have 6 con and +15% growth in every stats All dark tomes have -5 weight
  10. More changes -All axes have brave effect -Excalibur Renamed To Ticklish Winds with the description of Winds made to tickle you. Stats are 100 hit, 100 crit and 0 might. Stat boost are + 5 defense -All spears are 1-2 range All swords have 30 crit
  11. Changes: -Luna Tome has FE7 stats -Garcia is changed to Bartre with his groths+20% -Warriors are now named "Big Dudes" and start with C bows
  12. Possible Edits -Change skeletons and wight to Spooky and their description to spooky skeleton.
  13. He was on an assassination mission in which it went completely wrong. He was later saved by villagers and joined to a group of mercenaries after he fends of bandits from the village he was currently staying. He doesn't talk about his past and he doesnt trust the mercenary company due to his line of work. Later worked as a spymaster to some random kingdom due to a favor and some person saving him.
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