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  1. Bladen had been acting as a rear guard of sorts, sitting up on the top of the wagon, staring out the direction they had come from. He didn't expect to see anything useful, it was as much an excuse to stay a distance away from people as anything, but it still made him feel better. No ambush from behind would catch them here. His concentration was broken, however, by the call from the zombie. Asking him to go shopping with her. Acting like nothing had ever happened... No. Best not to remember that part right now. Better to just ignore the question. Thankfully, it seemed that Gaby was going to take her up on the offer, making it easier for him to ignore. She had someone with her at least, surely she wouldn't pursue him anymore. As they arrived and the group started to split up, he hopped down from the wagon, keeping his wings small for now. No need to grow them out just for a simple jump. He did stumble slightly on the landing, but he was quickly able to support himself by grabbing the flap of the wagon opening. Easy enough, you clumsy... Nope, just focus on the positives here. He accepted the coins from Asami with a faint blush for an unclear reason, perhaps he knew where she stored those coins or perhaps he just was still nervous around her. But he quickly stuck his head into the wagon, spotting Xal as he did. "Ah, perfect, just who I was looking for. I was wondering if you wanted to join me in poking around this place a bit? Figure the people in charge will be more comfortable if we stick in pairs in a new city and all of that." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A silent breath in, a silent breath out. Patience and quiet. Those were two things that she was good at, having had what felt like an eternity to practice them. A silent breath in, a silent breath out. She did not know exactly why she was in here. The strange fellows who had brought her here had yelled something about human and a funny word (she thought it was jeil?), and then they had surrounded her and brought her here. A silent breath in, a silent breath out. They hadn't seemed to care when she said she was not a human. She did know what that word meant at least. Too many of her dreams over the ages had been about the conflicts between humans and others. The things she thought were called wars. Perhaps that was why she had naturally fallen into this shape when she landed. But still, they needn't have laughed when she said she was a star. Had they been forgotten already? Surely it had not been that long since one of her brethren had managed to make their way here. She knew of many lights that had gone out, had none landed here? A silent breath in, a silent breath out. They would deal with her soon, they said. They needed someone else before they could do that. So she would be patient. Perhaps this new person would believe her when she said she was a star. A fallen star, true, but a star no less. The world she had long dreamed of, seen the history of in her sleep, was finally in front of her. She could be patient a while longer. A silent breath in, a silent breath out.
  2. Bladen sighed quietly to himself, a bemused smile on his face as he watched Asami start to prance off. She knew the game they were playing much better than he did, that much he knew. But he couldn't fault her for playing it well. "Yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming." Most of the group was scattered off to their own activities right now anyways. The Hero wasn't anywhere in sight. What harm was it really going to do to spend the night near the rest of the group? Even if he didn't fully believe all that Asami was telling him, he could still enjoy a night of peace. Shaking his head at his own foolish thoughts, he followed the fox to her tent.
  3. "Askfj." He wasn't sure what the sound that came out of his mouth was, but it certainly wasn't anything comprehensible. She had to know what she was doing to him. Yes. Yes she did. And she did it on purpose, he knew that. She liked to fluster him, but it wasn't like he could do anything about it, especially in this situation. He'd been the one that had let that slip. It wasn't like he'd been thinking of it like love, it was just... All so much so quickly. "I'm not, it was just..." He sighed. He'd lost and he knew it. It didn't matter what he said at this point, she had won already. He shook his head slightly. "You're impossible, I hope you know that. But you win."
  4. Bladen rubbed a hand over his eyes, trying to find the right response. "It's not like... I don't... Ugh. I'm just not good at any of this sort of thing. All these emotions. Good and bad. Life was so simple back home. I knew I would probably eventually marry one of the few others near my age and that was that. Fallen are born so rarely... Well, it's just about keeping our race alive. So all of this... Flirting, falling in love with someone, sex, all of it is something that I never had to think about because it was all already decided for me. And of course I want to be close to you, I'm just-" He stopped. The realization of what he had said hit him. L-love... You can't possibly think you could know if you love her, you idiot. You barely know her. You were just using it as an example, right? Right??? Maybe she won't notice. Quick, keep talking, pretend like you didn't say anything weird. Faking a cough to try and cover for his abrupt stop, he managed to stammer out, "Just awkward. And unsure. That's all. Getting help from others... I was always the one supposed to be helping. I guess I'm just not used to it."
  5. Bladen sighed. While it was all well and good that Asami was ok with him not forgiving the Hero and even though him calling her out was a good thing, it didn't change what everyone else thought. He knew the General and Lavinia probably weren't happy with how all of that had been handled, and would likely have a lecture for him at some point. And he'd been making progress with actually starting to know some people. Or he thought he had. Xal aside, though it was nice to hear someone besides Asami shared similar thoughts, he still felt isolated. Just because he didn't need to forgive the Hero didn't mean that others wouldn't isolate him because he hadn't. But he couldn't say all that to her. Not when she was trying to make him feel better. Feel better in multiple ways it seemed. He blushed, and tried to pull away slightly. "This... Isn't a solution. It's just a temporary distraction, it doesn't actually fix anything." He hadn't said no, but he also couldn't meet her eyes anymore. This wasn't something he could just jump into like so many others in the group seemed to be doing. He liked her, he knew that. He'd kissed her even. But still...
  6. "That's easy for you to say," he muttered, knowing better than to try and fight her hug. He would only end up in a more compromising position somehow, so better to just hold still. But here she was, acting like what he had done was the right thing, acting like he should be fine with it. "You weren't there. You were busy getting attacked by some monster. I wanted to do what the Hero wasn't. But Tai stopped me and... I let her. But I wanted to. And I said one stupid thing, not even at the Hero, just out loud, and everyone jumps on me, telling me to shut up, literally smacking me upside the head... Instantly just assuming that I was mad at the Hero, not at myself. But fine. And then the Hero. Acting like just because she's doing good now, like it makes her a good person. Saying I have no responsibilities, as if I don't hold the weight of those of my clan who have died on my shoulders." He clenched a fist and his jaw, closing his eyes for a few long seconds, bringing the emotions that were welling back up under control once again. Not now. He couldn't deal with them now. "She got lucky. If that thing had hurt the zombie, would everyone still gotten mad at me? Probably. But it's not like she was doing some big grand thing. Just trying to make herself feel better. Like she wasn't a part of an army that slaughtered innocents. Like letting one wraith have a dying wish starts to make up for everything. Basically everyone else has forgiven her. They act like she's so wonderful and has all this weight to carry and should be treated like a fragile glass vase because of it. I joined this group because I wanted answers from her. And it seemed like she regretted things then. But I just... Maybe I should have just gone home that night instead of trying to act like I would ever be able to forgive her for all that she's done." There. He'd said it. Maybe now she would understand. "And I wasn't avoiding you. Not specifically at least. I just... It was clear after that exchange that people didn't want me around. Or at least the Hero didn't. So I gave her what she wanted. No more judging eyes for her to stress about. Since she seems to have enough of it, according to everyone else. I'm sorry if it hurt you, that wasn't my intention."
  7. Bladen scowled, looking down from his perch to see the fox glaring up at him. He couldn't fault her, really. He hadn't especially intended to avoid her, though he was still somewhat worried about the whole incident with her arm. The elf that she said had been sent ahead to find help hadn't seemed to know she was hurt, but maybe he had just missed something. Either way, he wasn't mad at her. He wasn't even really mad at anyone. Except maybe himself. Why hadn't he just killed the damn wight? No, he was hiding up here for an entirely different reason. He didn't think most of the group cared to have him around anymore. Still, she hadn't had any part of it. With a sigh, he rolled off the branch, plummeting downward. As he approached the ground, he flared out his suddenly full sized wings, jerking his upper body upward and letting him land almost gently on the ground. Unfortunately for his entrance, his wings had refused to cooperate for a few second, resulting in the landing being slightly more jarring than planned. Wings flapped outward and then shrunk back down, and he crossed his arms, looking at her on even footing now. "I'm not mad at you, you know that, right?" He was guessing that was why she wanted to talk, but who knew. He could never tell with her, for all he knew, he'd done something else completely wrong and she was mad at him for that. Hopefully whatever it was, he could resolve quickly and go back to his tree.
  8. "Mmm, just seemed strange, with all the monsters disappearing when we defeated the wraith, that's all. If you're telling me the truth, you're telling the truth." He still couldn't quite shake that something didn't play right. "Who is the person you sent ahead then?" She'd mentioned everyone that had been with them... So who was their other new companion? She was still poking, but he couldn't let it get to him, not now. "I'm sure one of them will tell you all of what's happened since we split and since you were so cruelly abandoned, leaving you to be ambushed." There, the break in the trees leading to the rest of the group. Thankfully everyone seemed to have split apart and the General seemed to be standing pretty much by herself. Striding over to her, Bladen gently placed Asami back down on her feet. "A patient for you. Seems she had a run in with a stray monster. I'll be going to scout ahead now." He wasn't needed here after all. Or really wanted, he suspected. Time to head out, give their forward path a bit of a fly over, see if anything was in their way.
  9. So she was going to prod into that then. Of course she was. He had no reason to be away from the group, just like she did. He couldn't believe her story (there was no way Lavinia would have left her alone like this, and the monsters had all disappeared when the wraith had been 'defeated') anymore than he could bring himself to talk about what had happened. She'd just tell him that he had let his emotions get the better of him and hadn't she told him he needed to work on that and really he was lucky he hadn't had a glowing sword burst out of him and strike the hero down. He could just hear the teasing in her voice. No, he couldn't do that. "Tell you what. I'll tell you if you tell me what really happened to your arm, hmm?" If she could keep secrets, so could he. Besides, they'd be getting back to the group soon anyways, and she'd surely hear everything there. No need for him to reopen that seal on his emotions.
  10. He frowned. That didn't seem quite right. She had been with Lavinia and the zombie and the others... Why hadn't she been brought over by nightmare? Still, she didn't want to tell him and he knew better than to pry. He wouldn't get any answers anyways. So instead, without a word, he switched his position so that he was behind her, careful to position himself so that he didn't jostle her arm further, and then swept her up bridal style, only a slight grunt escaping as he settled her weight. She was heavy, true, but not so heavy he couldn't lift her. "Keep care of your arm, I'll handle the rest." It meant returning to the place he had just fled, but he could drop her off with the General and then be on his way again. He doubted any of the group wanted him around right now anyways. He could just scout ahead or something, staying away from those he didn't want to.risk dealing with just now.
  11. Just what he didn't need in this moment. What he wanted to do was pretend her didn't hear her. Keep flying until he could be alone. But that wasn't an option. He knew that. Not when she sounded so distressed. So there was only one other choice. Clamp the lid down on the emotions. Wipe the tears quick, pretend they were never there. Straight face on, no sign of what was going on in his head and heart. Then dive down. He could deal with it all later. Feet touched down, wings folded in and shrunk. Give her a quick look over and ask, "What did you-- your arm! What happened??" All plans, all thoughts, everything else flew out the window as he looked at her cracked grey arm. It was stone? What had happened in the woods? What sort of enemy must she have faced to end up looking like this? Had they just left her alone??
  12. Whoops, apparently he had been speaking just a tad too loud. Just enough that the others could hear him and respond. And respond they did. He couldn't help but roll his eyes at Ren and the new vampire who had showed up. There was no sense in arguing with them. Sometimes calling someone out on their poor choices was the right move, but since they didn't agree, it wasn't worth fighting over. He couldn't help but scowl at Gaby though. He had intended to do something about it, but he'd been stopped by Tai and if she hadn't stopped him, he knew the others would have. Tai had interjected, but he couldn't help but add in his comments. "Her doing something dangerous wasn't even all of it. Either you're leaving someone to slowly die a painful death, or you're leaving a dangerous enemy alive! Either way, giving the killing blow is justified. And I would have, if I hadn't been stopped." And then came Marina. With her whispered lecture, standing there, seemingly emotionless, but he knew there was hidden anger. Acting like she was the only one with a burden, acting like she knew everything about him. Well so be it. He glared right back at her, with only a short whisper back, just loud enough for her to hear it as she started to walk away from him. "Don't act like that was mercy for her. It was to make yourself feel better about what you did here. Maybe you got lucky today with nothing bad happening, but you had no idea that it would end well. Just as you'll have no way of knowing the next time you risk your companions lives. But if you want me gone, just say the word, Hero." He turned away from the group, intending to put some distance between him and the others who seemingly could not understand the concept of a merciful death when he was suddenly smacked hard across the back of his head. He couldn't help it as he turned to see one of the few people he'd seemingly been getting along with, standing there, words he couldn't understand getting tossed at him. Emotions; grief, pain, anger, hurt, all started to well up inside of him, the dam he had so painstakingly constructed starting to crack, as tears began to well up in the corner of his eyes, not from the pain of the smack, but from the shock and the emotions he was starting to lose control of. "... Fine. Good to know where we stand I guess." He couldn't take it anymore. Wings unfurled, battering Tai with air as he jumped into the skies, trying to put some distance between himself and the others as all the pent up emotions finally started to escape the box he had locked them in deep inside his heart.
  13. Bladen was close enough to the group surrounding their fallen enemy to see what played out as their zombie... companion arrived and no matter his feelings on her, he couldn't help the anger at what happened. "Dammit! That's why... That's why you don't leave an enemy alive, dammit! Either they're dangerous or suffering, and in this case it's sure looking more like the dangerous one. Maybe the Hero will finally learn something from all of this!" The zombie seemed fine, but there was no way to know. Not really. The wraith was a magic user, there's no telling what she had done in the few seconds that her ghost had inhabited the zombie's body. Even if things turned out fine, there was absolutely no way the Hero could have known that. She really was just an ignorant child, wasn't she? Why did he bother to stick around with her as a leader...
  14. Bladen initially resisted the halting hand on his shoulder, but eventually, his shoulders slumped, and he let his sword slide back into the sheath. It wasn't his place, wasn't his call. He was not the one in charge of this and if the Hero wanted to let an enemy suffer for some reason, Tai was right, she probably had some reason. "Ugh. I should have left this group when I had the chance..." He didn't mean it. Not really. But the Hero was just such a confusing mess of a being that he didn't know what to think about her. And the rest of their group wasn't exactly straightforward either. But still. He liked most of the group and he was being given plenty of experiences, both good and bad, he would have never had otherwise. He sighed and sat down on the ground staring at the group surrounding the wraith. "If things don't change soon, I will end this. But for now, you're right. It's not my place to interfere."
  15. "No need to apologize! You have a reason to be afraid of fire, from what you're saying, and thus you would be scared if I'm talking about fire in a way you don't understand. And I think that if anything sounds wrong, it just means I need to learn more about you and your people. Just like if anything sounds odd from what I say, you should just ask. We're companions now, after all, we should be making sure we're understood." His thoughts on companions and understanding were interrupted by a rather embarrassing failure on his part. "Oh. I'm so sorry. I can't believe I've been so rude. My name is Bladen. Bladen Eloy. I learned your name but never gave you mine... How rude of me." He shook his head, looking away in embarrassment. In doing so, the activity around the wraith caught his eye and he frowned. What was the hero up to now? "Mmm... It seems our enemy is not quite passed from this world. Her creations are dead at least, but... Perhaps someone needs to finish the job." Why were they leaving her alive? Either she was alive and still dangerous, in which case she should be killed, or she was dying and there was no saving her, in which case someone should just put her out of her misery. He pulled his sword back out of his sheath, and started towards the congregation around the wraith. "Sorry, we can talk more after this, but... something must be done."
  16. He couldn't help but chuckle quietly as she got flustered over his comment. He did file away the proper pronunciation of her name again. Hopefully this time he would remember. The sentiment of her name meaning nothing except being her was something that struck him in a way he didn't expect. It's meaning is me... Hmm. Ah well, it was a good turn of phrase if nothing else. Though speaking of turns of phrases, it seemed like one of his had set her on edge. Fire didn't seem to be her favorite thing and... Right, this language wasn't her strong point which meant... "Ah, no, sorry, it's just a saying. No actual fire, just a challenge that we must face. Being tested in the heat of battle and all of that. I promise you, none of us will set you on fire or anything."
  17. "Ah, yes, sorry, I just... Your name is beautiful, really, it's just not something I'm used to... I promise I'll try to get better at it, but Tai seemed like a nice compromise, rather than me completely butchering your name." Thankfully, she seemed ok with it, though he still felt a little ashamed. "I think you're doing well at talking, no worries. Knowing multiple languages is impressive, even if it's not your strongest skill." So she was magic... He could only make a guess as to what exactly that meant, but it did seem like it meant she had a natural skill for magic. "I see. Well, it's impressive either way, even if it is something inherent to you. I know my race has magic inherent to us but we can't use it at all like you can. Or really at all besides our wings." Bandits, well, he couldn't really judge her for that. "I don't have much experience beyond our group either, you know. I was trained with my family and clan, but before this I had no real combat experience. It's been... a ride. Nothing like a trial by fire to help you learn."
  18. Bladen sheathed his sword, an irritated grumble escaping his lips as he did. He couldn't help it. The last spats of battle had faded and he was left feeling as if he'd done very little. He'd kept his head, stayed calm, and he hadn't lost control of his magic again, but he also hadn't done anything. Everyone else had fought dragons and wraiths and who knows what else... Tsk. He couldn't focus on that. Time to find a distraction. The wind woman... Tai-- Taiye... No... Taiyute? That seemed more right... Better to just stick with Tai. He knew that was correct at least. She had been talking to the new vampire but that girl had left to go talk to the General, leaving Tai alone. That would do... She'd fought with him at a couple of points during the battle. It was a start. Heading over to her, he gave her a nod. "You fought well there, Tai. Your magic abilities are impressive, for sure. Have you fought much before or are you just a natural?"
  19. 21-8, grumble about traffic getting ridiculous these days
  20. This wasn't great. The Hero had gone and gotten herself knocked out and while the General could heal her, that meant she wasn't around to help deal with the approaching horde. Letting out a irritated noise, Bladen looked at the weapons their enemies held and then glanced over at the newest vampiric addition to their party. At least a few of those were bad news for the poor girl... They would have to make a stand here. "Ayane, I need your help. We need to be a wall against these beasts. Maybe if we can weaken them a bit, Nessraya can help us once she's done dealing with... the Hero." He still couldn't bring himself to call her by her name. It still hurt a little too much. 21-7, vuln self
  21. The enemy wasn't moving in front of them but the enemy behind certainly was. Skeletons were approaching and right now Bladen wasn't interested in waiting around. "Watch the rear, hostiles incoming," he called out as he slipped past those in front of him, before he lunged in at the cloaked zombie in front of him. 22-2, shank a mage with the steel sword
  22. Time to move. This group needed to work together, push forward, to make sure they were keeping up with the fight as well as the others were. Not that he could see them, so he could only hope they were surviving. Asami... No. No time for distractions now. Only fighting. 18-1, iron sword a zomboo
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