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  1. Hi, looking for some galeforce cavalry friends for HM farming, especially green cavs! My lead is a +10 blue Reindhart. ID is 1918786667
  2. Figured out why those accounts kept crashing. I deleted the folder the the device account file was in instead of the device account file itself. Anyone been able to get the asset/flaw setting to save when rerolling?
  3. @Some Jerk Thank my friend! @mental_offence On another note, I updated my memu accounts today and it seems that some of them are now crashing when you attempt to enter the game. Is there a simple fix for this or does this call for some of your much appreciated shenanigans? EDIT: I just had to delete those instances and make new ones. Not sure what happened. I also notice some of the menu setting don't seem to be saving anymore when you reroll.
  4. Is there a way for me to change my name in the game when running it in memu? Or a way to edit the names of the favorite labels in the game in memu? For example, If I open the edit favorite bar I can type in it, but nothing I type in seems to stay there. Was hoping to organize my character roster a bit using the favorite labels.
  5. Ah, okay. I'm just going to stick with 5.1 then. Thanks, @mental_offence
  6. I'm not sure I'm understanding at the moment. I completely uninstalled Memu, reinstalled Memu, then downloaded the new image files, replaced them in image 71, imported a 7.1 instance, and used the latest APK. I still have to create a new instance and redownload what?
  7. Having an issue with memu saying "Drive component error detected" and "Memu failed to start, please reboot the computer and try again or reinstall the latest version." The thing is that I have rebooted my computer and I did completely reinstall and I keep getting this error. I'm not sure why though. The only thing that's changed is there was a recent windows update. Update: For some reason after uninstalling and reinstalling three times it started working again. However, I received the dreaded 803-3001 error this time. I'm using the 7.1 import along with the new MircoG that you posted. I uninstalled FEH and reinstalled and worked again for a while, but the 803-3001 error keeps coming back.
  8. Yeah, I definitely put the mircoG files in the wrong place. Looks good now. Thanks.
  9. I'm using 5.6.2 Memu, which I believe is the newest, but I am sometimes getting the 803-3001 communication error, especially when summoning. Once I get the error it corrupts the entire save and I have to delete it and start over. Any idea what is going on or what I can do to fix it? Notes: 1.) Using 5.6.2 Memu 2.) Using the MicroG setup following the guide 3.) Using the 5.1 Android (Default) instance 4.) Using 2.1.1 (x86) Apk
  10. This process has become really streamlined from what it use to be. Thanks @mental_offence and everyone else that's worked on this. Seriously.
  11. Hey there, Mental_Offence. I've been away for a little bit from FEH so I'm not sure, but is there a 2.7.1 APK available? Also, I don't understand all this MicroG stuff and the new OVA you have linked for Memu. I'm not quite sure how to update my old accounts on memu for the current version of FEH. Thanks!
  12. Anyone have Hoshindan Unity for Takumi?
  13. I got the Fuga skills. Thanks! I put Keaton up with certain blow for you. My address is 17145-53111-09360-37382
  14. Castle Address (NA): 08696 - 70711 - 97819 - 39986 That's Zettaslow's castle address. Figured I facilitate seeing as I was on the forum.
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