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  1. It is, yes. The guy who leaked Fallout 76 also said Fallout 3 Anniversary is real. I think the list might be completely legitimate, which is quite crazy, because it has Metroid, F-Zero and Star Fox altogether. Edit:
  2. So Fifa 19 has been announced for the Switch.. funnily enough, there was a "Fifa 2019" title on the E3 list leak..it seems like Fire Emblem Memories could be true after all.
  3. So on March 22nd, they said that next (April) month, we'd get to know more things about Nintendo's E3 plans, and today (17th/18th) we still have nothing? Good, I think that's enough to get me on the hype train. If Nintendo is consistent on anything, is that they like to push forward their new projects. They currently have one coming extremely soon; Labo. I now firmly believe that the lack of news is due to Labo's release and Nintendo not wanting it to be overshadowed. I think it might even be a great financial move, and it honestly works extremely well with a bunch of rumors, like the "imminent Pokémon Switch announcement" discussed everywhere. Now is that good news for FE? You tell me. Seems like Big N believes it can compete with the likes of Pokémon and Smash, which I don't personally believe.
  4. That is nightmare fuel right there.
  5. There's something I just thought about after seeing changes to Heroes. I normally don't care about it, but as I am desperate, I decided to watch the FEH Channel, then lurked on what people thought about it and something was really interesting to me. That is the addition of red, green and blue bows. Now I don't know about you all but from the games I've played, I cannot think of how that would fit in, except for one instance; Fates' weapon triangle, where Bows are in the same corner as axes, therefore "Green". What I'm thinking is, what if FE16 had an actual bow triangle (Crossbow/Longbow?), and Heroes is simply preparing for it? It does specifically say that these were added for future content, or something along these lines..
  6. Story-wise, I personally just hope we don't get a big bad dragon again. I get that some have motives that make more sense, but it's getting really repetitive.
  7. As someone who has always liked healer classes but had trouble using them in some games due to their low movement, I'd like seeing something like this; Aiding Effort (Priest/Cleric): Allows unit to move 1 more space if they can reach a friendly damaged unit that way. Disables Attack command for this turn only.
  8. That really seems like stretching it, honestly. But I could see this meaning they intended to implement a better log, which might come with more stuff... We'll see, I suppose.
  9. Damn it feels awful not seeing anyone post here since it was mainly used as discussion thread lately. Hope you guys are not depressing too much over the lack of news like me. We'll get something soon hopefully!
  10. That's way too much negativity for what has been said. A direct in February or even in the next few days is still extremely likely due to the mini direct > direct habit that Nintendo has, and how the direct page still has its blank space. It isn't certain, but you can't be that negative while having almost no information.
  11. That isn't what I am talking about when I say leaks. A few days or weeks before release, the Japanese version of SoV was completely leaked, and a bunch of people with hacked 3DS or emulators played it. Anyway I don't think it's necessarily a big deal.
  12. So there's this thing I've been wondering for a while, reading this thread and expecting news from the game. I'm not sure if it's a possibility because I have no clue how marketing works and how it's related to leaks and such, but here is my thought; Is it possible that IS decided to reveal FE Switch later than they first intended to due to the leaks that happened with SoV's Japanese version?
  13. I'm pretty bad at introductions, but hi everyone! I've been lurking the forums for longer than I remember but never felt like I had much to say. Decided to make an account because the hype for FE Switch is killing me, and as I've seen, most people here as well. About me; I started FE at five years old with Path of Radiance's release, and it stayed my favorite game of all time for a really long period.. precisely until Shadows of Valentia was released. My favorite classes are Archers, Wyvern/Draco Riders and Dark Mages (Jill is best character btw)! Other than FE, I'm basically just another Nintendo fan. TLoZ probably being my second favorite series with TP and BotW as my favorites from it.
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