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  1. Coming back to the forest. I don't use any forums but i don't see any harm in talking to other folks occasionally about the games I enjoy. Hope to be in civil conversations. Fe12 and 6 is sick
  2. OK eventually did some digging around and I finally got it to work and added a header and everything. Works fine now
  3. Not working for me, oh well doesn't seem like anything else I can do about it except find some random translated one. Thx for the help anyways.
  4. Excuse for saying this but I have no knowledge of adding/unadding headers.Is there anything specific I need to do to add one?
  5. Both of the patches came in the same download from this forum
  6. Patch file is fe3v11 (From the translation forum) and patched with Fire Emblem - Monshou no Nazo (J) (V1.1) rom. Also tried fe3 patch but didn't work either. I don't think the Japanese rom I got is patch tho, everything looks the same. And I think I know the problem with 776 but if anything i'll probably come back if somethings the matter.
  7. Yes and I have tried other roms of the same game to see if they would work
  8. Er ok so im actually confused on how you do do that
  9. @Topazd hm ill try this method first later to see how it goes
  10. Now this is it when I try to load it. I tried the other patch file but that didn't work either.
  11. Alright in just gunna show what the roms are and upload the error screen
  12. OK I really hope its alright if i say this here because on the translation page it seems like no one post in that forum anymore. I have snes9x emulator. So when I first got it a while back I got fe4 english patch and it runs well and everything. I decided I want to play fe3 and 5 in english so I got the patch files but when I try to patch fe3 the rom it did not show up when i was using lunar IPS. I figured it was the rom so I try other ones and it did the same thing until I found one that would patch. I checked to see if it worked and everything but when patched it gave a black screen. I'm also having the same problem with fe5. (Not asking for any links to roms just asking if there is anything I can do to fix this)
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