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  1. Do you guys think that the will be shown? I mean they showed off mario party and xeno 2 dlc so maybe it has a chance. I mean they are missing a huge chance to promote it here.
  2. It was in another topic that someone had a link with this image, though most people must know about it, but nonetheless I found it intresting. The said image pretty much comfirms the existance of a avatar/protagonist/MU which explains why byleth roams around, talks with Edelgard and seems to be a persona type protag. I THINK that the image is below?
  3. Yeees, this is the best type that would work especially for FE. Look at persona they are one of the most successful and loved JRPG series and have protagonists/avatar like that. Then look at fates protagonist/avatar which is hated and criticised. Plus the characters seem intresting and diverse especially the lords and no bland avatar should steal their glory.
  4. Sorry people but I am #TeamEldelgard a good waifu doesn't need big boobs (hear that Camila?) Btw after analyzing the trailer I believe that normal units( like no lords and byleths /Mu) do not have individual sprites be it during battle or the field. Look at the trailed trailer and you will notice.
  5. Just to clarify the code works with the game?
  6. Didn't understand sth I own the physical edition of the game. But I want to buy the retail of the story, will I get an undependent story game or the whole expansion pass? Can someone help explain how it will work what the retail will contain and stuff I am confused a lot.
  7. Noooooooooooo PLS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO treehouse the Echoes guys are more than fine
  8. Btw check out the official page where ninty livestreams and shows stuff officially. Xeno 2 torna is getting a physical release pls not full price. FE16 is not there as a game but prolly cause it is a 2019 title.
  9. So am I the only one that liked the game? Like for real. I was around since the FE16 leaks topic about page 40 something and that was not the reception I was expecting. People keep bashing on the game with just 3 minute reveal. Got to admit after some watches the trailer gets mundane a bit but we have only seen 3 minutes. And please let's not act like every game before was a masterpiece, as far as the story is concerned name me one FE game where you don't face against an evil monster be it a dragon or a demon, a god/godess and an empire. People play FE because of the gameplay, despite fates having some horribly executed story. GIVE THE GAME A CHANCE. I hope that FE will be shown which I doubt as it was just revealed and they are showing off Fortnite propablly they run out off games to show but it will be shown eventually. That there will be a demo eventually foer us to play as this will be the first home console game that the new fans will be able to play. On the topic of the release date. 2018 might be for Japan and 2019 for the world. Well considering smash got Dec and pokemon Nov and they can't release a game within 5 months. As far as the actual game is converned. I liked it. Recently I red a LOT of medieval history and I like how they have the church. I just hope it is handled correclyand the head is a popelike figure not Sanaki no.2 (sorry Sanaki you still are best girl). Like the actuall characters and the setting from what we have seen so far. In Ed's I didn't pay attention but I think that the soldiers are just decoration. I don't know how they will function during gamelay as we saw during Di's scene. That is all. Btw ninty needs to show off FE 16. They have yet shown onlypokemon , 2 smashes and fortnite like please show FE16
  10. Ninty only you can save me. SE had me disappointed generally and especially as a switch gamer. I didn't care for most games. The KH trailer was pretty much the same (there were some good new moments buuut...). That new babylons fall was awsomne I love historical and biblical inspired games and by paltinum too. Other than that I was disappointed. Nothing interesting, octopath nothing new. And why not nier on switch?
  11. Well, Ninty is good and all but I will also watch Square enix. It is in an hour about. And will have more KH 3 (that Aqua... *_* and that release date did hurt my feelings) as well as more ff15 dlc, hopefully ff7r and new titles.
  12. So what was shown today, games, dates and systens? Couldn't watch it.
  13. Where can I check the other non-nintendo stuff out? Is there a website or something? Ooh I want to see everything, I am so hyped!!! Also congrats on us reaching 120 pages!!!
  14. With E3 coming near so does the reveal of the game!!! I am so hyped up right now. Btw I feel like FE and let's go should get their demos on the switch. Fe will now introduce their new audience to home consoles and people might be sceptical about it. Also let's go because it is the first pokemon game on a home console and it inovates with a lot of its choices in gameplay and perhaps playing the game first hand will help improve the image of the game to dissapointed fans. Also E3 doesn't count as not everyone can go there.
  15. Off topic: The YT comment section filled me with cancer and came here to heal it and I did. Thanks community. I got to say that I liked the new games, seems to be the only one. Yet, "fans" again complain. Since X Y and up until now people only complain. Give the game a chance, pretty sure that E3 will shed some light to this game and at the end of the day people will buy it anyway. As far as I am concerned, I was intuiged by how there is no wild battling. But I have yet to what this is about. I am not concerned IVs all that competive stuff, but the experience itself. For example, how will we train our pokemon and make them stronger but the key is waiting till E3(FE, smash, pokemon maaaaan this year's E3 will be intresting). Back on topic this situation resonates a lot with the FE community. We all got to wait now and see. Well, that's something I didn't think of, but yeah memories has to be fake let's go had to be there only because it was a very popular rumor back in the day.
  16. Yeah, I tried to watch the livestream on the website but it sent me to another window where I had to log in / register. Will the main serenes site upload what was shown later on?
  17. Sorry I forgot but when is the cipher livestream? And for what series is it for 13 or 14? Also how long till E3? Hype has reached beyond normal levels. I even began writing fanfic, but won't share (for now). Btw loved these OCs, they could fit in with the vampire emblem "leaks".
  18. Congratulations on reaching 101 pages!! Anyway, though I might be out of place but, after seeing the royal wedding I thought that it would be nice if FE 16 took inspiration from real monarchies, it would make for a great story. Oh and E3 is coming very soon, can't wait!!!!
  19. Do they have a You Tube channel? What is its name?
  20. Am I the only one that thinks that game developers benefit from leaks to the point where I think they might even be paid? Think about it, what kept both pokemon and FE alive for so long despite no official news (this thread is proof of this)? "LEAKS" . We here for example have been talking about this game since September straight (don't know before this). Or pokemon, look at previous years May has been an important month and reveals and news are expected, because GameFreak never reveals during E3 and shows footage people expect this month a reveal if it is coming now so leaks say this month the announcement and lets go pikachu and eevee. Saw a video that GF claimed them, now whenever tgey announce the game and weather all thus is true or no, people will be hyped and the game will not go unnoticed at first and will get attention. I mean how could a big international company can't catch a random dude that either trully has inside info or pretends? Not saying that all leaks are part of a well thought plan, some are obviously fake but I believe some are as I said. P.S. sorry if I made any grammar mistakes I was typing fast
  21. Man, hype has reached astronomical levels, E3 is near and FE16 will finally get sone news. Also pokemon is rumoured to be announced this month, cipher TCG set 14 will be announced soon enough and Xenoblade 2 DLC is getting more interesting. I can't wait.
  22. I don't know why but I have been concerned about the switch's library in general not just FE 16. Last year was glorious to say the least, the switch selling like cupcakes and having a major release every month. This year is different however, since january there have been few major titles other than kirby, I don't recall anything else now. Even thought games will come such as smash, octopath, spatoon dlc and FE 16 and some games that we are unsure of such as pokemon and metroid (which I doubt will come out this year). Sony on the other hand has a possible GOTY and a many exclusives. I am not dissapointed or anything but I wonder what they will do to give all games equal chances and not get them overshadowed by other games.
  23. Really? I had heard that before famicom wars IS did that kind of stuff but I thought that they had stopped after they started making games. I wonder when they began working on stuff like the characters, music and story. And when they moved on to actual development. *Thanks for sharing the interviews Glennstavos (I don't know how to mark someone's name). I love echoes and some dev insight into the game is always welcomed.
  24. So when did the development for FE 16 truly begin? And I would like if they teased the game by a making a legendary hero for heroes and then tell us who this character is at a late date (the mystery character would be from the new game). I think of it as if masked marth was on heroes before awkening and people said who is he (if FE Heroes was a thing back then).
  25. How long has it been in development? Square Enix does this, announcing games when they start development, overhyping the people and releasing the game after some good five to ten years (KH 3, FF 15). Unless they started development after fates and had Echoes as a sidething to keep the "FE spirit" up. If that is the case then Japan for sure will get the game this year (I had hoped to get a worldwide release, xenoblade could pull it why not FE)
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