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  1. Ogre Battle on SNES. The game that made me look for more strategy games and had some of the best audio tracks on the platform.
  2. Embeliish but don't lie on your resume. You can use sites like Career Builder and Monster to find work even with little experience. Once you have built a work history that spans multiple jobs, it gets easier.
  3. I really don't want a avatar character. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I don't have this incessant need to customize my own paper doll, go fishing, play mini games in a turn-based tactical strategy game. I do like some RPG elements but the focus has been too great on presentation/sugar coating, and not on varied map design/quantity, strategy, and variety in objectives. And what the heck is going on with the range of archers in 3H. It is game breaking. No elevation penalities/bonuses, critical rates shooting up into the low 80's, etc. Just my opinion and as always, you are welcome to respond with a counterpoint for further discussion if you wish it.
  4. Remarkable library of games coming out on Switch. Spiritfarer and Raji really stand out. Hades is an easy purchase. Great on PC.
  5. I do wish Intelligent Systems would go back to the player being the unnamed Strategist who is not one of the characters. I liked how the characters would turn to the screen to ask/talk to you.
  6. I recruited everyone except Ferdinand and Lindhardt in a Golden Deer run. Am I missing out by not having recruited them? Inventory management for 29 characters is a rather interesting task. (minus the non-recruitables.)
  7. I imagine it will be if Koei-Tecmo has any say in it which I think they just may. I do wish they focus on map objectives/variety and on Strategy instead of the JRPG elements we got instead. I know the developers are trying to get more casual players onboard but was there such a need to put in so many time fillers between the strategy?
  8. I do hope Intelligent Systems and whoever else is involved in developing these games put their focus back into the Strategy part of the game. All the fluff (cutscenes/voice acting, etc.) and mini-games just dilute the game simply to add more hours to game unnecessarily. Map variety, objectives, goals, and a focus on improving the AI would bring FE to where it needs to be. As much as I liked all the work that obviously went into making Three Houses, It feels like the developers took ideas from all the previous titles and threw them against the wall to see what stuck. Some of it panned out great, but a lot of it also didn't. I'm perfectly fine with the story being told through semi-animated 2d panels where dialogue needs to be read. A compelling story doesn't need movie quality movie scenes to tell it. I actually don't mind reading at all as this allows my imagination to fill in what the characters may sound like and read between the lines for possibly something deeper. As I said previously, just give me a 720p cleaned up combo version of Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn using the 3 houses engine on the switch.
  9. I would like to see Intelligent Systems bolt this game engine to a Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn remake. My initial reception in seeing the game was poor but that was due to me watching over someone's shoulder playing it. At the time, I cringed at the thought of voice acting and style overbearing over the importance of strategy. I was partly correct. I only started playing it a short time ago. I do think the game is made well, and the voice acting and cutscenes are outstanding so pleasantly surprised. I find the teaching, recruiting, dialogue and exploring to be the best thing about the game. Unfortunately, the strategic side doesn't fare well as fatigue sets in after you realize everything is basically a skirmish map with diverting objectives. 3 houses is best played in short sessions so perfect for the Switch but lengthier runs show it's pacing issues and gaps in the storylines. My run with the Golden Deer House had me recruit pretty much everyone you can get, except ones you can't. The variety is great but gearing/maintaining/paying for 27 characters in the roster is something I don't think I can recommend. I imagine the second half will fill up with generic characters to fill in for the ones you recruit?
  10. Thank you for clarifying things. The battle maps are serviceable as they were in Shadows of Valencia, but just not that creative. I really do wish there was more of a variety in objectives as the new artstyle really does look great and animations enjoyable to watch. The dialogue and voice acting seem to be the strongpoint in this Fire Emblem as I do find them quite likeable which is in contrast to the Fates dialogue which I found to be chatty but with no substance at all. The cutscenes are well made but I've liked all of the cutscenes so far from the Gamecube days so not too surprising there. When should I play the DLC? after the main campaign or does the game clue you in on when to get into it?
  11. I'm on part 2 now and I am somewhat enjoying the game, however are all the maps basically skirmish maps? The lack of variety and level design is beginning to wear thin. I miss the variety from previous entries and does high ground matter at all for flyers?
  12. I've been playing the Blue Lion House. Do the other houses play differently or is it just dialogue differences?
  13. Hey, I'm sure everyone has done it at least once. I know I did at first. Good people in here so relax and discuss!
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