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  1. "Not exactly how I would have put it, but, yes, Sarasin does have a bit of a thing for the both of us. I'm aware of the reasoning, aside from some of the more... obvious things. But it would be rude to explain." Tio sighed, and then waved at Nyx, "That won't be necessary. He's much more respectful than many men, and women, of his station. Besides, Elisa and I could very easily 'change his tune,' if he got too out of hand. It would be better for you to remain with the Tigers, and at least enjoy the little free time we've found ourselves with." "Alright. We're gonna get a move on. If that's alright wit' ye." The guard said as he started walking further into town. "Of course." Tio took a deep breath, the trek would take a little bit. Sarasin's manse was a little bit of a climb to reach, and Liste wasn't exactly known for its transportation. The town itself was a little too small for that. "Elisa... if the walk gets too difficult, you'll carry me, right~" Tio teased the younger evoker, before following after the man, with a wave to the others. "Enjoy yourselves~ Someone will be back to inform you of what we learn while we're there." The trek wouldn't be any issue; Tio was very used to all of this through their more involved work. It might have been teasing, but Tio wouldn't have minded if Elisa did actually carry her. Elisa was by far the more in shape of the pair. Tio could at least keep up with most, but she didn't have physical acumen that Elisa, or even many of the Tigers had. The woman's ears perked up as she looked up from the piece of paper in front of her, her amber eyes focusing on Ingverd. "Oooooh? Yes, yes, this is the inn." Her high, airy voice rang out. She looked over at Alriana and 16, and slowly tilted her head. She'd seen all sorts, but not anyone like these two. "Hmmmmm... Yes, yes. IIIIII, don't run them, but they aaaaaaaaaaaaare run by the inn." She nodded her head, and then pointed out the door. "Ye'll go ooooooooooout the door, and then continue walking paaaaast the inn. Following the creek that's outside, you'll find a smaller building that looks liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike this one. Behiiiiiiiiiiind that are the baths. Talk to my brother, he'll get ye sorted." She shook her head for a moment, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Wheeeeeeeere are you all from? Ye all don't strike me as Hecatian, or Islexian, but that's obvious... I think?"
  2. Lucille rushed the construct, magic flaring. As long as she kept a close eye on the sword she, and Villkiss would be fine. Villkiss's flying was feeling up to par again, but that was likely because of Marina's seeming peril. All of Lucille's frustration and anxiety were placed into her first spell, "Just back off!" She aimed for the automaton's sword arm in hopes that she could damage it, and from the shock it seemed like she had... Until it rose the sword above its head anyway. Lucille pulled the reins to her right, and Villkiss dove as the blast narrowly missed the pair. She tossed another spell at the machine, hoping that one of the others would come in and finish the job. Gabriela moved in, and the machine inexplicably started to move faster, and Lucille could feel more magic emanating from the thing. It struck Gabriela first, before she could get her spells off. Was it holding back against me?! Was I... Not even considered enough of a threa-- The engagement ended with Marina jamming her sword into the machine after dodging one another of the dark blasts. Lucille would have been more concerned with Marina, if her attention hadn't been focused on the rumbling from somewhere else in this labyrinth. Lucille felt herself shivering, but not from the chill in the air. She couldn't know what was the epicenter, but whatever had caused that rumbling was magical in origin, at a level that Lucille couldn't even comprehend. Furthermore, the type of spell that had been cast was unmistakable to her. Lucille slowly wrapped her arms around herself trying desperately not to lose her composure. No... No, no... Lucille's frustration was replaced with fear and panic as her thoughts started to run wild. Then... there was a second, even larger pulse of magic. It felt similar to the first causing Lucille to squeeze herself, but it seemed more pure, less attuned to a single element. Raw energy would have been the way Lucille would have described it if not struggling to hide her panic. After all of that, the magic vanished, completely. Lucille remained quiet aside from her uncomfortably quickened breathing. Lucille could only manage a glance at Lavinia, before making herself as small as possible hoping the other two wouldn't notice. Why does this always happen to me? W-Why?
  3. Tio looked at the elfish man. Bringing him along would almost definitely keep Sarasin from veering off onto one of his tangents, but Tio couldn't shake some worry. Alriana and 16 were both pretty fantastical looking monsters, which might cause problems if left to their own devices. "No, no, I doubt that we're going to learn much that can't be explained later. I would prefer that you remained with the Tigers, and your friend~" Tio winked at him, hoping that he would get the point. Then Nyx--at least Tio thought that was what her name was, she was one of the other Tigers that seemed to run parallel to her and Elisa--approached with a question about Sarasin. "Yes, in a manner of speaking. Liste, itself, is a fairly new location in Hecatia. But Sarasin became a 'lord'... I don't know about five years ago? Not exactly a well known sort outside of his merchantry. He is a pretty well to do merchant, and has been pretty influential with helping Liste and other smaller towns in the area begin to grow. He's a lord in name only, really. The people around here view him as such but Regent Altair hasn't recognized him as an actual lord." Tio had heard all about Regent Altair whenever she had been in Hecatia. Depending on what status a person occupied, opinions swayed from a reasonable leader to a useless philander. The first opinion always came from the nobles and wealthy, and always came off as kissing his ass. The overwhelming proper opinion was that Regent Altair was not a leader and instead a useless, uncaring old man more interested in finding an attractive woman to woo than helping his province to flourish. That had been left to his children, and more specifically, Knight Captain Altair. "Any more questions before Elisa and I head off? I imagine it will be a while before we return--knowing Sarasin--so ask now."
  4. "Yes... Yes, we do. If she'd been able to do that since her mana storm incident, then we at least have a place to start. Not only is she casting magic near inexhaustibly, her magic is taking the proper physical form. Both of those are far higher magical skills than she should have access to--at least far as ice magic is concerned--and infinitely casting magic is a skill that one she can't have on her own..." Tio sighed, and then Commander Natalya popped in between them. Tio hadn't gotten to speak with her much, often only for questions, and this was also the first time that she'd really gotten her outside of her armor. Well damn. I guess her height, and size correlate. It had been a little while since Tio found herself impressed, but that was a topic for another time. "Yes, as it seems. Our early arrival has put us ahead of our supplies. It's a little out of the ordinary for our contact, but what can you do? So it seems like we'll be spending a little bit of time here in Liste. Elisa and I at some point will likely head off to the manse, up there," Tio pointed towards the large building in the distance, "To speak with Sarasin about our supplies, and accommodations for the group. Knowing him, he'll insist that Elisa and I remain in the manse, and have rooms setup for the rest of you at the inn. Liste isn't too large, so there isn't much to do, but our haste has afforded us some relaxation." As Elisa brought the wagon to a stop, Tio hopped off of the seat, landing with a surprising amount of grace. She quickly stretched, and rubbed her shoulder, "Oof... Good to not be cooped on that seat anymore, and probably shouldn't have done that without stretching... given, me." She looked back up at the feline commander, "We're just waiting on one of the guards to escort Elisa and I, to Sarasin, so from this moment on, you are free to do as necessary. I would pop by the inn, and at least make yourselves known. Even if Sarasin hasn't prepared for us to spend an evening, mentioning that you're with us should give the innkeeper a hint. He'll probably send a guard to update things once its all sorted out." It was at that moment that the same guard from the gate hurried over to Tio, before giving the woman a bow. "Lady Evoker. Sorry fer th' wait. Just needed te tell th' boys what te do. I'll be taking th' both of ye te Sarasin. Fer now we're just gonna let the wagons here. Will make it nice like to load them when th' supplies arrive." He then turned to Elisa, and Natalya, pausing for a moment on the commander before shaking his head, and bowing again. "We'll do our best te make ye stay as right as rain. Liste don't have much, but we make do. Th' boys will take ye group te th' inn, unless ye know where it is. Just ask em if ye need something." He bowed again, "Shall we lady Evokers?" Same Day. Several hours away... A small contingent of men and women riding horses were riding down the road, flanking a group of wagons. Each of the riders had a myriad of weapons, and even their armor appeared to be distinct--some polished, well kept and of decent quality, and others wore simple leather. The man in the lead was one such with shining armor, but he wished that he hadn't bothered to dress. It was so damn hot. It was only May, the sun didn't need to be this oppressive. The thing that brought the mishmash of riders together was the cape worn to the side with a single star on it. The symbol of the Altair Knights, the protectors of the Altair Province and those who served under the Altair Family, the 2nd highest ranking family in the whole of Hecatia, bested only by the Vega family and Lady Veras herself. The gruff mustached man yawned, before signaling with his hand. One of the other knights rode up beside him, "Sir?" "How much longer until we arrive at this... Liste? Is that what it was called?" "Yes, sir, Liste. And we're still several hours out at our pace." "Bah... Just our luck that we found a damned half breed led caravan loaded with supplies." The man pulled a canteen from his waist, and took a long couple swigs. "Have they said anything yet?" The other knight shook his head, "Not anything they hadn't already said. That they're not involved." "What a load of crock." Another knight said, "The damn beasts would say anything to protect themselves. They should be thankful that we don't just gut the lot of them on suspicion for being party to what happened at Axios." "Hush with that. Got a lot of aspirants in this group. I'm sure they wouldn't hesitate to inform Captain Celine about your words, and mine. So keep it down." "Meh... The Captain's swamped with everything. She wouldn't have the time to deal with something as minor as the truth. Don't know why she'd even bother protecting the clouded and monster scum. They attacked first, anyway." The lead knight shook his head, "Your guess is as good as anyone else's. But that's not for us to question anyway. We're Knights of Altair, and Celine is our captain. More importantly, we need to find clues regarding what happened at Axios, and find that thief. Lets increase our pace, and make sure someone keeps an eye on that damned pooch. If there's anyone that's involved in this, it's him."
  5. Gabriela snuck in close, and with a bright flash of light made quick of one of the attackers. It sounded like it had been saying something, but she was a bit too distant to make it out. But Lavinia drew Lucille's attention to the other being's worry inducing sword. It didn't look like any sword she'd ever seen, and when the being held it up to the sky she understood why. Dark energy swarmed Marina, a nosferatu spell seemingly cast by the sword. A troublesome spell that absorbed the energies of its target, and healed the caster. Horrifyingly dangerous in the hands of a competent caster. Under a normal set of circumstances, the sword would have given Lucille pause. But Villkiss's worried call at seeing her new friend assaulted, tipped the already unbalanced girl just far enough. Marina may have added to her frustration, but, she was still... still a friend, and at least in comparison to her, a child. "Villkiss. Up." Lucille hadn't needed to say it as Villkiss had already begun to take to the air. A nosferatu spell wouldn't matter if it didn't hit her, or anyone else. But if it did, at least she could probably manage it better. "There was a point where I wondered what these things were. Maybe we could have been left alone. We just wanted to leave, and get back to heading to Hwein. But I don't care anymore. I don't care about this place, these things, or why they're attacking us." She pointed her hand at the construct, "Whether you are living, undead, created or whatever else could exist. If you don't move, and leave us alone; then by the time I'm done with you and this damned place, you'll be about as tangible as an afterthought." Lucille to 43, 40 and Breeze Lightning Construct 2. Canto to 43, 38.
  6. Tio almost couldn't believe what she was hearing. There was always an upper limit to the magic that one could cast. No matter how strong, or capable a mage was, they were still at the mercy of their magical capacity. They simply couldn't cast magic infinitely, without consequence. But Alvira seemed to be casting her magic completely without consideration to these usual rules, and more importantly, her magic was actually separated from her. Creating the tangible element using magic was a lot harder, and a lot more taxing than people realized. Magic was using ones innate mana not to create a phenomena, but to simulate it. It was why things designed to ward against magic worked they way they did. A magical shield would be able to ward against magical flames by forcing the mana to dissipate, but that same shield would melt or burn if it came into contact with actual flames for long enough. Similarly, an ice or wind mage would be able to simulate cool breezes, and freeze water that already existed in the world. But if that same ice mage tried to create ice blocks to use as water, they would 'melt' into mana, and not water. Some mages had the skill and raw magic to be able to create the tangible form of their element, and manipulate it, but those were very few and far in between. The problem was that Alvira was a Fire Dragon. She might have expected it to be possible if she was using Fire Magic, but Alvira had been using ice magic because of what happened to her. Tio was seeing it, and feeling it, but everything she knew about magic told her that what Alvira was doing was implausible, if not outright impossible for her. For her to be doing such a feat with seemingly no drawback, and against her affinity... She looked down at the block of ice between them, and a thought crossed Tio's mind at that moment. Is... Is that possible? There was perhaps a way that Alvira could cast magic in that manner. If she were somehow linked to someone else's magical reserves. But that sort of link would of had to have been done with someone close by, and there was no way a link could be maintained indefinitely. More over, as far as Tio knew, that kind of magic was only employed by two people and she knew both of them. Even if I were to assume all of that... What on Amaranthe could she have possibly linked with? Tio blinked, realizing that she had just been blankly staring at the block of ice. "Oh, uh. Sorry. Lost in my thoughts again. Alvira, if you could get your commander, we'll have to explain what's going on here. And, don't worry about us and Sarasin, we'll be just fine. Just have to keep him on task, away from his stories, and his eyes up." She couldn't help the playful jab. Sarasin was actually a lot better about that than many of the other nobles. Just when he did get caught, he got caught. "Elisa, if you would pull the wagon up to that bell. That's where we'll wait." She returned her attention to Alvira, "Liste is... well, not Eibar. There is a local bar, a small inn, and some smithies, but Liste is quite small and out of the way. So there isn't much in the ways of entertainment. The inn does have decent baths, so there's that, and... if I recall actually, there's a nifty little place with all kinds of books. We'll have to make the best of it for the day." Around them, the sleepy little town seemed to stir. A couple of people had started to poke their head out of their houses, and others from their various activities. Including a guard or two exchanging a couple of confused looks as the guard from earlier seemed to be speaking with them.
  7. Tio let out a sigh, seemingly deflating along with it. Elisa's caress was appreciated, and she was certainly right; being ahead of schedule was much better than being late. "I know you're right, and it's really not a big deal. It's just a bit strange, and a little frustrating; you and I both know that Sarasin does things well ahead of schedule." Elisa then pushed her advantage leaning in close, and whispering wonderful words into her ear. "Well, that will be a pick-me up for later. We'll have to speak with Sarasin about those accommodations, and then figure out what's going on here. Probably also figure out how we can acquire better covering for the wagons. Don't want the Tigers mages to tire spending all their magic to keep people cool..." If there was one thing that Tio could say about Sarasin, it was that the man was prompt. He spared no time completing promises, or tasks. If he could finish it ahead of time, it would be done before that even. It was his way of showing goodwill, and what had elevated him to his current standing. Tio then heard Alvira's voice behind her, "Oh... You heard that? Ahah..." Tio cleared her throat, "Well, yes. Everything is fine, in a manner of speaking. I had expected that our supplies would have been here, and ready. Sarasin is a former merchant who quite loves being ahead of schedule, but it appears he decided that he would stick to the timeline this time. So it appears that we'll have some relaxation time while we wait for our supplies to arrive. The guard said they should be arriving tomorrow, so we'll have the rest of the day. Well... You all will, Tio and I will have to visit Sarasin for the accommodations, and figuring things out. And that man can talk..." If Tio was allowed two things to say about Sarasin, the 2nd would have been his infatuation with both her and Elisa. His penchant for words was greatly amplified at that point. "Well, either way. Things are fine. I was just a bit frustrated, and this heat is not helping matters. Too hot to wear my mantle, even." She was sure Elisa at least appreciated that.
  8. Tio flinched for a moment at Elisa's musing, as she looked back over her shoulder at her. "I... don't exactly know. I suppose I have Carmine to thank for pushing you in my direction, but..." She mused a moment. Gathering her words, "I think you would have stayed in Kansei. You only came because of how things were changing under Carmine. You'd have left your family regardless, but that was what tipped your hand. I... hate thinking about that possibility, but I suppose that's selfish of me." Tio didn't want to think about what her life would be had Elisa entered it. In fact, there was a good chance that she wouldn't have even been here at all. Saddled with the herculean task of quelling a mana storm as her first real mission as an Evoker, and had Elisa not been there to share in that burden and to melt her heart, she doubted that she would have been able to do it at all. "Either way. It's happened, and the only thing we can do now is deal in the present, and shape the future. We do that best together, Elisa. Now then, let me remember where we are on the map, and get back on our way. Hope you won't mind me getting comfortable next to you~" With Ingverd's call, the Tigers returned to their wagons, including Sixteen, who was still attached to Alriana at the hip. Their break proved to be less than that, but perhaps just a bit more meaningful. With their odd acquisition over and done with, the three wagons continued on their way with Tio's surprisingly expert guidance. The remaining journey was quiet, and without incident, if uncomfortably warm. As they moved further into Hecatia, the heat would only grow more oppressive as summer took over, and then sun remained high in the sky for longer. But after a few more hours of travel, the trees, hills and rivers that had characterized their horse-drawn journey fell away as they approached a small gate with a lax guard leaning against his post. On a closer glance, it was more like a fence with a small checkpoint next to it than a gate, and beyond it was a reasonably sized village. Towards the center was a large bell, and in the distance behind that, up on the hill, was a large manor. Not quite a castle, but much more extravagant than the simple wooden and stone houses that one could see from the gate. "Halt'a moment." The guard stood from his post, spear in hand as he approached the lead wagon. His tail swished behind him, and the whiskers on his face revealed him to be clouded. "Sorry fer th' trouble, but th'--" The man froze as he looked up at Tio, and Elisa. "Th' Evokers?! Heck, ye here early!" He peered behind their wagon at the other three. "Three Wagons... Kay, just continue with the wagons in ta the center of town. The Liste Bell over there-- ah, ye two know where it is." "That's fine, it's not a problem. Do you know where our supplies are?" Tio fanned herself, she was only in her blue and pink dress. Her mantle had been discarded in an attempt to weather the heat. It was working, but not nearly as well as she hoped. The feline scratched his head, "Aha... Well, I did say that Sarasin thought you'd be here tomarra, and well... they're not here yet." Tio blinked, before pulling a hand up to her forehead, "That's... less fine, and more of a problem. But I suppose... it won't hurt much to stay an evening. But we'll need to speak with Sarasin in that case about accommodations." The guard nodded, "I'll get one of th' boys to take ye there. Sorry fer the trouble, really didn't think ye'd be here until tomorrow." The guard waved them on through. Tio hit the back of her head on the carriage, "Of course... The one time we're ahead of schedule. Oh well, I'll just explain things to Natalya and the others, and we'll spend the evening. Can't really leave without the supplies... Oh Sarasin..." The heat was leaving her a little more bothered about the supplies. But they were ahead of schedule.
  9. Tio just waggled her finger, "Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. No need to apologize for that; just means my charms are better spent elsewhere~" She leaned against Elisa. Ingverd's sigh was, and resulting response was telling. If it hadn't been obvious from his reaction to Alriana's brush with death, it was now. As long as Ingverd understood just what he was getting into--and with his station, he almost definitely knew more than Tio did--Tio had no reason to warn him off. He was exactly right; Alriana was just Alriana. She'd heard that creations weren't too different from feral monsters, if even more dangerous. Alriana seemed to have capacity for thought, and reason, which made her no different from any other monster or clouded. Of course, Tio had only ever interacted with her once. I really should look into that a bit more... Have to be a little more on guard than usual if that wasn't the case, but the Tigers were able to talk with her just fine. Tio then smiled at Ingverd, "Well, you're right, there's no reason to rush; plenty of time to figure this out. But, Ingverd, I'm quite pleased that you're starting to figure out what matters to you. Paints you in a different light." She turned back to the wagon that they'd emerged from, "Do let the others know that we'll be back on the road in a little bit. Not exactly how I would have used our break, but what can you do? Do keep us in the loop, Ingverd. Also, I've been working on your request. Just thought you should know." With that Tio, gestured towards Elisa, and sauntered back towards the wagon.
  10. Tio put a hand to her forehead, and sighed as Ingverd admitted that he knew exactly as much as they did, which was to say not nearly enough. She'd gathered then that Aly was anything but an ordinary monster. For there to be a second one, and calling her sister... "Figuring out what exactly is going on here is probably important. I don't know much but I do know that magical creations are both exceedingly rare, and, by Lufirian law, exceedingly illegal. For two of them to be in the same place, and to know each other. Ugh..." It seemed like speaking with Natalya was certainly going to be coming sooner rather than later. Tio then flinched for a moment before looking at Ingverd with a cocked eyebrow, "Wait, beautiful? Aha... I see you've done a little more thinking on our talk from before. Starting to make sense of a few more things, are we?" There was a smile on Tio's face for a moment, before returning neutral. "We'll see what we can figure out. I just know that worrying mystery is an understatement regarding this... but if Natalya appears to be fine with this, it's not our place to interfere. Though, we should soon be trying to get a move on; we're not far from Liste, so making it there will provide us with some actual rest, and supplies for the next portion of our journey." Tio turned to Elisa, "Anything you have to add before we go back, and get comfortable for a little bit?" This was not how she expected to be spending their little break, but this journey had been nothing but surprises thus far.
  11. Tio sighed, "I hoped I was hearing things..." Tio got to her feet, surprisingly quickly, and hopped out of the wagon. The shriek didn't sound familiar, but Tio didn't know any of the Tigers well enough to place it in the first place. The Tigers were already about, so things had to be handled... But she did unmistakably hear the words "Sister!" She peered around the forming crowd, and Tio's mouth slowly slid open as she was looking at two Alrianas. There were a number of differences but the similarities were obvious, they quickly moved off into one of the other wagons. Tio looked at Elisa, "I, wh, Elisa, please tell me I was not seeing things just now." Her head darted around looking for Ingverd, finding the elfish man sitting on the edge of one of the wagons. She waved for Elisa to follow her, hopefully no one else noticing her fluster, "I-Ingverd. What was... was that a 2nd Alriana, just now? And did I hear... sister?" Tio was beyond confused at this point, more importantly, that concern from their first meeting resurfaced. There are others? This is... just worrying now. Surely they were just a rare group of lizards, or something...
  12. Marina and the others move towards the approaching... things, and on their approach, the unknown entity fired at them with two large arrows, whizzing by Lavinia and Gabriela. If there was any doubt that these things were here to make sure that they weren't leaving alive, there wasn't now. Lucille pointed her hand towards the aggressor, knowing that she could get close enough to engage. But she couldn't quite calm the worry about Villkiss, and having to potentially avoid a counter attack from that bow, not to mention she had no idea if this was the only threat to worry about. She'd have to leave this one to the others, and Gabriela hadn't hesitated for a moment. Said you'd do what you could, but you can't even bring yourself to do this, huh? Really not helping anyone out like this, are you? Lucille shook her head, just another notch on the building frustration of today. She'd just have to watch everyone else's back while they actually did the fighting. Perhaps the crow was right to be doubtful of how much she could have actually helped. She wordlessly brought herself up behind the others simmering all the while over her seeming uselessness in the moment. Lucille to 46, 42!
  13. Tio remained in the wagons, more content to just focus on what she was doing. Elisa returned after she'd gone stretch after being cooped up in the wagons for a bit. They weren't too far from Liste now, but Tio figured it would be better to give everyone some time before arriving at their location. Liste was an odd hamlet in the Altair providence; it was surprisingly welcoming of the clouded, despite its location. She and Elisa would have to go speak with Count Sarasin to see about their supplie-- Tio's thoughts were interrupted by the soft feeling of Elisa against her. Tio didn't bother struggling, knowing that Elisa was by far the stronger of the two of them, but instead just returned the cuddling. "Why exactly would I want to go anywhere when you're right here now? I can stretch in a moment, or two." Tio then heard... something, from somewhere. A scream perhaps? She internally groaned, kind of hoping she was hearing things. "...I'm not the only one who heard that right? Did you hear that Elisa?"
  14. With Tio's departure from the clothing store in a less-than-pleased mood, their time in Eibar would start to slowly draw to a close. They allowed the Tigers to carry on with their errands for a little while longer, before having the commander gather them all on the edge of town where the wagons awaited. Three small wagons, one loaded with provisions, and the other two to be used for their transport. Elisa explained to the group the route they were to take to Islexia. They would be mirroring the known path of the envoy, but with particular liberties taken. There were planned stops on the way; locations that Tio and Elisa knew to be fairly off the beaten path and where they would be able to restock things. They were a larger group, so more care needed to be taken in regards to their supplies. More importantly, they were locations that were more amiable to clouded and monsters so to further minimize problems. Or so they hoped; things had changed, and in some cases, fairly rapidly. But if there was even the chance of minimizing conflict before they reached Islexia, and were in the thick of it, they were to take it. Islexia was known for having a fairly porous northeastern border, but that part of Hecatia was constantly mired in problems. Their first stop would be the little hamlet of Liste; a place that Tio and Elisa knew well, and was only a week's travel from Eibar. They let the group decide amongst themselves how they were going to split amongst the wagons, mentioning that they would be stopping to allow the horses to rest, amongst other things; so there would be plenty of time to switch between wagons if need be. The people of Eibar gathered to see the group off, the heroes of the day moving forward to begin their real task. Onward to Liste, and one step closer to Islexia. Travel continued smoothly, the route seemed to be working flawlessly as the group escaped all manner of conflict. That was until their final day of travel, where the Tigers lull of calm would be momentarily interrupted. Unbeknowst to the Tigers, there had been a little stowaway that no one had noticed.
  15. Alastor had been pulled away from the conversation by the arrival of Cinead, so Celes continued the conversation while the two of them were talking. Celes had a smile on her face, "So something happened that made your mama agree to letting you go, hmm?" She wondered what could have possibly made Noelia let her go, but it wasn't anything she could check into anymore, and the girl didn't seem like she wanted to talk about it. "Well, if it's a secret, we know its something big. We'll be rooting for you in that case. I wouldn't want the next time I see Noelia be for..." She drifted off, enough had been said there. "In any case, make sure to take care of yourself, and your group. I may not have been a mercenary, but a knight is simply a mercenary contracted to a crown or a noble, and the first thing is to make sure that you have your team's back. Because they'll have yours in the end too." "I may not have been a knight." Alastor said, having accepted the gold from Cinead, and watched the dragon walk out. "But Celes is right. Make sure to take care on everyone. You're Noelia's daughter, so I'm sure you can. Erm... On your way out, if you see your feline friend, you should probably point her back here, if she isn't right outside the door already."
  16. Both Celes and Alastor nodded at Miria, "Ah, so you're adventuring... That makes sense; you're here after all. Glad to hear that they're doing well, and you seem to be too. Though, I am surprised that Noelia let you go. She was always a protective sort." Celes spoke up, "I was an instructor for the knights for several years, up until Alastor and I left after Feld's policies started to take root more. And Noelia was a captain, so we interacted pretty frequently when she was active, and even when she wasn't. Alastor wasn't a knight but he was involved enough that he was practically an honorary one." Alastor gently jabbed Celes with his elbow, "Enough of that." Alastor did wonder what the noblewoman, and the dragon were speaking about off in the corner. It was clearly something that they didn't want out in the open, but he couldn't help but be a little curious. "Can I ask where you're heading? You're a little far away from Kansei. It's fine if you can't; I know that there are some secrets to be kept." "You fought in the arena too?! Cinead did, and he beat Ri!" He paused and thought for a moment, "Ri's really strong, but if you know Cinead, that means you're probably really strong too! I know that your magic is good against Ri's magic, so I bet she had a hard time with you! But I also bet that she enjoyed the fight a lot!" Tonio's assertion would be backed up by Alvira's announcement that they defeated the Crows. He knew a little; Ri had her fair share of issues with them, and Nana despised them. But none of that mattered when Alvira knelt down, and handed him one of her scales. A beautiful purple scale. Tonio was so in awe of the pretty gift, that Tonio couldn't do anything but smile. His mouth was moving but no words were coming out. He just ever so gently clutched the scale to his chest. Nana took the gold, smiling at the wink, and then more warmly as Alvira mentioned who they were and what they had done. "Aha... how ironic that those damned Crows met their end by what they swore they were meant to protect us from. I much prefer you all, and thank you ever so much for ridding us of them." Nana just looked at Tonio, just clutching the scale to his chest as both Alvira and Laniva left the shop. Maybe there was a chance at this after all, if there were more clouded and monsters just like that. Alvira Purchased the Torn Manual and the Miracle Charm! -1700 Gold! The teller steeled herself, but at least this tall, but not as-tall-as-Cinead feline seemed to be taking the threat of a less than pleasant future in stride. At least one person involved in all of this was taking this well, and it wasn't her! "Then come, gaze with me." An image took shape. There Natalya stood in a throne room, unlike the one that Iseria occupied. There were two shallow pools of shimmering water on either of the room, flowing from somewhere in the back. There was perhaps a banner, and someone standing in the distance in front of the throne. But everything was obscured. The image zoomed out, and the viewers could make out that there were other figures standing next to Tasha, but they too were obscured and nondescript. All except for Tasha herself. She stood there with a large, beautiful poleax, and wearing brass-plated armor, finished with a golden trim, and a red cape behind her. The Tasha in the vision hefted the axe, pointing it towards the distant obscured figure. For a faint moment, it seemed like there was something behind her. Not unlike what had occurred with Alvira, but before anything else could come into view. The vision faded, and nothing else played. The teller tilted her head a moment. She felt like the vision was short compared to the others, but even after a moment, no more scenes played. "Hmm... It seems that there is something more to you. That place... I've never seen anything quite like it. But it seems you have great things in your future." She internally breathed a sigh of relief that the image was largely benign seeming, or if it wasn't, her gaze was not strong enough to bring the full severity of it to light. "There is nothing more that my power can show you. I hope it was enlightening." Finally, a little breather in her worries, and hopefully her patron's as well.
  17. Tio smiled at Renais, "I'll hold you to it, Renais. But this one is on me." She was mildly surprised that it was that simple, but there were no complaints from her. There was something worth complaining a little about; she had hurried off, but she didn't miss Cinead's seeming apprehension to her request to speak. Whatever was going on between him and Ingverd was certainly a point of concern now. She handled Alastor the gold, and parted with a smile and a curtsy, before moving off to the corner to speak with the large dragon. Renais had already disappeared out the door, seemingly to go find Aegean--she was a popular girl, it seemed. But for now, a quick breath, "Okay... That's done and out of the way for now." Tio made sure to not put her hands on her hips to try and seem as impartial as she actually was on the matter, "I wanted to speak with you about what going on between you, and Ingverd. I have Ingverd's side of things, so I want to hear it from you as well." It was now that Tio realized that the man looked tired, very tired, almost like when she was forced awake at early hours. Alastor accepted the gold but hadn't even gotten to put it away before Alastor heard the description. Alastor looked at Miria with blinking eyes. That description was so incredibly pointed, and one that he couldn't ever forget. "...Are, are you... talking about Bigby?" He looked at Miria a little closer, and then the older man burst out laughing, "Ahaha! It makes sense! The shop, you were the little girl that was helping him, and Noelia! Goodness, how long it's been since I've said those names... Celes was a knight, used to work with your ma. We never really got out to the shop, except for a handful of times, but I remember now." Celes popped her head out of one of the changing rooms, "Did I hear that correctly? You're Noelia's little girl?" She blinked, and started laughing herself, "Oops, I probably should do that later." She looked at Alastor, "Hey, I think the feline from earlier might have left a little too quickly; her armor is still in here." Alastor nodded, "If she's a knight, she'll be back here soon enough for it; she looked a lot like you did whenever you decided to wear a dress." Celes rolled her eyes, and then refocused on Miria, "I remember her saying so much about you. She might have left the knights, but she sure was around a lot still. How are they?" Nana grinned at Alvira, "Aha... I like you; not one to beat around the bush." She looked at Tonio, seeing the smile on his face. She chuckled, "Ah, it appears my hearing is going a tad... I think I heard seventeen hundred--that is what you said, right?" The older woman shrugged. She'd had her fair share of issues with the clouded, and monsters, but the two dragons had been a remarkably pleasant experience. Tonio was having an incredible day it seemed like, so a little repaying was in order. Tonio watched as Alvira pulled out the tome, and created the orb of light. There wasn't the same level of bewilderment as there had been with the ice, but Tonio was watching the orb intently, as if he'd seen the magic before. "You can use both Light and Ice magic? You're just like the dancer lady from last night!" He swayed back and forth, "Oh, and Ri! Ri's my older sister! She taught me everything I know about clouded and monsters! Oh, her name isn't Ri, it's Risette! She's not here because she's at the Arena! She's a super strong light mage! She's really cool! Uh..." He paused a moment tilting his head, "Oh yeah! She goes by Rya in the Arena! Sorry, I forgot." There was a huge smile on his face as he looked between both Alvira and Laniva.
  18. Tio flinched as Renais said that she would pay for her dress, "Now, wait a minu--" Renais was already across the store by the time Tio had gotten her words out. She looked at Cinead and then back to Renais, before sighing. "Well, uh. If you let me go and fix this, and pay for the dresses, then we can speak. It's about Ingverd, and things that occurred today." With that little bit of information dropped, Tio hurried over to the counter. "Hold on there, Renais. I'm paying for the both of the dresses. I am the one who forced this upon you so it only makes sense." Tio waved her hand, forming a pouch almost out of nowhere. "I believe I heard... 35 gold? So would that apply to the dress I'm holding too?" It was then Tio realized that she'd forgotten one of the Tigers. Probably about Renais's height, chestnut hair, and golden eyes. Somehow she'd missed her every single time she was around the Tigers. She waved a little hello, "Sorry if we're interrupting." Alastor scratched his head at the girl finally noticed that the was gazing at her oddly. He sighed, there was no harm in asking, was there? "Ah, no, there isn't really. You just look familiar." He paused a moment, running his hand through his beard. "You're not from Kansei, are you? I certainly don't think I've seen you around here before. That would be the only way, but it's been almost eight years since we were back in Kansei. Right around the time that Celes formally left the knights." About that moment, both the pink haired woman quickly walked up, all smiles. "Ah, yes, are you prepared to pay?" He looked over Renais, "Aha, your friend has good taste. Hmm, I think that will run you about 35--" He was swiftly interrupted by the noblewoman, boldly proclaiming that she was paying for both dresses. "Oh, I see... hmm, the one your friend is wearing is 35, that one there is probably closer to 40. So 75 altogether." "Woooooooooooooooooow..." Tonio tilted his head back and forth as he looked at the chunk of ice. He knew a little about how magic worked; mostly that it was using magical energy to create phenomena, and that it wasn't the same as the actual elements. So he found himself surprised as he gently poked the ice, and it was tangible, and cold, "Wait! It's, wow! That's real ice!" He wasn't quite sure why Alvira had mentioned that she was a fire dragon; Ri hadn't quite gotten to that part of lessons yet. "Wow, it's... so different from when Ri or Nana use magic... I can't touch it when they're casting it. But I can when you do! That's really cool!" Nana on the other hand was about to respond when Alvira had shown off her magic. The woman was bewildered for a moment. The girl had just said that she was a fire dragon; even with her limited understanding, she knew that fire dragons typically couldn't use the element opposing their nature. It was the same for many monsters. Avian mages tended heavily to wind and light magic, but couldn't really use dark or earth. Beasts were their opposite, good with dark and earth, but not so great with wind and light. It was a rough simplification; monsters tended to be so varied, and mixed with one another that oddities were sure to exist. But even that couldn't explain a fire dragon using ice magic and it being tangible in the way it was. "...My word." She shook her head with a chuckle, "Magic will never cease to surprise." She held the Charm and the manual up, "The Charm is going to be 1000. No mark downs; I can at least verify the usefulness of this. But the manual, I'm willing to bargain on that one. It starts at 1000, same as the Charm."
  19. The Teller sighed, partially from relief, and partially from confusion. The now wandered off dragon was beyond sure that he had seen a vision of the past. He'd also mentioned a war, of which, there were only two in recent memory. There was the Hecatian Civil War, over fifty years ago--highly unlikely that the Dragon was referring to that one--and the more recent, Islexian Collapse. The dragon had gone, but his words, and vision lingered. It was possible that the vision was entirely false; that was the downside to divination, and how it differed from true precognition. True precognition dealt almost definitely with reality; while still subject to events altering things, one could be sure of their accuracy, and there would not be any logical impossibilities. Future sight in that manner was incredibly rare, to the point that people considered it a lost art. Divination was far more accessible; it did all that true precognition could, but Divination also latched onto thoughts, and wishes, and sometimes those affected the visions in impossible ways. She'd noticed it, but the Dragon clearly had some longing, and that very easily could have warped the vision into a wish, rather than a possible reality. But then... if it was a wish, then why would the ending have happened? She shook her head, and turned to Tasha, "Are you prepared to see what awaits you?" Alastor took the gold from group, nodding slowly. He looked at Miria once more, wondering if he'd get the same feeling of familiarity. It was strange; he felt like he'd seen her once, but couldn't remember where. Back in Kansei, perhaps? That seemed unlikely as he thought on it a bit more. It had been eight years since they'd been in Kansei, and with as young as the girl looked, recognizing her after eight years, and with only a single meeting? He put it out of mind; it was likely just a coincidence. His attention turned back to Renais, and Tio--the two remaining patrons. He smiled at Renais's joy over the chosen dress. It suited her well. He opened his mouth to speak, and then the door opened again. In walked a very tall, dark skinned dragon. He paused for a moment, gazing at the ladies inside, seemingly a bit taken with them all. But he quickly rebounded, and found his voice; revealing that he knew the group. Alastor wasn't surprised at the reaction; all of the ladies were quite attractive, and all of them seemed to know how to highlight it with their clothing choices. "Looking for thread, are you?" Alastor pointed to the back corner of the shop, and a small shelf with different colors of thread on them. "A lot of colors back there; let me or Celes know if you don't find the color you need. We've got a few more in the back." Tonio's eyes lit up, "You know Cinead too? Wow, wow!" Tonio looked at Alvira's scales, and then smiled brightly, "Your scales are super pretty, just like his!" Tonio also took note of Alvira's wings--Cinead didn't have any, but he wasn't quite sure of what that meant. He couldn't help a little bounce, backing up to let Alvira go and speak with his Nana. "Okay! I know a little about magic, but Ri and Nana haven't taught me too much yet! Ri and Nana are super smart, and they know a lot about magic!" He turned and smiled wide at Lani, returning her wave. She wasn't a dragon like Cinead or Alvira, she was a cat; and Tonio had met a couple before. Though, none of them were dressed in the pretty dress that Lani was. "Nice to meet you too! Your dress is really pretty, and so is your tail!" "Tonio, don't badger them..." Nana looked up at the approaching Alvira, moving her wheelchair out from behind the desk with a cocked eyebrow. "Aha, a tomeless caster. Not everyday you see one of those. Anything unique, huh?" Nana reached under the counter and pulled out a dusty and worn book, and a odd looking charm. "I can't vouch for the book--the guy who gave it to me swore it had some magical quality to it, but with it in disrepair, I can't really verify that. The charm though... That's got some strange magic to it, not sure what causes it to work the way it does, but apparently it can save your life." She then pointed at two staves on the wall behind the desk, "And those staves are pretty uncommon out here. One's a restore staff, and the other's a rescue, pretty self explanatory." Tio smiled at Renais, "Alright, if that's the one, then we should--" The door opened before she could finish, and in walked the tall dragon from the boat. "Oh." Tio hadn't really taken in just how tall the man was. She wasn't particularly tall, but she wasn't short either, and he stood a good head, and shoulders over her. But given that she'd almost definitely met everyone else in the Tigers at this point, this could only be Cinead. This worked out almost uncomfortably well. She turned back to Renais, "I do have other things that I need to do, but one of those just so happened to walk in. So I'm not particularly in a rush; it's not like I can't pay for this dress." Before walking over to the counter to pay, she cleared her throat. "Your name is Cinead, right? If it is... After you've gotten the thread you need, can I trouble for a moment of your time? I'd like to ask you about something."
  20. The teller looked at Cinead in confusion. Less at his remarkable calm response, and more at what he said. She opened her mouth to retort, and then stopped herself as she saw his eyes. There wasn't a hint of doubt in them. He absolutely believed that he'd never see the people in the vision. She shook her head, "...I would not be too sure. Our world is full of surprises. This may yet be one of them." She smiled at Cinead, "While I would be overjoyed at the prospect of seeing your past... I am incapable of such. It also appears that you've never met who you saw in the vision. My divination can only see through the eyes of the one before me. Divination is inexact, and fraught with possible contradictions, I should say. So whether you choose to believe or not is your own decision, as it is your own decisions that can change the course of what is seen." She waved him on, "I wish you luck." Tio flinched a little as she heard Alvira's voice. She must have spaced out to not noticed that the dragon had approached her. More surprising was that she apologized. She apologized for being hostile towards her. But by the time the surprise had worn off, Alvira, and Lani were out of the shop. Tio sighed, and then chuckled to herself, "...You didn't even let me say thank you." Around the same time, Renais walked out of the changing room, and got the reaction that Tio was hoping she'd get. There was never any doubt in Tio's mind, but the dress was perfect on Renais. Aegean seemed floored by it. An actual smile crept onto Tio's face, "Well. It looks about what I expected it would look like on a beautiful young woman. It suits you well, Renais." Ah heck... those thoughts can wait for later. Thanks, you two. "Is that the one you'd like to go with, Renais?" Alastor looked over Nyx and Gean, "Certainly got a lot of people in today with an eye for fashion. Hmm... I believe all of that together will run you 80 gold." He quickly turned over to Miria standing behind them. He paused for a moment. Had he seen her somewhere before? She seemed familiar, but nothing was coming to him. "Ah, yes, that dress will be 30 gold, assuming there's nothing else." Tonio spun around at Alvira's voice, "Yes, yes, wer--" He noticed Alvira's wings and tail, and his face lit up. "Wow! Another Dragon!" He had to stop himself from bouncing up and down in case it made her feel uncomfortable. That didn't stop him however from moving closer. First Cinead, and now her; both dragons were very pretty. Though this one had considerably more clothes on. Something not unlike Ri would have worn when she wasn't working at the shop, or at the arena, which wasn't often. "My name is Tonio! Oh, uh, are you looking for something in particular?" His Nana looked up, and saw the pair enter. Tonio was over to them in a flash. "Welcome." The greeting was slightly stilted, but there was clearly an attempt. "Feel free to ask Tonio about what you're looking for, more advanced things... you can speak with me about."
  21. The fortune teller relaxed a little with Cinead's understanding. She waved her hands over the ball, "Then come... come gaze with me." She really hoped that this would be a simple fortune, but if this group's luck held... An image appeared in the crystal, and it was... another dragon. Similar in stature to Cinead himself, but his scales were more pronounced. He had both a tail, and wings; the man was a full dragon as compared to Cin's half. But he also had a warm smile as he offered a hand. Then he moved aside to show other dragons, all with the similar distinguishing colors. If not a family, they were all very close. And glad to see Cinead. "A reunion... how touching. They seem to have been waiting for you. And perhaps, you for them?" Then there was a shift. A second image began to play. A door swings open and the room where the reunion had played out was in flames. Charred remains littered the room, but there was no mistaking their draconic features. Towards the back of the room amidst the flames was a long, red haired man, dressed in white and pink. He turned and looked back, confusion appearing on his face as his eyes met Cinead's. For a moment, his lips moved. Unlike the Lizard's before it, what he said was unmistakable. 'Who are... you?' Before the flames circled about him, and the image disappeared. It looked like the group's clothing shopping was coming to a close. More than a few of them seemed to be preparing to get ready to pay, with others still trying things on. The older gentlemen smiled at them fawning over the flustered cat, "It looks like someone has quite the eye. For the dress, and the heels..." The man paused for a moment, and then waved his hand. "Your friend has paid me more than enough. You can pay her back some, but as far as I'm concerned; you've paid. Least I can do for a Kanseian knight, and her friend." Celes walked over, "Oh? She's Kanseian? Haha, a small world. Ah... it reminds me of past times." She covered her mouth and then chuckled. "I'll talk your ear off if I get started, and it seems like you have things to do." She looked at the older man, "Alastor, you should probably get ready for the rest of them; they seem about the ready." "That I should. The two of you enjoy your time in Eibar." Renais's face lit up upon seeing the dress, and quickly hurried off to go try it on. Tio's smile slowly melted off of her face. She was enjoying spending time with Renais, and the other Tigers. But, Alvira had just completely thrown her off balance. At least Alvira seemed to have gotten back in the swing of things. She could be glad for the others, and play her part. But Alvira brought her right back to the matter of Solara, and Alvira's family. That matter was going to be two letters; one carefully crafted, and one where she could be much, much more annoyed. Solara might have been the most prestigious magic school in the alliance, but precisely because of that, it was also rife with elitism. Many of the faculty lived when Glacies was like the rest of the alliance, and old habits died hard. People were entitled to their thoughts, but to not even test Alvira properly... Solara hadn't much improved since she was there as a student. The strides that Glacies had made always had a blemish somewhere. It was both heartbreaking and infuriating, and doubly so because of the worry about Alvira's family. It was always that. Always a bunch of a know-it-all-- Tio paused, she felt herself getting riled again. She already lost it once, this would be worse if she let it. Oh that letter is going to be long... She sighed, this day felt like it was so much longer than it actually was. And it wasn't going to be over just yet; she still had to find Cinead, and then explain things regarding their travel. "I need ice cream... and Elisa."
  22. Tio took hold of the dress that Renais had picked, before placing a finger on her chin, "So that's how it's going to be, hmm?" She quickly looked Renais over; she was very similar in build to herself, just a bit smaller in most regards. She wanted something that was going keep her legs free, but judging by her disposition, she wasn't going to want something too loud. Not that she really needed the help or anything. Her impressive figure was going to show unless she was wearing that cloak. Tio had a look over her shoulder as the shop livened up as Laniva, of all people, walked out of a changing room in a striking dress. She didn't have to say anything, Aegean, a small mouse, and another feline all expressed their delight at Lani's appearance. Though, judging by Lani's face, she hadn't been the one to pick the dress. But whoever did had an eye for drawing out Laniva's features. She didn't have much to offer in compliments that weren't already said, so she turned back to Renais. "Well, I guess I have my work cut out for me." Tio looked around quickly; if the store had dresses like that, they'd definitely have one that matched the image that was forming in her head. Aim for something simple, light, let her charms shine through, but not particular emphasized. She took a deep breath as she looked through a couple dresses. At the very least this was taking her mind off of what had occurred with Alvira. That was supposed to be an enjoyable moment, not one that saw her lose her temp-- Stop that! Focus on finding-- Tio's hand stopped on a white dress. No heavy designs, but gentle embroidery over the chest. The shoulders were left bare, but the rest of her would be covered, save for legs. "Aha..." She pulled the dress out, and showed it to Renais, "This seems to fit what I could envision you picking for yourself. What do you think?" The fortune teller looked up, and then looked up again to see Cinead standing there. She paused a moment. There was the dragon from last night, who'd nearly broken her table. Sleeping wasn't easy that night. Her eyes narrowed just a bit, "Are you with that mercenary group? The one that--" As she began to speak, a tall tigress approached the stand, and behind her was the lizard from earlier. "I... suppose that answers my question. In that, case, it's free of charge. But." She put her hands up, "I have a single request. This is Divination, what you see in the crystal ball is not finality; it is but a possibility on the wind. To that end, please, contain yourself. Is that alright with you?" She looked at Tasha, "That goes for you too. I've had enough frights in the past day or so." She prayed that whatever her crystal ball saw was either nothing at all, or some rosy future where she didn't have to fear for her own wellbeing.
  23. It seemed like nothing was happening around Lucille. One thing to relax about, but that was immediately replaced by Marina, Gabriela, and Lavinia backing up around the corner. No doubt because of that thing they saw. Lucille hadn't really been focusing on it, but the thought of potentially needing to fight reminded Lucille that end if her mana wasn't being sapped anymore, the wastes had done a number on her. She was tired, and not feeling the best. But that had to be the same for the other magic users, even if Lucille had the heat issue compounding things. Plus, if those things got anywhere near them, she could relieve some stress. She looked at Villkiss, who was still nuzzling her shoulder, "Villkiss, are you feeling any better? We might need you. Be honest, I'll manage if you're not." The winged horse flapped her wings, and then continued nuzzling into Lucille's shoulder. Lucille could tell that Villkiss was still feeling off; she wasn't being her normally confident and showoff-y self, but the situation wasn't really going to allow that. They'd be able to handle whatever came of things better together, anyway. Lucille nodded, and quickly set about mounting Villkiss. She rubbed the back of her head, "Alright, Villkiss. We're going to take things slow, but if we're needed. We'll make it work, right?" Lucille took the reins and urged Villkiss towards the group. She wasn't feeling much better for conversation, but the well being of the group came before her emotions. She approached Marina, "...Is everyone alright?" Tone still laced with frustration, but the worry was actually evident this time. "Sorry for breaking off... Villkiss and I just, just needed a moment. I'm still concerned about Villkiss, so I won't take a passenger, or fly until I'm confident she's okay. But..." She let her magic flare on purpose this time, "I'll help however I can." Lucille will regain full movement next turn! Lucille moves to 48, 45!
  24. Tio blinked at Renais's comment. "What are you-- oh. Oooh." She mentally face palmed. Of course her hair had changed color; she'd released her magic for a moment, and it took a short while for her hair to return to its normal color. She didn't press for an answer, so Tio walked past it, and did her best to turn the conversation elsewhere. She looked over the dress; purple was really not too far from her usual midnight blue, though it lacked the pink highlights for contrast. "Oh, leggy isn't much of a problem, Renais. Have you seen what I'm currently wearing?" Tio turned, and gestured to her dress. While it wasn't much compared to the dress Renais was holding, Tio's dress did feature quite a long side slit on her left side. Her legs weren't exactly her strongest charm point, but she was fairly traveled, and had to walk a lot. Even if she complained most of the time. A sly smile formed on Tio's face, "Hehe... I'm a bit surprised. I would have thought you would have emphasized the... obvious." The smile then turned genuine, and warm, "Jokes aside, I think you've chosen a wonderful dress. I'd think Elisa would agree too. It's always nice to have something different. Buuuuuut... I see you've only picked a dress for me. I think you're forgetting someone, aren't you?" So far, so good. This was calming at least, and she could tease the conversation away from her if need be. But hopefully, she didn't have to anymore than she was going to. "Yeah, yeah! Of course I will, Cini!" Tonio paused, "Oh, uh, Cinead!" The older woman laughed again, only this time she hadn't tried to stifle it. "You know better than to give someone a nickname without asking, Tonio." She handed Cin the tome, and took the gold. She gave a half smile to Cinead, "Hmm, yes. I'll be sure to help your friends with what I can. I don't... know exactly why you're here in Eibar, but if you can fight Risette and win, I..." The words kind of stuck in her throat. She cleared her throat, before gesturing Cinead to move along, "Be sure to keep your promise to Tonio." "Bye-bye, Cin-- Cinead! I'll see you again!" Cinead Purchased a Wind Tome!
  25. Tonio's smile was now replaced by a look of bewilderment, "Wait you beat Ri?! Woow! Ri's super strong... so that means you have to be super-duper strong to beat her!" The older woman couldn't stifle the laugh at Tonio's surprise, "Come now, Tonio. There are plenty of people stronger than Risette." She then nodded at Cinead, "Yes. Tonio is perhaps the best help I could have asked for." She took the tome and looked at it for a moment, "Hmm. That will be 450 gold." Tio quickly committed the name to memory. Her memory always tended to work better when she was fuming. Tio shook her head at Alvira's question, "Because I believe in Glacies. Solara should have never done something like that, and you--" Tio stopped herself short. It was better to not. "Because I want you, and people like you to be able to live the lives you deserve. You're not different from me, or any other human. I didn't treat you fairly at first either. But friendship starts between two strangers." She took a deep breath, slowly getting a hold of herself. That probably alerted more than a few magically inclined people in the immediate vicinity. "Of... course, Alvira. If you need my help, then I'll do my best to make time." Alvira disappeared inside, and Tio was left alone for a moment. How absolutely reprehensible... The thought of it was infuriating, and that brought with it a problem. Was she going to be able to remain cordial, and not worry Renais? She promised to come with her, and had barely spent any time. Tio released a sigh, between that, Ingverd, the wagons, and the morning itself, Tio was just about people'd out. But a promise was a promise, and she didn't want to let Renais down. Just relax... and enjoy the moment with Renais. Tio wandered back inside, and put her best smile on. Only to find that Renais was now walking towards her. "Aha... did you find something you were interested in, Renais?" Tio may have forgotten that her hair hadn't fully returned to her normal appearance, being half and half at this point. Alvira returned to the desk, where the owners were speaking to one another. He smiled and nodded at her, "Mhm... Celes found you a good pair. She was going to give them to your friend directly, but decided it was better to wait for you to come on back." The noblewoman also returned into the shop, and both she and the dragon seemed... not exactly all present. Distant might have been the word. Something occurred. Hopefully they could still enjoy their shopping. "Let us know if you need anything else, yeah?"
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