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  1. That sounds severely cool, if this thread gets some traction maybe it'll help you brainstorm a bit
  2. I haven't found many discussions on this particular topic, if we get a Chinese Kingdom in Fire Emblem like how we got the Japanese inspired Hoshido what new classes can you imagine for this faction? Are there any already existing ones that could fit a Chinese aesthetic (like the Scythian/Mongolic Sacaen Nomads from Elibe)? One class that comes to mind right of the bat is Monk/Shaolin but that's to easy so let's get that outta the way now. C'mon lets see what you guys can come up with.
  3. So it seems very likely the Avatar/My Unit is here to stay. That said what would you like a future Avatar Starting Class to be? Would you like to go back down the Kris route and make it optional during the customization process or make it unique like Robin and Corrin? I honestly can't decide, I like the idea of the MU having a unique class to help them stand out a bit, but at the same time they feel more like an avatar if you have the ability to choose their profession, making them a Soldier, Mercenary, Myrmidon, Cavalier etc. How would you guys handle the Avatar Starting Class?
  4. Yeah I can see that, I figure for the most part that the nations separate from the mainland would want at least a small naval force to defend from Pirates for one thing if nothing else. And to perhaps at least have some way to intercept a possible invading force, given that Marth seemed to have the ability to just waltz into Macedon, Gra, and Grust with virtually no resistance on the sea itself, you'd figure someone would be like "Hey, wouldn't it be a good idea to, ya know, arm some of our ships and try to sink the army of heavy plate armor wearing invaders?" Edit: On that note I just thought of how funny Marth's reaction would be to having Grust or Gra coming at him with Ballistae attached to large imposing ships. Perhaps have a chapter similar to the Winter Solstice episode in ATLA where Marth has to break through a heavily armed blockade to reach his next destination. I noticed this as well, that was very interesting imo. I just assumed the lesser countries was due to the whole two continents thing going on, may be the out of universe explanation but looking back on it in universe it's an explanation I had overlooked it seems.
  5. Oh I was just making an assumption really, given that we know Valm and Plegia have proper navies in the future I don't think it's to far fetched of an idea. But you are correct however that the nations of Archanea (and just about every FE title really) seem to have armies trained only or primarily for land combat. Outside of Awakening I can only think of Hoshido and Nohr as two other exceptions but I'm on the fence about that as well, in Birthright it seems implied the Hoshidans are simply using a transport while in Conquest a fleet seems to be implied but it could've been apart of Nestra's Navy rather than Nohr.
  6. Ah that makes sense. To this point, I originally thought that this very reason was how Marth escaped so easily, but as I stated in the post Marth would've had to sail past Gra, I imagine these nations have fleets, especially the islands who need them the most. I assumed Gra ships would've intercepted Marth at some point which is why I was a bit skeptical, but it's possible Gra either hadn't deployed enough ships or Marth likely went the long way past Grust who wouldn't really care about Marth given your other point about how Gra and Altea were technically only at war with each other at this point.
  7. Altea and Talys are literally on complete opposite sides of the freaking map, after leaving Altea he'd have to sail through Gra-Dolhr controlled waters and either sail around Archanea or travel through; doesn't seem like the best idea given that, if I recall correctly, it was being invaded at the time given the continental war Medeus started. I mean Jesus Marth's perilous journey TO Talys could be a game all on it's own, it's a miracle be made it with a just a handful of knights. Edit: I just looked at the map again and Altea is completely surrounded by belligerent countries! I never noticed this before somehow but you've got Grust to the Southwest, Khadein to the North, Gra to the East and Dolhr/Macedon to the south, wow...
  8. Let's not forget she's also rather naïve. At least she doesn't appear to have as much world experience as her brother seems to, so I don't think it's very surprising Lyon/DK pulled a fast one on her. It's times like this that I wish they'd do something more innovative with the Gharnef Archetype. If they had made Jedah more like Lehran or Lyon I think that whole thing could've been remedied somewhat, given that Celica and Eirika are somewhat similar in their trusting/naïve personalities.
  9. I can't argue with this honestly, I definitely feel Chrom's Arc could've been handled better. That's fair, I guess at the end of the day our personal view plays a big role in how we experience a story. Though it is nice to get different perspective every so often even if we don't always fully agree.
  10. Having importance to the Plot doesn't mean it's about you. You could argue Guinevere had more importance than Roy despite him being the main character, likewise for Elincia and Ike. Forgive me, I have trouble putting my thoughts into words so bear with me. You are correct in Lucina's lack of overall plot relevancy, I'd argue that's one (of many) of Awakening's flaws in its story. Lucina's whole involvement is to stop Grima in order to avoid a ruinous future that she had to live through (let's ignore the whole alternate timeline thing for now). I think she's very deserving of at least being the deuteragonist, it's just her poor handling as the story progresses that I think undermines that. I'm not arguing against Robin's importance, he's definitely a major character, what I really mean is the story isn't about him. From beginning to end it's about Chrom's journey from a Prince to an Exalt and that's intertwined with Lucina and her desire to defeat Grima and create a better future. Robin for like 90% of the game is just treated like a (slightly above normal) person until the discount Darth Vader moment and the Grima reveal near the tail end where he hijacks the spotlight.
  11. Because I'm a guy and I play male Robin so I instinctively refer to them as "he" just as I've seen female players refer to Robin as "she". Ok that makes sense. Yeah, can't argue with this.
  12. I agree. As I mentioned earlier I think Lucina should be considered Awakenings deuteragonist. I've nothing against Robin but I don't like that he's considered the deuteragonist over Lucina as he had no personal investment in the whole thing until that plot twist near the end, just my two cents.
  13. I was under the impression Fem!Corrin was canon for the Nohr route, not sure if that still counts just a thought I had.
  14. I disagree with this, Robin was just an attention hog near end of the story, it was never about him in any capacity. It's all about Chrom and Lucina.
  15. From what I can tell Edelgard might be the main focus of the story so to speak, kinda like how Eliwood was the leader of the Elibe Trio, so that could be interesting. Also it's about time we got another axe Lord, haven't had one since Hector.
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