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  1. It always bugged me that Treehouse censored the swimsuits, but not the ability to marry your siblings.
  2. I just wonder something. Why did Treehouse censor the swimsuits in Fates, but not the pseudo incest?
  3. Well, it's worth knowing that cousin marriage isn't illegal in Japan. (It's also not illegal in many US states, but that's a subject for another day).
  4. Wrong thread? Hmmm, with Gunther, Fuuga, and Rinea, I presume that Corrin really loves older people.
  5. Den of Betrayal in my opinion. Nothing's more fun then a bunch of enemies that are fast, hard to hit, and debuff you.
  6. Is there any two characters that you don't like seeing paired up together? For me, it's Hayato and anyone other than Sakura or Elise.
  7. Azura is replaced by Snoop Dogg. Yo ass is tha oceanz gray waves, destined ta seek Life beyond tha shore just outta reach Yet tha watas eva chizzle, flowin like time Da path is yours ta climb
  8. Like, say, Robin to Fates, or Ike to Shadow Dragon. No direct sequels, of course.
  9. Uhhh, they shoot over the walls? (though that only works if they’re outside)
  10. When Ryoma stabs himself in Conquest, it looks like he's stabbing his nuts.
  11. Niles will say "Hmm, what's this? Another piece for my collection?, when he gives you an item., The image of someone like Niles collecting things like rice or daikons is quite funny.
  12. I mean, now she has to do twice the work. I guess Corrin feels bad for her and gives her some money. I reclassed Corrin to a Dark Knight. Her outfit revealed her panties, so now she looks really silly in serious cutscenes.
  13. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I mean, Corrin dissing Azura? When Ryoma offers a peace treaty at the end of Birthright, Garon says “Sure, whatever”
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