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  1. The only good thing about Hans is that post I found which suggests he's the true hero of Fates.
  2. Yeah. I kinda wanted to kill them, not because they were evil, but because they were annoying me.
  3. Here are some that really bugged me. Xander-"Let me blindly follow my evil and goopy dad!" I really hate how, even when his actions kill his little sister, who he supposedly cares about, he doesn't change. Hans-A bandit who somehow managed to get himself promoted to a secondary villain. Lacks any charisma or intimidation factor to justify a role more than "show up in one level, get killed". Iago-A poorly written antagonist who has no real reason to hate Corrin, but spends his entire life trying to kill them. Soleil-Because sexual harassment is funny. Sylvain-He has a tragic past, true, but that doesn't absolve him from being a jackass to the women he dates. Leonie- "You really don't appreciate Jeralt enough. Now, let me tell you how much I want to bone your dad". Cyril-He's bland. And his main character trait is wanting to bone Rhea. Would anyone really care if he was removed from the game?
  4. Don’t forget Robin. Not technically a lord, but still.
  5. F Corrin marrying Fuga or Gunther. Is she a gerontophile?
  6. What about a pure Manakete? No weapons, only dragonstones. Perhaps different types of dragonstones for variety Perhaps also a gauntlets lord
  7. Hmmmm, any pure evil character would make a pure lord. Valter Emblem!
  8. Or Sophie’s paralogue. “Hey, pal, why don’t we move toward the homicidal bandits?” “Yeah man, seems nice”
  9. So, maybe the first part of the game, Nemesis is your ally, before he gets seduced by power and decides to turn on you.
  10. Hmmm, how would the students react? I think Hubert would likely hunt down the bandits....
  11. I thought Jeralt wouldn’t be Byleth’s actual dad, since they don’t look much alike. I was wrong
  12. Byleth x Rhea: Isn’t that fucking your grandma and daughter at the same time?
  13. Let’s assume Kostas killed Dimitri, Claude , and Edelgard, and then ran away before Byleth could catch him. What would happen with three lords dead?
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